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Occupy Wall Street

Protesting Protest

It’s funny how social activists usually protest against the only things that have a credible chance of achieving the activists’ goals.
Craig Bruce

You can’t just sit around and make protest albums all your life; eventually it comes to the point where you have to do something.
Paul Kantner (Jefferson Airplane)


My daughter turns forty next year (I got married at 11) and I’m having some difficulty accepting that. I’ve never minded my own age, in fact, I’ve always felt that whatever age I was at any point in my life, including right now, was pretty much the perfect age for me. But suddenly realizing that your little girl is about to hit forty is a bit of a blow to the illusion of immortality. Perhaps it snuck up on me because she still looks like she’s barely thirty.

I’m getting older.

There. I’ve said it out loud and for about the first time in my life. Now I’m going to have to admit that the grey hair at the temples and in my beard isn’t something that makes look distinguished, it means I’m getting old.

When did that happen? Continue reading


“The world is a magical place full of people just waiting to be offended by something!– Anonymous

The Indigenous and Canadian Studies Students’ Association (ICSSA) of Ottawa University released a press release yesterday in which they announced “a new wave of  sustained actions in support of Idle No More.

Like so many announcements of its kind, especially from post-secondary student movements, it is full of grand hyperbole that borders on the self-righteous but which usually has next to nothing to do with reality other than the reality of  “oh shit it, here we go again”’.

Among other things, the students are demanding “on behalf of our Indigenous members and their settler allies” (settler allies? – I love that term),  the University of Ottawa administration, “to commence decolonizing and indigenizing” our campus”.

Decolonizing? Continue reading


When I was a kid I bought a chemistry set out of my allowance. It wasn’t much of a chemistry set but it had a few test tubes, an alcohol burner, some little jars containing very benign chemicals and a book of experiments.

I never did any of the experiments.

In fact, for a long time I was never really sure why I bought the chemistry set in the first place. I had no interest in science. When I wasn’t tearing around outside, I tended to devote my free time to drawing, music and reading. Science ranked up near math for me and math was a total and unwelcome mystery.

Still, I liked having that chemistry set and I set up a little lab in the basement on a table my mother gave me. I spent time testing things with litmus paper just to watch it turn red or blue, melted wax to make candles and used my alcohol burner mostly to bend glass tubing or to light cigarettes I had snuck out of my mother’s pack.

Every now and then I would take money I had saved from my allowance and go to the hobby store to buy more test tubes or benign chemicals. I liked buying stuff for my lab; I just didn’t like trying to understand the purpose for it all.

Over the years, I have come to understand that while I had no interest in chemistry, I found having my own little lab somewhat empowering. It was mine, a place that was different from anything else in our family. It was a place where I was in control even if it was only the control of making little candles and bending glass tubes.

We live at a point in time where many feel that our system is broken and events are spinning beyond our control. We often feel helpless to effect change and it leaves us frustrated, angry and sometimes afraid. We hunger to be empowered so that we can regain control of our lives, our systems and our nations but we stumble over how to achieve that empowerment. Continue reading

Dancing In The Dark – Hi dee Hi dee Hi dee Ho!

“St. Paul the persecutor was 
a cruel and sinful man.
Jesus hit him with a blinding light
and then his life began.
 I said yeah, yeah, oh yeah!”
-The Rolling Stones

We associate it with all kinds of things but especially with knowledge. Educational organizations often use a stylized illustration of an ancient oil lamp to symbolize knowledge and most of us are familiar with the light bulb over the head symbolism for getting an idea.
We have expressions like, “I see the light” which usually means, “I understand” and “there’s a light at the end of the tunnel” which means “things will be better soon”. We are led to believe that dead people are told to walk towards the light but we don’t need to talk about that right now. If you’re reading this hopefully you won’t have to worry about walking toward the light until later.
I mention all of this because lately there seems to be an awful lot of dim bulbs around and to be honest; it is beginning to become more than just a little wearying. Except for the gratuitous violence, it has become boring.

Even the music is boring. There are no songs by Bob Dylan or Joan Baez expressing the feelings of a generation about war and the inequality of civil rights. In fact, there is no music although I think this song would probably be apt. It pretty much defines what most of the fuss is about.

