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  • Prima Vera

    Oh Bear, whoever you are, go away. Just another small minded person stuck in their little world with a bunch of sycophants trussing up their platforms. I’ll make you look small in no time because you are bored, stupid, uneducated, inexperienced and just plain dull and angry at your lot in life. Do us all a favor please, pull the plug or do yourself harm to such a degree that you can’t even in Stephen Hawking’s world produce the trite shit you think, and your followers love, anyone would want to read.

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      I’m afraid you’re going to have to do better than this. I’ve some truly intelligent folks take a shot at me; some of their insults were actually quite witty and creative. I’m afraid yours barely rises to a predictable and pedestrian level which I suppose is to be expected from someone who has to resort to name-calling because they can’t argue the facts. It was a valiant effort but in the end, it was quite dull and boring.

  • R K Dickie

    Im not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this question:
    Do we actually have a two tier legal system within our country? Maybe it might be more accurate to ask if we have a two tier Policing system? Based upon Idle No More actions & blockades & most recently the Debeers ice road blockade which has a court document declaring it illegal. AS if Feb 19th , to my knowledge , there has been NO action by Police to remove the half dozen blockaders from their positions on the road.
    I realize that the Police system has a hierarchy to follow, but this must mean that someone in a higher position is reluctant to act upon this court order. If that truly IS the case , then this would actually indicate a two tier concept IS in fact within our legal system. THAT concept IS racist !!
    I struggle to comprehend the reasoning why Chief Spence seems reluctant to address this particular blockade & condemn it for what it actually is , CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE !! There has been little publicity since her return to Attawapiskat & she is missing an opportunity to redeem herself to some degree, by taking a stand against this handful of militants.
    I also see by a Feb 13th post on the Idle No MORE web page that they have finally decided to officially condemn bill C-27 as being racist! It took a while for the reality of the INM support to hit the media, but here it is : Bill C-27 is actually the focus .

    Bill C-27 is now law, as far as I know. Now it will be intriguing to watch the reactions to it & I suspect many will be just that = RE-active !!

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      I believe our problem is that we have a legal system where those who work within it refuse to do their jobs. If a court issues an injunction, it is the responsibility of police to enforce it whether they agree with it or not. Too many police chiefs have forgotten that. Too many politicians interfere with law enforcement as we saw during the G8/G20 in Toronto and again at Caledonia. When the law is not properly upheld, there is no respect for the law. When there is no respect for the law….there is no law.

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  • Sebastian Anders

    About the end of time

    Years ago, in the mid to late sixties, while living in Toronto on Avenue Rd facing Yorkville village and about a block away from the coffee house where Gordon Lightfoot and Joni Mitchell made their marks, a group of friends of mine would drop by every Saturday to discuss religion, politics and philosophy while savoring the contents of a large bottle of Haig & Haig Pinch to stimulate the conversation. I miss those days of intellectual stimulation, although I eventually had to admit to myself that I really did not like the taste of whisky or any other hard liquor, so I stopped drinking it. It was not needed to prove my machismo.

    My friends and I solved just about every problem assailing the universe at that time. Everyone, that is, except the flaw in the Mayan calendar, which we had not even heard of. We did surmise, however, that everything has a beginning and everything has an end, from humanity’s perspective, that is. At the Universal and the spiritual (not in the religious sense) level however, that is another matter. There is no beginning and there is no end. It all has to do with a little matter more commonly known as: infinity.

    Every couple of years the doomsday nuts come out of the woodwork and get all riled up about the irrefutable proof of the upcoming end of time. And we had better get our houses in order and repent, or we’re all going straight to hell. They are as bad as the global warming wackos, only, who cares about the consequences of our follies if it’s all going to blow up in our faces anyway? And the media gets all hyped up to excite the simple minds and sell more newspapers. And if you are somewhat of a believer but decide that rather than take a somber outlook you tell your boss to go stick it, then go spend every penny you’ve got to have a great old time, ’cause you won’t need it tomorrow, right? Whoops!

    So now you are without your rent or mortgage money and you’re unemployed. If you’re one of those, you must be feeling really stupid right about now. Better go recheck Nostradamus and other foretellers. Or maybe just get on with life, and the best thing about it, it doesn’t end when you die. It goes on, ad infinitum.

  • Sebastian Anders

    First Nations Terrorism –

    A number of people on here have threatened to report Sun News and some of the contributors to these comments on these Facebook pages to the United Nations and accuse them of hate crimes. It has been made very clear over a number of years that since being taken over by third world tyrants who know absolutely nothing about democracy, human rights, freedom and fair play, the UN has become the most useless international organization from which we should resign our membership. But these are the people the radical elements in the First Nations movement trust and have turned to for support. How ironic.

