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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Too Much Minimum Thought About The Minimum Wage

It would probably be a good idea to stay indoors this weekend. Civilization as we know it is about to come to a screeching halt. Unemployment is going to skyrocket, businesses are going to shut down in record numbers and basically the Canadian economy will implode leaving us all in penury.

And all because the Ontario government is raising the minimum wage by $.75 / hr.

I’ve read more pundit commentary, Facebook comments and posts and blog articles about this unprecedented disaster than I can count. Certainly it was far more than written about the alarming level of suicides by our veterans and military, Justin Trudeau’s announcement removing Liberal Senators from his caucus and the weather.

You’ve got to believe that’s a lot of chatter if it outranks how much people talk about the weather. Weather is a constant topic among Canadians. Continue reading

The Deal Breaker

In her column in today’s National Post, Christie Blatchford writes about Julian Fantino, Canada’s Minister for Veterans Affairs. It’s a scathing commentary and one with which I fully agree but it isn’t Ms Blatchford’s column that got under my hat, it’s the recurring comments from the enlightened in response to what she wrote.

Most were conservative supporters and for the most part, they agreed with her; some going so far as to suggest that the disgraceful manner in which Fantino specifically and the Harper government generally has treated our vets is – get ready for it;

“Almost a deal breaker for me. . .”

Christ in Heaven! Just exactly what does it take for some conservatives to take their heads out of their asses and stand up and defend what is right rather than defending a politician? We’re not a cult and this constant rationalization of the violation of fundamental conservative values is beneath contempt. Continue reading

We’re Here To Serve – Yeah, right!

Before we get started, you should know that I’m not in a very good mood this morning. January has been a bit rough, with three deaths in the family over the past couple of weeks, the weather is a bitch and I’ve just spent the better part of three hours in an unbelievable cock-up with online travel arrangements.

It is unbelievable how poor customer service is these days.

It was a simple process actually. Maggie is going to Scotland in April to visit the youngest daughter who is taking her Masters at the University of Edinburgh. Usually when we travel, we use a travel agent although we have used Expedia to book hotels from time to time. We like to pay as we go, so we use a Visa-debit card rather than credit. That means the money is taken from our bank account immediately and we can all sleep soundly secure in the knowledge that the universe is unfolding as it should.

It appears that there is a need for some remedial courses in universe unfolding. Continue reading

Rob Ford (and…that’s pretty much all you have to say)

“My question is, I urinated in a parking lot. What does that have to do with anything?”
Rob Ford on his Sun News Media Show

He’s back.

Just three weeks after registering to run for reelection as Mayor of Toronto a new video of Rob Ford conducting himself with the same style and grace that has come to characterize his time in office, was released on YouTube.

I’m beginning to feel like Weirton Willy on Groundhog Day, afraid to stick my head out of my burrow but not because I’m afraid I’ll see my shadow – I’m afraid I’ll see yet more of Rob Ford’s nonsense obliterating the landscape of common sense and decency.

Warning: the content of this video includes graphic language that may be highly offensive to some folks. Continue reading

The Freeloaders

1544391_581625175252390_1276856252_nHere’s a question I saw posted again on Facebook this morning. I say again because I see it or something similar to it posted virtually every day. It’s always directed at those on social assistance and invariably is accompanied by some comment like this one:

“Well let’s see… Freeloaders are a vote to them, and we the taxpayers pay for freeloaders life style. So in a nut shell the government washes their hands of the freeloaders, and we are the trough that pays for everything. Problem here is if we stop paying for the freeloaders we get threatened by the Bully Government who jail us, take our stuff, garnish our wages, so we are stuck with the F-n freeloaders.” – posted on Facebook by one of the enlightened

Asking about freeloaders in our society is a valid question even when it is asked by someone who is barely literate but if we’re going to ask it, I think we should first ask just who the freeloaders actually are.
Continue reading

Dim Light Bulbs and Dimmer Politicians

Left to ourselves, we might pick the wrong health insurance, the wrong mortgage, the wrong school for our kids; why, unless they stop us, we might pick the wrong light bulb.
Mitch Daniels

The sun is gone, but I have a light.
Kurt Cobain

Back in 2007, the United States Congress and the Bush Administration quietly banned incandescent light bulbs.4

And not a moment too soon although they did delay implementation of the ban for 7 years  – probably to give Members of Congress sufficient time to invest in companies that make LED and CFL light bulbs.

I know that many of my American friends were concerned about the fact that the American government was incapable of crafting and passing budget legislation and many were concerned about the rising gun violence in their cities and their schools but to be fair, there were sound reasons for the ban. Continue reading