Something on you mind? Make a
sign, get some folks together and
let’s hit the streets.
It has become de rigueur to take to the streets to protest everything and anything, usually with the stated purpose of bringing about change, but it seems more to me that most of these folks are simply dancing in the dark and most of the causes are demands for more free stuff. We used to call that mooching. Protest today is pendantic and lacks originality, creativity and most of all, the rhetoric is so mundane and self-serving, it is difficult to take it seriously, let alone even begin to engage in serious dialogue.
Sometimes protests, even labour strikes, are necessary things and they do bring about change or at the very least draw sufficient attention to a situation or an issue that it galvanizes the electorate and politicians to initiate change but I don’t see that happening lately. The civil rights movement in the 60s was an important and significant protest movement that did bring about voting rights and equality for blacks. Protests, like those led by Gandhi and Lech Walesa led to freedom for two nations but then, those folks were protesting for important things like democracy and human rights.
I remember the Million Man March in support of fatherhood by black fathers and the protest of a single and very brave young man in Tianamen Square facing down a tank.
God doesn’t hate signs. God thinks that
most of the signs are silly and pendantic
I tune out the empty rhetoric of protesters who think that being required to obey the laws of a democratic society is oppression or that a measured police response to rioting is brutality.
In my city, since the beginning of May, there have been two dozen protests and I live in one of the dullest cities in North America. You would think that the protests might actually have livened things up a bit but in fact, they were the perfect metaphor for my city. They were ho hum affairs over even more pointless and pedestrian issues and causes.
Labour marched to protest Employment Insurance reform. Civil servants protested job cuts and teachers protested temporary salary freezes. Pro choice supporters marched on alternate days to pro life supporters and Occupy tried to be there at all of the protests because it hasn’t really got much of a clue about anything, has a lot of time on its hands lately but loves a good get together.
Run for your lives, the librarians are becoming militant
Students have marched to get free or cheaper tuition. Environmentalists protested the oil sands, the Keystone pipeline and the governments tossing out of the Kyoto Accord. Tamils protested conditions back in their homeland. Egyptian-Canadians protested the Egyptian Embassy and librarians bless their hearts, protested cuts to the budget for the National Archives. You know things are serious when even librarians take time from the Dewey Decimal System to get active in support of a cause.
I don’t deny anyone their right to protest although I confess that I mutter a lot under my breath when those protests tie up traffic to the point where it takes an extra hour or so to get home. I’ve even participated in protests but those were back in the days when we protested to end war and to bring equal rights to minorities rather than simply to get more entitlements or regulations that hamstring business and cost decent folks their jobs.
Quite honestly, I’m more than a little weary of the lack of significance of these ongoing hissy-fits over issues that can and should be addressed electorally. More to the point, I’m somewhat discouraged that after all this time, this is the best our society can come up with; a bunch of whiners prancing around in the streets with semi-literate signs and bellicose chants about how hard-done by they are.
I find it particularly offensive to have people demanding more free stuff that will be paid for with borrowed money, lecturing my generation about the debt they think they’re inheriting. What do they think their constant demands are doing for their children and grandchildren? The thinking of some of these people takes my breath away it is so self-serving.
Environmentalists protesting killing trees with signs
made from paper that came from killing trees.
The environmental movement has been protesting everything from what they call dirty oil to cutting down trees. (Personally, I always found it a bit ironic that they were trying to save trees carrying signs made out of paper products that originally came from trees; but I digress.) What has all this protest accomplished lately?
Here’s how successful the environmental protest movement has been. 
The government scrapped the Kyoto Accord, introduced legislation to speed up the environmental assessment process and energy costs are skyrocketing. It isn’t what one would call a resounding accomplishment. They were successful at getting retailers to charge a nickle for plastic bags that they used to give away for free but all that did was add to the profit margin of  many retailers. Score one for the environmental, anti-corporate profit movement. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be laughable.
You just have to admire this
