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Cruz’n To Be Prez

The people in the game now just think to the first Tuesday in November, and not a day beyond it.
Peter Hart

This is a frightening statistic. More people vote in ‘American Idol’ than in any US election.
Rush Limbaugh

If you thought the six year plus rant by the right over Barack Obama’s citizenship was wild, hang onto your hats because a whole new round of birther accusations is about to start.

Yesterday, Senator Ted Cruz called Jesus and his supporters together to announce he is running for President of the United States. God love him. It takes more than a little courage to throw your life in front of the runaway train that is an American Presidential race.

The Big Race hasn’t officially started, of course, the primaries haven’t even begun and Republican hopefuls are only just starting to hint more broadly than they’ve been hinting for the past 18 months about their intentions to become candidates for the Republican ticket. If the upcoming primary season is like the last, there will probably be thirty or forty of them by the time the serious mud-wrestling gets started.

The Democrats haven’t fielded potential candidates yet but only because Hillary is still trying to decide which pantsuit would be appropriate to wear when she makes her announcement to run for President. I can appreciate her quandary, there are more than a few from which to choose in the Sears Spring/Summer catalogue.

One thing is clear, however, if the upcoming primary season is like the last, Republicans will probably do more damage to each other and the Republican cause than to Hillary or – whomever the Democrats might choose. (Are they even considering anyone else?)

The GOP candidates and their individual supporters share much with many of the Arab countries in the Middle East. When they can’t find a common enemy, they attack each other and then wonder why they never get anywhere.

I think that’s why “Solidarity Forever” became another of the Left’s meaningless catch phrases.

I don’t know a lot about American politics other than the fact that it has become even more dysfunctional than the United Nations but Senator Cruz seems like a nice enough fellow. He’s a little further to the right than I am – ok, a lot farther to the right – but at least he likes Dr. Seuss  and he may even almost believe in evolution unlike former presidential nominee hopeful Rick Santorum who believes the earth is only 6000 years old. Senator Rick also believes that men and dinosaurs walked the earth at the same time which makes me think that he probably watches the Flintstones like it was a documentary.

We need more of that intellectual thought in politics don’t we? It appears my American friends just might get it too and they can be encouraged by the knowledge that Senator Cruz has read at least one book. He once read Green Eggs and Ham into the Congressional Record in his personal filibuster before the Senate to try and stop ObamaCare and while it doesn’t quite rank up there with ‘Give me liberty or give me death’ it certainly was  long sight better than Bill Clinton’s “It depends on what you mean by the word ‘it’.”

Senator Cruz supports gun ownership, is pro-life, doesn’t believe in climate change but does believe in Jesus. His father was Cuban, his mother is American and he was born in Canada.

And there, my friends, is the weak link. Senator Cruz is a dual citizen – maybe even a tri-citizen. Forget his birth certificate – that’s been confirmed. Better check his genes.

Obama’s citizenship was questioned based on claims that his birth certificate was a forgery and Senator Cruz is going to be challenged over his citizenship. In fact, it has already started but not by those dastardly Democrats who keep urging Hillary Clinton to put down the Sears catalogue and run for President. It’s another Republican; perennial presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, who has already challenged the legality of Senator Cruz’s bid for the White House.

Now I know that some of you are thinking that Donald Trump is a pompous, wealthy buffoon with ridiculous hair and – you’d be right. He is pompous. He is a walking caricature and he has a lot of money. But even the most absurd among us seem to be able gather a following for their opinions and beliefs; you only have to review the career of someone like Joe Biden to remember that.

When I first heard the comment by Donald Trump I thought that it probably wouldn’t be long before other Republican hopefuls started their attacks but I did think it would at least take a month or two.

I was wrong.

Rep. Peter King said, “Shutting down the federal government and reading Dr. Seuss on the Senate floor are the marks of a carnival barker not the leader of the free world.” Just to make sure we understood what he meant, Rep. King went on to say, “To me, he’s a guy with a big mouth and no results.”

Fellow Tea Party colleague Paul Rand said, “I’m a big believer that you should stand on principle … but I also think we should take those principles and try to bring in new people with them.” which was a none too subtle shot at Senator Cruz’s win ability and principles.

And the Primaries haven’t even begun yet.

