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Let 9/11 Stand For This

I haven’t seen much mention of it in the mainstream media but today is the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on North American soil in history. Four jet liners were high jacked; two were flown into the World Trade Centre, one into the Pentagon and the fourth was crashed in a field when passengers rose up to fight the high jackers.

More than 3,000 people died in the original attack, a number of Canadians among them. Almost 400 police officers and fire-fighters sacrificed firetheir lives in the aftermath as they searched for survivors in the rubble.

Canada stood with its closest neighbour and strongest ally. We agreed to accept all aircraft that were currently in flight as the United States shut down its airspace and hundreds, if not a few thousand, Canadians went to New York to help our American friends in any way they could. We were united by tragedy; young and old, Canadian and American, citizens and immigrants; we stood together regardless of race, religion or political ideology.

Those attacks launched the war on terror which led to the conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and the long search for Osama Bin Laden. That war is far from over as we prepare to deal with ISIL and other terrorist groups but those are issues and battles for another day.

Today is a day for remembering and honouring those who died on 9/11. It is also a day to remember that 911 symbolizes the best of what we can be when we put aside our differences and stand united in a common cause. Let 9/11 symbolize the strength of who and what we are as a people and not as a sign of weakness for our enemies. Let us always remember that on September 1, 2001 we were knocked down but we were not defeated.

If 9/11 is to have any meaning in our lives; if it is to symbolize anything at all, let it be those things rather than fear or hatred.




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