level of commitment
Despite all the disruption and damage Occupy has done, it has pretty much made itself irrelevant and has very little to show for all that effort. Well….to be honest….it doesn’t actually have anything to show for it but I’m trying to be kind. Basically, Occupy has turned itself into a bit of a joke that not too many take very seriously anymore. Even the celebrities have stopped dropping by.
The teachers’ pay freeze protest accomplished nothing. The pay freeze is proceeding as planned and the civil servant protest over job cuts only drew support over the lunch hour before everyone had to go back to work, so you pretty much know how much that accomplished. It barely made the evening news.
Even the librarians with their mock funeral of documents got better press coverage although they failed to see the irony of staging a mock funeral for records storage on the same day that Syrian families were holding real funerals for 32 slaughtered children.
We can debate whether or not these protests tend to fail because of the issues or the violence that attaches to some but I think they fail because they are less about achieving something than they are about getting something for nothing or simply for blaming others.
Apparently this dim bulb hasn’t made
the connection between oil and the
internal combustion engine in
the bus he rides.
It’s difficult for most of us to jump on a bandwagon to support some group demanding an end to a pay freeze for teachers when their employer, the provincial government is borrowing $17 billion just to meets it bills every year. That includes $10 billion just to pay the interest on what it has already borrowed up to now. I’m not an economist but even a bookkeeper can tell you that you’re on the way down when you have to borrow more money to pay for the debt you already have. This, of course, is lost on protesters who think that all the world’s problems can be solved by taxing the rich and corporations…..and, of course, taxpayers who are nothing less than organic ATMs.
It’s that kind of thinking that helped get us here. It’s ill-informed, simplistic and quite frankly, it’s self-serving. 
The simple fact is that strikes for more benefits, higher salaries and more cost to the employer have had the effect of driving manufacturing jobs out of the country. Caterpillar just closed a plant in London, Ontario because of high labour costs and taxes and this past week; GM announced it will be closing a factory in Oshawa, Ontario. 
The unions, predictably, are furious and castigate GM for taking its jobs elsewhere but guess what? Those jobs belong to the company, not the union and unions have failed their membership by creating an adversarial environment with employers that led to militant demands for more and more until the companies started saying, “See ya!”
Today’s protest is brought to you by
the letters A and X and the number 3
It’s the same with the wealthy. Go ahead and tax them more so that you can demand more entitlements but where will we all be when the wealthy move on to other jurisdictions, as many already are? Who will pick up the tab for the entitlements we are already borrowing to try and cover now?
The simple fact is that, while providing many with an outlet to express their sanctimonious social conscience is not effective any more. If anything, it tends to accelerate the downward slide. Think of all the time and money wasted in Greece rioting rather than planning how to deal with their crisis.
Going into the streets protesting austerity when austerity is a reality is sort of like protesting your flooded town after the damn broke and the rains came. It’s happening whether you protest or not and the only choice you have is work together to survive and rebuild or do nothing but whine about it and drown.
We live in a democracy and we have the right to protest but having the right to do something doesn’t make it the smartest choice. Quite frankly, if marching around in the streets banging on pots and pans, as students are in Montreal over tuition increases, is the best you can bring to the party, well, you really aren’t bringing much at all.
That isn’t going to accomplish anything except give a public venue for the chronically self-absorbed to vent but as for providing solutions, give that up. As Occupy has amply proven, modern day protesters are long on angst and short on solutions to overcome the problems our societies face.
Perhaps it is because so many of them are so ill-informed on the issues, easily manipulated by those with an agenda who encourage these outbursts or perhaps it’s just because. But whatever the reason, protest these days isn’t protest. When it isn’t violent rioting, it is really nothing more than a hissy-fit that is primarily of benefit to the mainstream media. It gives them something to talk about. Other than that, it really doesn’t serve much useful purpose.
What we need is more light instead of so many dancing in the dark but as long as environmentalists continue to insist we use those ridiculous curly light bulbs that give off so little light that you can’t see anything, I doubt it will happen any time soon.
No wonder we’re in trouble.

