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One-Trick Ponies

The governing Conservative Party of Canada has launched its latest attack ads against Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and there has been a slight shift in strategy. They have decided to employ a two-tier advertising strategy.

The first tier is to have taxpayers pay to advertise the Conservative election platform and the second is to attack Justin Trudeau as usual, although in a kinder, gentler way. The new Conservative attack ad is – embarrassingly – a retread of an NDP ad from 2011. The staging is identical, the script almost the same only the NDP weren’t talking about Justin Trudeau.

Oops! Continue reading

Duffy Trial Day 9: Reputation Managers Needed

There was yet another revelation in the Duffy trial yesterday (the hits just keep on coming, don’t they?). Added to the expense for make-up and for a personal trainer was an additional of $500 for – get ready for itreputation management.

Apparently the Old Duff was somewhat miffed by some of the negative comments about him online so he hired a reputation manager to advise him on what to do about it. Clearly it never occurred to him that a better and cheaper way to improve his reputation might be to elevate his ethical standards.

The irony is that while Senator Duffer-do was concerned about damages to his reputation, he only valued it at $500. Continue reading

Duffy Trial Day 7 – Justice Delayed

It appears that the Mike Duffy Trial may well be turning into the trial of the century, if for no other reason that the judge has now conceded that there is no end in sight as to when it will be finished. In other words, it may end up taking a century to get through it.

That is of concern, at least to me, because I don’t know if I can last that long. I mean, I’ll try because I’m that kind of dedicated guy but they’re now talking about the possibility the trial could extend into next year. Really? That’s asking a bit much from folks like me no matter how dedicated we have been up to now in our support of justice being served.

And I’ve been dedicated. I literally pour minutes of work into covering the Duffy trial each and every day and they are high intensity minutes at the very least. Continue reading

Duffy Trial Day 6 – Counting Words

Following the Mike Duffy trial has reaffirmed for me that I would never have made a very good lawyer. I can double speak with the best of ‘em but I’m too lazy to devote all the time that both the Crown and the Defence have put in preparing for this trial. It’s one small detail after another and I have difficulty just reading the instructions all the way through  to assemble a piece of Ikea furniture.

Just listening to the minutiae in the trial is excruciating. I can’t even begin to understand what wading through even more of it during preparation for the trial must have been like. I’ve seen video on television of the lawyers going into court with boxes and boxes of documents.

Are you kidding me? There’s absolutely no way I could have forced myself to read that much government bureaucratize.

I would probably have resigned and runaway to become a wandering minstrel strolling from village to dell and left the good senator to his fate before the trial had even begun. Continue reading

Duffy Trial Day 5: Framed!

I took the day off from writing yesterday. I needed a lazy day or as the public sector refers to it – a mental health day. Lots happened in the past 48 hours but I wasn’t motivated to write about it to be honest.

Hillary Clinton announced her bid to for the Democratic presidential nomination which caught two people in Colorado by surprise but not many others. She would appear to be the Democratic front runner because Democrats never seem to learn from past mistakes but she still has a long road in front of her. Her supporters are hoping she doesn’t blow it but I don’t think she will. I think it’s because she hasn’t blown it in the past that drove Slick Willy to Monica Lewinsky.

Just a few short hours later, Republican Senator Mark Rubio announced that he was throwing his hat into the race to be the Republican nominee bringing the total GOP candidates to somewhere around 1100 or so. They apparently don’t learn from past mistakes either it seems. Continue reading

Let Them Eat Warm Camembert

No one understands my ills, nor the terror that fills my breast
Marie Antoinette


I come before you today, my friends, with heavy heart weighed down by yet more political scandal. Canada’s Auditor General has gone rogue. He is out of control and is now victimizing the esteemed members of our Senate in his audit of their expense accounts.

The temerity of it borders on bureaucratic anarchy. Imagine what might happen to the nation if this man and his gang of auditor-thugs started examining all aspects of government spending. Why it would be virtually impossible to get a former bag man or political operative to accept an appointment to the Canadian Senate Retirement Home for a paltry $138,000 a year plus housing allowance and travel expenses. Continue reading