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Rob Ford (and…that’s pretty much all you have to say)

“My question is, I urinated in a parking lot. What does that have to do with anything?”
Rob Ford on his Sun News Media Show

He’s back.

Just three weeks after registering to run for reelection as Mayor of Toronto a new video of Rob Ford conducting himself with the same style and grace that has come to characterize his time in office, was released on YouTube.

I’m beginning to feel like Weirton Willy on Groundhog Day, afraid to stick my head out of my burrow but not because I’m afraid I’ll see my shadow – I’m afraid I’ll see yet more of Rob Ford’s nonsense obliterating the landscape of common sense and decency.

Warning: the content of this video includes graphic language that may be highly offensive to some folks.

“I’ve had a come to Jesus moment” – Rob Ford in CBC interview

Apparently, Rob Ford and Jesus have a fairly flexible understanding of what constitutes a commitment to clean up your act. Either that or they’re drinking buds.

You do have to feel sorry for Ford’s supporters who took some pride in calling themselves Ford Nation. His continuing orgy of erratic, self-indulgent behaviour is making it increasingly difficult for some of them to continue making excuses for him.

And despite what some polls suggested last week, Ford Nation is rapidly becoming Ford Village. There wasn’t nearly the outpouring of support for the Mayor after this round of televised stupidity as there has been in the past.

Some tried, of course, including the Mayor’s brother Doug who considers any criticism of his brother, legitimate or not, to be a scurrilous attack by an unscrupulous mainstream media and the Toronto political elite – whoever they are.

Shortly after the video hit the fan, so to speak, Doug Ford defended his brother stating that it was an old video because the Mayor had lost weight and that the ‘new and improved’ Rob Ford is slimmer than the old Rob Ford in the video. He went on to state that his brother hadn’t had a drink since November 2013 and that the video clearly wasn’t taken the night before because he and his brother had been talking on the phone around the time the video was supposed to have been shot.

Unfortunately for Doug Ford, about ten minutes after defending his brother, Rob Ford stepped forward and admitted that it was him on the video, it had happened the night before and he was bombed, drunk, binged out – call it whatever you like – he had been drinking only not with Jesus. The good Mayor was drinking with a friend who turned out to be Alexander Lisi; a former employee of Ford’s who has been charged with drug dealing.

Ford did, however, offer up a pretty strong defense. It was his ‘private’ time and what he does in his ‘private’ time is nobody’s business but his even if it is done in public while he is wearing the Mayor’s hat.

The day pretty much unraveled after that.

Within a short time, a second video was released showing the Mayor sitting and chatting with his Lisi and that pretty much put to rest any thoughts that perhaps the Mayor was being unfairly victimized. Even his brother remained silent after the second video surfaced.

Rob Ford (right) having dinner with Alexander Lisi (left)

Rob Ford having dinner with Alexander Lisi (left)

Many of Ford’s supporters have tried to portray his binge drinking and drug use as a personal problem that is unrelated to his role as Mayor. I disagree. Rob Ford’s official title is Chief Magistrate and he is responsible, among other things, for overseeing the enforcement and upholding of the law – you know, those same laws he has repeatedly admitted breaking.

It seems questionable at best for Toronto’s Chief Magistrate to be having dinner with someone charged with a serious felony. As Chief Magistrate, the Mayor is expected to remain impartial and that means he must be seen to be impartial. It’s a tad challenging to achieve that if you’re having dinner with the accused.

It’s a bizarre circumstance at best. The Mayor of Canada’s largest city is a cartoon character, a buffoon who has even less self-respect than he does respect for his office or the people of the city.

“Those Oriental people work like dogs. They work their hearts out. They are workers non-stop. They sleep beside their machines. That’s why they’re successful in life. (Sic) I’m telling you, the Oriental people, they’re slowly taking over.” – Rob Ford

He relishes his new-found celebrity but lacks the intellectual fire-power to understand that it is based on making fun of him. People around the world are not laughing with him, they’re laughing at him and by association, the people who have been loyal to him and supported him.

He is a bumbling fool who has achieved little of consequence – a disgrace to his office who has by his own admission, broken the law, endangered the lives of others by drinking while driving and made unbelievable statements about women and his own wife in particular. He is not the fiscal conservative he claims to be, he’s all hat and no substance; someone who says things he thinks his supporters want him to say but who doesn’t deliver.

He has lied, deceived and turned Toronto City Council into a carnival side show – as if it needed the extra help to achieve that.

None of it will matter.

The Ford Village will continue to defend him; he will continue to waddle about making outlandish, foolish pronouncements and in the end, turn the Mayoralty election into just one more absurdity in his lengthy list of disreputable conduct.