I’m Tired Of Student Hissy-Fits Over Tuition And The Greed Behind Them!
My Response To Those Offended By My Article On Student Entitlement
What I Saw At The Pseudo-revolution – by guest writer ProfessorJim Bellano
Entitlement Addiction
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A Grand And Noble People

While we were busy this weekend, 32 children were slaughtered in Syria.

While we debated over whether or not we should get involved in Syria; while we fussed over the cost, the validity, the politics, the aftermath and the role that NATO played in Libya; while we patted ourselves on the back for committing another $350 million to Afghanistan…
…32 children, mostly under the age of 10 were killed by Syrian military artillery. They died never even seeing who cared so little that they took their lives with such violent indifference.
While Republicans and Democrats argued over who really has America’s interest at heart…
…32 small children died in an explosive hell of terror and pain.
While students continued their arrogant and selfish grandstanding in Montreal over a fifty cent a day increase in tuition, supported by unions, academics, artists and other members of a clueless and sanctimonious intelligentsia…
…32 children died, caught in the middle of a civil war where thousands have died in a desperate attempt to win the fundamentals of democracy for themselves, that conceited fools and the self-absorbed take for granted here.
While Occupy continued its adolescent and pathetic attempt to portray itself as being oppressed, relevant and even aware…
…32 children died as the result of a fight against true oppression that has killed thousands.
While teachers planned more work to rule in British Columbia and stamped their feet in Ontario over temporary wage freezes; while too many of us continued to demand more from others than we are prepared to pay ourselves and while we commented with outrage over refinements to the Employment Insurance Act, about Obama’s birth certificate or Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman….
…32 children, some no older than my grandson, died needlessly, painfully and anonymously.
While the Democrats and the Republicans accused each other of being at war with women; while President Obama tried to dignify, as legitimate class warfare, the disruption and violence in the streets he lacks the courage to confront; and while yet another small gang of Wall Street firms tried to figure out how to wriggle out from under the Facebook IPO fiasco they caused with their stupidity and greed….
…32 children died and neither their lives nor their deaths are of any consequence to us. We are too busy with important issues to concern ourselves with the deaths of children in some far away country. 
What a grand and noble people we have become!
Canada and the United States are two of, if not the two, freest countries in the world. We have privilege. We have opportunity and yes, we have problems but we also have the wealth, the expertise, the ability and the means to address those problems. Unfortunately we are too busy these days blaming each other to work together and take advantage of our freedom and our opportunity to address them.
We take for granted the privilege and freedom we have, a freedom people flock too by the thousands every year from all over the world. We spit on our privileged lifestyle and the opportunities we have even as others die just to achieve the basic freedom many of us now call oppression.
We have traded our values for softer toilet paper, iPhones and demands for more entitlements rather than respecting and appreciating those we have already. We have traded our self-respect for a level of petty greed that would make even Bernie Madoff wince.
We have sold ourselves very cheaply indeed.
Unions demand more. Wall Street skims a little more. Occupy pillages and destroys. Student protesters burn and vandalize and for what? For pennies, my friends; we have built societies that are destroying our nations for pennies. We are like feral animals fighting over food scraps and violent beggars squabbling in the street over loose change. It doesn’t get much cheaper than that.
Our two nations were born out of a hope for something better, an ideal of freedom based on respect, equality and the rule of law, personal responsibility and pride in ourselves and each other. Our ancestors set down principles and values that laid the foundation for a better life for their children and their children’s children but we have desecrated their memory. We are so consumed by ourselves that we rob our own children and their children of a better future so that we can have more pennies, today. We have made a mockery of those principles and long ago sold our values for whatever we could get.
32 children died this weekend and it is beyond tragedy. It is a horror.
What is even worse is that more than just those 32 children died this weekend. In fact, we are too busy to know just how many children were slaughtered around the world in the past 48 hours. But the greatest tragedy of all is that we have sold ourselves so cheaply, we no longer have the values to take notice of how many died, let alone care.
We have protests for more entitlements to attend and more hissy-fits to throw and to justify when we don’t get our own way. We have academic papers praising socialism and condemning capitalism to write. We have governments to criticize and the rights and property of others to trample so that we can a have a few more pennies we didn’t really earn.
We inherited two noble nations. We have proven we lack the values, the dignity or the integrity to deserve them. There are no Abraham Lincoln’s or Martin Luther Kings;  no Lester Pearson’s, Tommy Douglas’s or John f. Kennedy’s today. There is just us and what a sad legacy we are for those who went before us and worked so hard to try and provide us with a better society.
32 children died this weekend but the good news is that we still have our smart phones and iPads to organize our protests. We still have an Internet that is unregulated and which allows us to steal the intellectual and creative property of others. 
Most encouraging of all is that support for our struggle to end oppression by our own democratically elected governments is up in the polls. Perhaps when we extort some more free stuff with our threats of violence we will have time then to turn our attention to trying to prevent more children from being slaughtered. Unfortunately, until then, our struggle for freedom continues and they will just have to hang on as best they can.
What a grand and noble people we are.
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all rights reserved
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There Is Not Much That Is Progressive On The Left These Days