For his part, Senator Cruz has renounced his Canadian citizenship which is undermining Canada’s secret plan to get a Canadian in the White House so we can finally get the Keystone Pipeline approved.

But renouncing his citizenship may not be enough.

Conrad Black renounced his Canadian citizenship when then Prime Minister Jean Chretien blocked Mr. Black’s appointment to the British House of Lords. Mr. Black decided he liked being called Lord Black more than he liked being a Canadian, resigned his citizenship and shortly thereafter became a member of the British peerage.

Of course, when he was sentenced to prison in the United States for some shady business dealings, he rediscovered his patriotism and shucked-off his British citizenship to re-embrace being Canadian. Eventually he returned to the motherland where he now sits and writes weekly heavily opinionated and pedantic columns for the National Post, sharing his wisdom with the masses as befits a Lord of the Realm.

All that to say, it would remain to be seen if simply resigning your citizenship in one country is enough to qualify you to run for President because even if you renounce it, it appears you may still be entitled to it which is to say – well – you may actually still remain a citizen of that country.

Certainly that’s the attitude of the IRS who are chasing after people who might have been born in the United States to parents of another country who happened to be in the United States temporarily. It doesn’t matter to the IRS if those folks have never lived in the US of A beyond the days of their birth and have always lived-in and consider themselves citizens of their parent’s countries. To the IRS, once an American – always an American; especially where cash is involved.

And it may well turn out to be the same thing in politics.

You can almost bank on someone challenging the legality of Senator Cruz’s candidacy in court but even if they don’t; it’s going to a hot topic in the old primaries tonight and right up to pretty much forever as continues to be the case for the Obama birthers.

Once a birther – always a birther.

So make some popcorn, pour yourself a drink and get comfortable because the Republican primaries are about to begin and they are always more interesting in a bloodthirsty kind of way than the boring Democratic campaigns.

But be honest – wouldn’t you actually pay money to see Hillary Clinton mud wrestle Nancy Pelosi for the Democratic nomination?

Game on! Bring on the mud.


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  • charlie98

    No matter the outcome of a challenge based on birthplace Ted Cruz will not be the Republican candidate in 2016.

    A far more interesting proposition would be — is John Kerry attempting to negotiate a deal, any deal, good or awful, with Iran in order to bolster a bid for 2016.

    Another would be — is POTUS willing to risk a nuclear Iran for his legacy

    Maybe — what is Canada’s position on a potential Iran agreement and where are opposition parties in Canada on this issue

    Or — does Hillary Clinton have any accomplishments other than staying married to Bill, assuming you consider that an accomplishment.

    Unfortunately the 2016 presidential election race has already begun and far more important issues will be discussed / decided based on politics instead of reason. Ted Cruz and where he was born will be a small footnote in an equally boring runnup to the 2016 election.

    As an aside I claimed a number of years ago that Obama would be a 3 term president and there appears to a movement growing to support that proposition. Such an occurrence would certainly make for lively discussion and probable civil unrest / martial law/ revolution. Don’t you just love science fiction?

    • MaggiesBear

      A couple of points. To answer your question about Canada’s position on Iran, our current Conservative government is opposed to Iran getting nuclear weapons capability.I believe the opposition parties are in agreement but as per usual, they will argue over how that is to be achieved. I didn’t care much for Obama when he was a senator — he was too glib and he has lived up to my expectations through his two terms in office. I’m far more disappointed in our Prime Minister whom I supported but who has turned out to be the opposite to everything for which he stated to stand. I have to learn to manage my expectations better.

      • charlie98

        Thanks for the comments.

        The Middle East appears to be devolving into a Sunni – Shite religious war, the US appears to be engaging on both sides depending upon location and we should not be there. It matters little which side you pick as atrocities abound on both sides. We need to worry about potential terrorism at home and should withdraw all forces from the Middle East. If our military wants a task it should try protecting the Arctic.

        The US strategic interest is the petrodollar, an arrangement negotiated long ago with Saudi Arabia. Current currency wars and the establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) signal the end of the petrodollar. US cozying up to Iran will cause Middle East allies to reevaluate their relationship with the US, in a mostly negative way.

        No matter whether an agreement is negotiated with Iran they will get a nuclear bomb and the ICBMs to deliver them. Two more years of the current US administration and it’s muddles foreign policy guarantees more chaos.

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