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Monthly Archives: March 2014

“Another One Bites The Dust”

“Steve walks warily down the street, with the brim pulled way down low Ain’t no sound but the sound of his feet, machine guns ready to go” Another One Bites The Dust – Queen

  The big news in Canada today was the rather abrupt departure of Dimitri Soudas, who up until last night was the Executive Director of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Men are born with two heads only one of which is specifically designed for thinking. It appears that Mr. Soudas may be guilty of  thinking with the wrong one when it came to supporting his fiancee’s nomination battle which was a serious conflict of interest.

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With Friends Like These, Ukraine Doesn’t Need Enemies

Canada’ Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, was in Ukraine over the weekend to show Canada’s support for that country. Now he is in the Netherlands for an emergency meeting of  G-7 leaders with the purpose of increasing sanctions against Russia and throwing it from the G-8. The west’s leaders like to call ’emergency’ meetings because the one thing they are all really good at is using adjectives to enhance the importance of what they’re doing. Continue reading

From One Extreme to Another

Conservatives will be happy to know that I don’t want to talk about being conservative or even about Stephen Harper today. I’m too distracted by other things to get into that right now.

I heard the weekend weather forecast this morning. Continue reading

Are You conservative or Merely A Conservative?

Well – it appears that yesterday’s post rankled The Base a bit. It’s acceptable to them to criticize Trudeau or anyone else they identify as being a worthy target but for God’s sake don’t dare criticize Stephen Harper. It’s heresy and they will respond with all of the enthusiasm of the Inquisition at a heretic barbeque.

To be honest, I actually thought the post would generate more criticism than it did and the ones it did generate were pretty tepid at best. When you’ve been criticized by pros like my old grade 10 math teacher, Mrs. Jamieson, you pretty much become immune to less accomplished critics.

That woman could bounce a piece of chalk off your forehead from behind her desk thirty feet away.

That was back in the days when educators were called teachers and education was less about political correctness and ‘co-parenting’ and more about teaching what you needed to know to survive in the big world – including values. In those days education sometimes got physical.

We used to call her Dead Eye although never to her face of course.

The conservative movement in Canada is in trouble and Conservatives can bury their heads in the sand and pretend it isn’t if they like but they’re only lying to themselves. They can attack those of us who are concerned that we are heading back to another twenty years in the electoral wilderness but it isn’t going to change the obvious and the obvious is that Harper government has strayed too far from basic conservative values.

Consider this for example. Continue reading

Harper Government Sides With Iran Against a Canadian Citizen

Somebody asked me recently why I am so angry about the Harper government’s handling of the Ukraine crisis. It was a good question and deserves an answer so – here it is.

I find it not only hypocritical but patently offensive for Stephen Harper to posture internationally as the defender of democratic rights in Ukraine while he tramples them here in Canada. It’s really that simple.

Harper argues before the world that Russia and Crimea have violated Ukrainian law which is correct although, everything that has happened in Ukraine since the impeachment of the duly elected government is unconstitutional. That, however, is an argument for another time. More to the point, considering his own track record here at home, Stephen Harper is hardly the one to be leading the charge to defend law and civil rights anywhere let alone in Ukraine. Continue reading

Ukraine: Another Victim of the West’s Failed Leadership

Well – that didn’t take very long.

In just over three weeks, the collective brain trust that passes for political leadership in the West has managed to ‘help’ Ukraine into escalated political instability and civil unrest, the loss of a significant portion of their country and the mobilization of Ukraine’s military in response to the presence of Russian troops in Crimea and on the border. Along the way they also managed to alienate one of the world’s nuclear super-powers and turn the clock back 40 years to the cold war between the West and the former Soviet Union.

Today, there was an attack by unidentified, masked assailants on a military base in Crimea. During the attack a Ukrainian officer was shot and killed. Expect more violence as Ukraine mobilizes its military and has issued orders that it is to return in self-defense.

The careless and clumsy manner in which the Ukrainian situation has been handled is so breathtaking; I had to remind myself to breathe and I can only imagine how our friends in Ukraine are feeling today. Surely some of them are beginning to wonder if aligning with the dolts that run the European Union is as good an idea as they originally thought. Continue reading