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child,
I understood as a child, I thought as a child:
but when I became an adult, I put away childish things.
– 1 Corinthians 13:11
I am conservative by nature but not always by how I vote and throughout my life I have voted for both Conservatives and for Liberals. I tend to vote for whomever I believe demonstrates the most common sense at the time or failing that being an available option, whoever I believe will do the least damage to the country, the province or the city in which I live.
In my experience, both the right and the left have had their share of corruption, dishonesty, lack of vision and vested self-interest but lately it seems that it is the left that has become more disengaged from reality.
It has become fashionable, especially on the left, to declare that labels like right and left are dead. Whether that is true or not, a rose by any other name is still a rose and so is a pig. Part of the right in the United States now likes to call itself the Tea Party and in Canada, the right fled the Progressive Conservative label opting for Reform Party then the Canadian Alliance only to finally settle, just a few years ago, on a new name, The Conservative Party of Canada. It seems like an awful lot of effort to me just to basically arrive back where you started.
For their part, the left has sub-divided into a variety of labels including Labour Party, Liberal, New Democratic Party and Democrats but regardless of the various political party labels, the left has tried, by and large, to brand itself with the word ‘progressives’.
Irrespective of what they now call themselves, there was a time when the left in most democracies stood for protecting the vulnerable, the disadvantaged and for trying to create what one former Canadian Liberal prime minister referred to as a ‘Just Society’. Those days appear to be gone.
Today it has degenerated into strident, intolerant and self-obsessed and loosely allied factions more interested in clinging to their entitlements than in advancing the welfare of the most disadvantaged or of working together to build a stronger, more prosperous and successful society.
Where they once stood up for the under-privileged and disadvantaged, progressives now fight for better pay and benefits for teachers and union workers. Where it once had a fundamental respect for democracy, it now puts its view of its own right to free speech, freedom of assembly and protest ahead of the same rights for others. Too many progressives have little respect for the property rights of others and while it is a minority that does the actual rioting and vandalism, they are encouraged by progressive activist groups, unions, civil rights organizations and others whenever the bad boys and girls hit the streets.

Progressives are always quick to blame the police for brutality and to defend the rights of rioters to demonstrate but very slow to condemn the destruction of private and public property or the breaking of the law during a riot.

There was a time when the left spoke up for the rights of all, now it speaks up only for its own.
The progressive ideology is one that has failed to learn from its own history. It promotes a culture of victimization and sees itself as the victims of everything from global warming to Wall Street. Progressives portray rail and yell about how they are victimized by oppressive governments (most of whom are or have been left-leaning governments for which they voted), by Christians, corporations,  smokers, universities, doctors, fur trappers, police brutality, the wealthy, a successful resource-based economy, pipelines, anyone who is pro-life or who wants to discuss when life begins, Israel and a thousand other threats; real and imagined.
At the end of the day, progressives are about blame not solutions and the proof of that is in their own record. In Canada, it is the left that has formed the federal government for all but about 16 of the last 40 years. What does it have to show for its management? Not much.
Their understanding of the economy is so adolescent that it boggles the mind. In Canada, the NDP managed to run the economy of Ontario into the ground in just four years. Since then, the current Liberal government has taken what was once Canada’s economic engine and turned it into a have-not province that actually receives the equivalent of welfare payments from the federal government and which has been put on a credit watch by major bond rating agencies.