    After reading hundreds of commentaries over the last few weeks about the original invaders of this land, the ones who call themselves the First Nations People, I have come to some rather disturbing conclusions.

    Unless the Government of Canada stops vacillating on those issues that Canadians are most concerned about, which, if not dealt with in a decisive manner, will surpass the economy in matters of priority and importance.

    Because of the policies of Multiculturalism (definitely an ideologue’s pipe dream) imposed on Canada by the Liberals over a period of 40 or more years, rather than bridge the cultural differences in our society, multiculturalism has created vast chasms, dividing our nation into factions that are ever widening while completely changing the fabric of Canada in a very negative way.

    On each side of these crevasses are factions pointing accusatory fingers at the other side. On one side there are those who choose to contribute to the building of a country and a society, with hard work and devotion to family and country, but who are growing ever so tired of paying for the welfare of the ones on the other side.

    Meanwhile, on the other side we have those who chose to vilify the hard working members of society, the innovators and creators of wealth, while constantly demanding that they, the hard working Canadians, give the whiners and complainers more and more of the fruit of their labors so that they, the whiners and complainers, can sit on their butts and contribute absolutely nothing positive to the fabric of this nation.

    What is going on in Canada with the Aboriginals, the welfare state advocates as well as the constant demands from Quebec, is beginning to look a lot like what is going on in some very troubled parts of the world where people are demanding much more than that to which they are entitled and which some, the radicals, are willing to kill for.

    The Middle East conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians is similar, inasmuch as the Palestinians will never settle for anything less that the entire territory now known as Israel. And once they have acquired that, they will go after Jordan, followed by other surrounding territories, which is why the Palestinian refugee presence in most, if not all, Middle Eastern countries causes fear, resentment and hatred towards them by the people of those countries.

    In regards to Canada, the radical elements of Quebec will not be satisfied until the entire country is “French” (Quebecois, that is) because they, the Separatists, have never accepted defeat at the hands of the British on the Plaines of Abraham, and even worse, because of the abandonment by the French back in early 1760s.

    There is no “French” nation in this country, just as there is no such thing as “First Nations” in Canada. Those who choose to call themselves that, along with all the derivatives therefrom, that is, all the various tribes and half-breeds, metis et al, came to this land from other parts of the world at different periods over many centuries, even millennia, just like the more recent migrations from mainly Europe. But they are immigrants, or migrants if you prefer, just like everyone else on this continent. These are inescapable, undeniable and indisputable facts.

    Among these “first people” are some (unfortunately not enough) who have chosen to join the twentieth century by participating in the building of this great country, this Canadian society, making great contributions as innovators and creators of wealth, and who also believe in democracy, freedom, and the rule of law. But then there are the radical elements who choose to remain in the Stone Age, and who believe in none of that because they prefer to live according to their “traditional ways” of hunting and fishing, except for the pick-up trucks, RVs, skidoos, ATVs, rifles, large flat screen TVs, French fries and white bread.

    They believe they own the entire Canadian territory, in fact the entire American continent and beyond, and will not stop demanding until they get it all. And should they get it all, they certainly would not kick the doers and innovators (white man) out. Oh no. They would just have us work our butts off so they can sit on theirs and enjoy the fruits of our labors an ancient practice among the tribes – slavery). To get to that point, if we follow the patterns evident in other conflicts around the world, it seems inevitable that blood will be shed, because they will never settle for anything less.

    The radical Indians/aboriginals/first nations or whatever they are called, are the Palestinians of North America. Some of the actions they are taking at this time with blockades and hunger strikes can be called moderate terrorism. And unless the Governments, at all levels take decisive action to put an end to it, it will escalate to full blown acts of radical terrorism such as economic terrorism, property terrorism, and eventually bloody terrorism. That is where this is headed. So, be warned.

    Is it the Government’s fault? NO. Is it the fault of the people of Quebec? NO. It is, however the fault of radical, leftist ideologues and their bleeding heart leftist supporters across the country who are able to manipulate the people of Quebec into believing their propaganda of hate using the successful tactics of present tyrannies around the world and of recent history.

    And in answer to the above question, is the present evolving situation in the news today the fault of the First Nations people? NO. Similarly, it is the fault of the leftist ideologues and their bleeding heart leftist supporters across the country, and the radical elements of the First Nations leaders who have been using their own people for generations to extort millions of dollars annually from the Canadian government, all the while keeping their people down and living in poverty, in some cases in worse conditions than in third world countries, then appealing to the United Nations, accusing Canadians of crimes against humanity.

    This is what the Spence drama is all about. This is why they are putting on this show and why the opposition fools and drama queens including Trudeau, Bennett, Angus, Joe (Who) Clark and Paul Martin allowed themselves to be sucked into it just to get their faces in the news for 30 seconds of glory.

    And finally, all those who support this, have nothing to be proud of.

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