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Into The Mystic

The Falls

So the big Christmas holiday is coming to an end and tomorrow we start posting regularly again and not a moment too soon. There’s been a lot happening and it took a considerable amount of willpower to resist the urge to throw my two cents into the conversation but I succeeded – and I’m glad I did.

The break was refreshing and gave me an opportunity to spend valuable time with Maggie.

We had a lovely Christmas. It was calm and peaceful except for that part when my grandson opened up the remote control Batmobile we got him for Christmas. That got a fairly significant AWESOME – TOTALLY AWESOME followed up by about a half an hour of the Batmobile getting stuck under the coach, behind the dining room table and basically bouncing off walls.

The Lake Through My Window

The StandI’m really driven by it this year and have already done four paintings and am starting number five which is normally close to my usual seasonal output. I have a feeling we’re going to run out of wall space in my studio for the finished pieces.

Anyway, just for fun, I’m posting pictures of my latest paintings partly to share with you my other passion and partly to get warmed up for more serious blogging tomorrow. Blogging is like playing sports, you can get seriously banged up if you don’t warm up first.

So here goes.

Into The Mystic

Each of these paintings is inspired by photographs shared by a friend in South Africa who posts some amazing pictures on his Facebook page. His name Tian Cronje and I am constantly amazed by some of the things he shares.

I apologize for the poor reproduction quality but the camera isn’t being overly cooperative and seems to be distorting the colour a bit.

If you drop by tomorrow, we can jump into the Mystic of 2014 together.


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  • oldwhiteguy

    I do not possess your willpower. I am going to try and not respond to the many less than intelligent folks who just love to mess up the room. Happy New Year.

    • MaggiesBear

      I made a decision over the holidays to cut the tragically extreme from my friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. I don’t mind disagreement on issues; in fact, I think it’s healthy in a democracy but I get tired of the simplistic stereotyping and dehumanizing of our fellow citizens regardless of their political stripes. I enjoy your thoughts though and wish you the very best in 2014

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  • CanadaGoose1

    Don’t forget Epiphany is the last day of Christmas. You know the carol The Twelve Days of Christmas with the five golden rings, etc.:
    The twelve days in the song are the twelve days starting Christmas Day, or in some traditions, the day after Christmas (December 26) (Boxing Day or St. Stephen’s Day, as being the feast day of St. Stephen Protomartyr) to the day before Epiphany, or the Feast of the Epiphany (January 6, or the Twelfth Day). Twelfth Night is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “the evening of the fifth of January, preceding Twelfth Day, the eve of the Epiphany, formerly the last day of the Christmas festivities and observed as a time of merrymaking.”

    Of course there is Twelfth Night, Or What You Will the play by Shakespeare meant as an entertainment for that night of merrymaking and mischief.
    My husband was born in France so when the kids were living with us we used to buy a special sugary pie with a favour in it for Epiphany. The person who found the favour (and didn’t break his tooth on it) was the king and wore a cardboard golden crown.

    • MaggiesBear

      In our family we celebrate Maggie’s birthday on the twelfth day of Christmas. It makes it a double celebration for us. :-)

  • matthew brandley

    stunning pictures.

    • MaggiesBear

      Thank you but I think they probably benefit from being reduced down to this size. All of the flaws become quite unnoticeable. :-)