Some progressives point to the economic record of the Liberal government during the 90’s and early 2000’s as proof of economic management and to some extent they’re correct. The Chretien government did balance the budget but only by reneging on a campaign promise to eliminate the Goods and Services Tax and by slashing funding to health care and other social programs that progressives instituted in the first place.

In the U.S., the situation isn’t any different. The current progressive leadership of Barrack Obama made the same promise that all progressives make; his administration would change things and he did. He has successful ly changed the $7.5 trillion deficit he inherited from a Republican president into a $15 trillion deficit and in less than four years. 
Through it all, progressive administrations have increased the size and cost of the public sector on the backs of taxpayers and at the expense of the private sector where all a nation’s true wealth originates.
Their record on health care isn’t much better.
President Obama introduced a health care program informally referred to as Obama Care which is anything but universal, has seen many Americans lose their private insurance and which cherry-picks the health care services for which it will pay.
In Canada, where universal health care is a cherished program, it is progressives who have done the most damage to the system. It was the Liberal government of Jean Chretien that slashed health care spending and it was a conservative government that not only restored those funds but provided a guaranteed increase in annual funding to the provinces for the next decade.

In Ontario, it is a Liberal premier who is attacking doctors, slashing $1 billion from their fee structure in order to save his treasured $1.5 billion full-day kindergarten program which is nothing more than free day care. The premier has stated that the cut in doctors’ fees is necessary because of the province’s dismal economic circumstance but less than two week’s after making the announcement, he found $350 million for new spending where a bi-election is to be held. This is what progressives now consider ethical politics.

The left progressive agenda has claimed the environment as its most important cause. It has elevated climate change and sustainable energy almost into a cult-religion. But here too, the progressive agenda has failed repeatedly.

Perhaps this no more spectacularly illustrated than with the Kyoto Accord. Progressives were outraged that the conservatives scrapped the agreement and I am hard pressed to understand why. It was a Liberal prime minister who signed the Kyoto Accord and then promptly tucked it away on the shelf for his three terms in office. In other words, the left when it had its hands on the levers of power, did nothing beyond attend a conference, sign a piece of paper and then pose for the photo op.

Indeed, it was during those same three terms of Liberal environmental concern that green house gas emissions rose by 17% in Canada while they dropped by 2% under the Republican administration of George Bush.