The only good news is that soon enough, he will be gone and when he is perhaps the people of Toronto will elect a real mayor rather than a cartoon character that makes Homer Simpson look positively intellectual.

Hopefully, when he finally does go – he’ll take his brother with him. I think Canada has indulged the Ford Brothers Travelling Road Show long enough.

“I am a roll model.” – Rob Ford on Sun News Network


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  • Anon

    It’s the incessant lying that does it for me. It’s disgusting.

  • damorris

    Rob Ford has made my personal list of “people I just wish would go away”. Included on that list are : Justin Bieber,Lindsay Lohan,Paris Hilton, David Suzuki,Al Gore, and lately, our own beloved Neil Young.

    I would have added Justin Trudeau to that list but just as he was getting beyond nauseating,the Press dropped his name like a hot potato,maybe they finally figured out he is his own worst enemy and LESS Justin is better than more.

    Rob Ford, one word of advice: retire.

  • JoeFrmEdm

    He is on his own time… would you want Komarade Chow in charge………

    • MaggiesBear

      I’ll put you down as finding it acceptable for people to break the law and endanger their own lives and the lives of others provided that a) they do it on their own time and b) they aren’t members of the New Democratic Party. I’m sure the folks in the mob will be grateful for your support.

      • MikeFromToronto

        A quick question.. What law did he break on Monday night? It certainly looks like a PI is following him around and if this is true.. Who hired him? Also, if he was drinking and driving don’t you think there would be video of him getting into the vehicle and driving away?

        This is beyond ridiculous now. The guy does a great job at city hall and because he is personal issues somehow that makes him not qualified to do the job.

        David Miller was a known drunk in the downtown circles and he never had this kind of attention. Perhaps because he fed the unions instead of taking away their entitlements. How come City Councillors will not submit to a drug test. A drug test that Rob Ford said he would pay for?

        I would be very curious to know who filmed this video. And if it is a PI who paid for it.

        • MaggiesBear

          I didn’t suggest he broke the law on Monday night. I was referring to his previous [in;ov admissions of having purchased illegal drugs and drinking while driving. Both are felonies. It astounds me that some people simply dismiss that as a personal problem.

          As for being a great Mayor, his tax increases are higher than those of the David Crombie and the Mel Lastman administrations and his current tantrum about the proposed tax increase is absurd. The increase is required because of the ice storm and because the great Rob Ford pushed through a subway plan without any funding. The only way to fund Ford’s subway expansion is through increased taxes – he just doesn’t want to admit he didn’t think about that when he pushed the expansion through.

          I was no fan of David Miller but he didn’t make a complete ass of himself in public or in council chambers. He kept his ‘personal’ issues personal.

          • MikeFromToronto

            Good points.

            But you have to admit that the City of Toronto is a very different place then it was under Lastman and Crombie. The population is much larger and so is City employment

            As an example, employment has increased by at least 34% in the David Miller years. Rob Ford has been diligent at keeping tax increases under the rate of inflation.

            David Miller was never under the scrutiny that Rob Ford has been. So how would we know what David Miller was doing? What I do know is that David Miller told residents that crossing the picket line to dump their garbage at a DESIGNATED dump site was illegal. David Miller also used City Finances to setup an office in London england for Climate change which he started working for after he stepped down. There are many more examples of his love for Unions and his Self-Serving attitude that I can provide if you like..

            Rob Ford did drugs and drinks so what? Like really who cares. Lets look at everyone on Council then with a Microscope and be fair about this.

            Rob has saved a minimum of 680 million and has been steadfast in his commitment to honor his election promises. What a grand idea.. A politician actually doing what they said they were going too.

            My question to you is.. Imagine if George Smitherman an admitted drug user with a grade 12 education had won the election. A man who was behind eHealth and Ornge..

            Would the MSM be looking at his life as they are with Rob Ford? Or would he be given a free pass?

            • MaggiesBear

              You seem to believe that the only choices are between socialists and disreputable people like Rob Ford. Good luck with that – it’s thinking like that; the refusal to demand better, that got this country in the mess it’s in now.

              David Miller was a terrible mayor but that doesn’t justify supporting another terrible mayor who has admitted to breaking the law. As long as people in this country continue to support ‘our’ idiot instead of ‘their; idiot’, we’re always going to be governed by idiots.

              And if that happens, at some point you have to stop and ask yourself, what does that make us?

              The alternative is to demand better from whoever it is we intend to support.

  • Barb Gulka

    truth…one lives exactly true to who they are…..some days more, some days less……

    • MaggiesBear

      You are on the outside what you are on the inside and it makes no difference whether you are at work or in the Steak Queen.

  • matthew brandley

    Sounds just like what Obama has done to the entire u s goverment