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No Tax On Tampons – Let Freedom Ring

So – let me see if I’ve got this right.

We’re at war in the Middle East and teetering on the brink of conflict in Ukraine, our cities are littered with food banks because too many among us can’t afford to feed themselves or their families, there is an obscene increasing income disparity, unemployment remains where it has been since the 2008 recession, manufacturing jobs are in decline, our dollar has lost 20% of its value and is heading south, we have Senators charged or on trial for fraud and corruption which appears to reach into the Prime Minister’s Office, an inquiry into political corruption wrapping up in Quebec and at least two police investigations into the activities of the Ontario government.

We are so poorly governed that our infrastructure is crumbing, our health care system is eroding, teachers are going on strike in Ontario, xenophobia and misogyny are on the increase, entire groups of people have been reduced to negative stereotypes, too many aboriginal communities lack basic services like potable water and fire-fighting, we have people sleeping in our streets, gang violence on the increase in our cities and what do a large number of people in our country, including many politicians, consider a pressing issue?

Eliminating the GST on menstrual products – the Sisterhood has decreed that they are unfair to women and a government only too willing to erode our rights, misrepresent the truth about our fiscal situation and which violates our constitution as standard operating procedure – agrees.

Are you kidding me?

With all of the issues we face as a nation, this is the one that the women’s movement has moved to the top of their agenda?

I don’t begrudge anyone their angst over a tax. We are taxed to death but just how clueless have we become to elevate a sales tax on menstrual pads to the level of a national social injustice?

It’s unbelievable!

By all means, stand up and fight against the tax on personal hygiene products but to pick just this one and present it as an injustice to women on a misogynist level is beyond belief. Petitions have been signed. Parliamentarians have risen in the House of Commons to decry the unfairness of it and women’s groups have spoken out about the subjugation of women.

I wonder how important a tampon tax will seem when society finally does the final great implosion and we are reduced to rabble and rubble.

With each passing day, I become more and more convinced that we are living the end times of western civilization. Like the great empires that came and went before us, we are on the big slide into historical oblivion.

We have all of the hallmarks.

Our political leaders are every bit as self-impressed and self-indulgent as Nero and some are even as twisted as Caligula. Certainly many have the same sense of privileged entitlement as Marie Antoinette and we all know how well that ended.

Like the citizens of ancient Rome, we are a society that craves bread and circuses from government and which hungers to be constantly entertained. Our video games are even more violent than what took place in the Coliseum and for those who prefer the real thing to killing avatars – there’s UFC – or the odd race riot here or there.

We suffer from separation anxiety to the point where many of us can’t even go grocery shopping or have dinner with friends without checking our text messages. We believe rumours rather than fact and idolize celebrities rather than moral and spiritual leaders.

Religion increasingly is no longer spiritual – it’s simply an excuse to discriminate against, and in some cases, even kill others. Facebook has become more important than reality for many.

Our justice systems are breaking down. Law enforcement is becoming more like a Praetorian guard protecting those in power than the even-handed defenders of the law and society at large.

Our economies are in the toilet. The uber-rich rule our politicians who in turn rule rather than govern us and democracy has become merely a game for those in control.

Our parliaments and legislatures have become rubber stamps for the powerful and about as effective as the Senate of Rome during the final decline of the Roman Empire.

But some embrace the belief that if we can at least solve the injustice of the GST on menstrual products, we will survive it all. There will be peace throughout the land. Isis and Al Qqada will lay down their arms, terrorism will cease, the economy will improve and prosperity will flow like a gentle summer breeze across the land.

There will be singing and dancing in the streets. Music rather than anger will fill our hearts and even Ezra Levant will embrace Justin Trudeau as a brother while Stephen Harper will appoint Omar Khadr to the Senate.

We will once again unite as a people, casting off our differences to embrace each other as friends and neighbours because we have defeated the great injustice of taxing tampons.

We are obsessed with the trivial while the truly profound issues flow by us either unnoticed or become merely one more opportunity to flex our partisan muscle against each other. We talk about liberty with great self-import even as we support the very political parties we have elected to government that are eroding those liberties.

We have become a foolish people lost in the delusion of our own grand importance but when we are gone, our civilization will leave nothing behind it but an egregious amount of debt for our children’s children, a few i-gadgets and instructions on how to make softer toilet paper.

But – at least there will have been no tax on menstrual pads for a bit.

Let freedom ring!


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  • New Centurion

    Wow I didn’t think it was THAT bad and we elected an NDP government

    • MaggiesBear

      With all the important issues we face as a nation and the general decline in civility and respect for the rights of others, I just get fed up with these trivial issues being elevated to a level of importance they don’t deserve. Maybe I’m just grumpy today.

      • New Centurion

        I hear ya!

        • MaggiesBear

          I’m surprised you could hear me over the chimes of freedom being rung by the Sisterhood.

  • oldwhiteguy

    you sure did cover a lot today. I got nothing.

    • MaggiesBear

      I don’t have a lot but you can have some of mine if you like. :-)

      • oldwhiteguy

        I do get some of your occasionally.