It was a slap in the face to the much vaunted progressive approach to environmental protection, that the Sierra Club of Canada awarded former PM Brian Mulroney, a conservative, recognition for being the greenest prime minister in Canadian history.
PETA, which considers itself very progressive, kills more animals than the Humane Society and the SPCA combined, all the while lecturing the rest of the world on the ethical treatment of animals.
The Occupy Movement, goaded on and supported by progressives has terrorized and vandalized public and private property. It has put children at risk, condoned rape, disease and illegal drug use within its former camps. It routinely shouts down others, often flash mobbing a meeting to disrupt and trample their to free speech and freedom of assembly. It has vandalized churches, stood in solidarity with convicts in San Quentin and violated almost every tenet in which most progressives claim to believe. None of this has prevented the progressive left from supporting this self-indulgent temper-tantrum of destructive violence.
In Canada, Human Rights Tribunals sit in judgment of disputes between parties over issues like discrimination. These kangaroo courts which were introduced by progressive governments deny the defendant’s constitutional right to presumption of innocence and even go so far as to provide financial support to the complainant for legal assistance but not a nickel to the accused.
Progressives refer to this as fair and equitable in the same way that they demand that the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes but support the fact that unions pay no tax whatsoever on membership dues or the investment income made from those dues. The progressive view of the world is a little like Animal Farm. All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.
Celebrities take a few moments away from their privileged lifestyles to fly in to voice their concern and even outrage over a pipeline, carbon emissions, tuition costs or whatever was on the front page this morning. They get their pictures taken, pontificate for the media, sign a few autographs and then jet off for the next film festival, concert tour or court appearance for drug use, shop lifting or just being a general pain in the ass.
No issue seems too trivial for the left these days. It is progressives in the New York City Dept. Of Education who banned words like dancing, dinosaur and bodily functions from all testing and it is the left that is offended by words like Christmas and Halloween.
In her book Atlas Shrugged, Ms Rand predicted that the left would eventually destroy modern society by elevating mediocrity, political correctness and self-righteous attacks on the wealthy to fund their entitlements. Quite frankly, while I enjoyed the book, I thought she was wrong. I found her characterization of the left to be a characature of reality and her hypothesis more than just a bit extreme. I didn’t accept her basic premise because I didn’t believe anyone could be that stupid.
I was wrong.
The thinking on the left has become adolescent, shallow and intolerant. It is increasingly being expressed hysterically in our streets at the expense of the success and well-being of our communities and our nations. The left is angry at everything and everyone, sometimes justifiably but increasingly over losing entitlements for groups within its collective. It has become strident, bellicose and ill-informed on almost every major cause or issue it embraces and rejects any information, opinion or proven fact which contradicts its version of reality.
The left bullies, threatens, attacks, demeans, ridicules and pouts. When all else fails, it takes to the street or supports and encourages others to take to the streets in an attempt to win its point.
It uses mob tactics on social media to attack and silence those who hold contrary opinions and who exercise their right to voice those opinions.
Virtually every issue is elevated to a crisis and divergent opinion is taken as a personal slight. Some days it almost appears as if many progressives are looking for reasons to be offended.
The left has become thoughtless, academically dishonest and intellectually lazy.They are inconsistent to the point of being schizophrenic.
It is the left that took up arms against cigarette smoking while at the same time advocating the legalization of smoking marijuana and setting up safe inhalation rooms for the smoking of crack cocaine. In the name of conserving energy and protecting the environment, is the left that promoted the use of those funny little spermatozoa-like light bulbs from China despite the fact that they consume more energy in their manufacture and shipping than they save in their use or that they contain lead which ends up in our landfills.
According to the dictionary, progressive is defined as advocating or implementing social reform or new liberal ideas. They are misnamed. There are no new ideas on the left and no social reform. There is only a constant demand for more entitlement for special interest groups on the left, more sacrifice by everyone else and a continual assault on the rights of indivuals to free speech and to pursue their own lives while enjoying without interference, the rewards of their own hard work.
My personal belief is that the strongest society is one which has a complimentary balance of the right’s focus on the freedom and creativity of the individual and the left’s focus on our social responsibility to help those who are truly disadvantaged.
We are seriously out of balance these days. There is no question that there is a lot of extreme rhetoric and more than just a little greed on the right and after the Facebook IPO fiasco, it is fairly clear that Wall Street didn’t learn much in 2008. But the reality is that virtually the same can be said about progressives with the additional caveat that the left wants it both ways. They want social responsibility, they just want someone else to pay for it so that they can continue to receive the entitlements to which they feel……well….entitled.
The left no longer provide that social balance, they fight for entitlements.
Need proof? When was the last time you saw Occupy, a student group or any other progressive organization protest for children at risk or to end child poverty? Don’t strain yourself trying to remember, all the protests these days are over tuition, pensions and other benefits for various progressive special interest group.
Even teachers in Ontario can’t find the time to march for children at risk or to end child poverty but have more than ample to time to take to the streets to protest proposed salary freezes for themselves.
In fact, the left believes that even our children should be indoctrinated or as they prefer to call it ‘taught’ to think the correct way. Last week a teacher in Toronto took her grade 3 class out into the streets to protest the oils sands in Alberta. I wonder how the left would react to a conservative teacher dragging their class of 9-year olds down to the stock exchange for a day of learning the art of futures trading in hog bellies.
Ayn Rand was right. The left is undermining our society by dragging everything down to the lowest common denominator and no effective society was ever advanced on mediocrity, political correctness or a constant demand that those who can achieve should pay for those who can’t be bothered trying.
St. Paul was even more correct. There is a time in our lives for thinking foolishly like children but when we grow up, we are meant to put away childish, self-centred notions and take responsibility for our own lives. The left no longer seems to understood that. Instead, they have cloaked themselves in a failed ideology of entitlement, mediocrity and blame that they label progressive.
There are many things that the left could be called but progressive isn’t one of them.

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