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Rob Ford Has Trashed Political Decency and Dignity

We’re running out of labels. So far the Rob Ford mess has been called a circus, a gong show, the crazy train, a disgrace, undemocratic and the Gutterbowl. Whatever you call it, just when you thought it couldn’t get worse – it does.

In the space of three weeks, we have watched a man lie, confess, apologize, use cheap talk about his wife, apologize, threaten, apologize some more and turn Toronto City Council into an imitation of a meeting of the Taiwanese legislature which is famous for its fist fights.

I don’t know whatever happened to dignity or taking responsibility for your actions but it appears they left on the last train out of the Big Smoke.

For me it is nothing less than a disgrace and it appears that I am not alone.

Just 48 hours after having apologized for using gutter language in reference to his wife, Rob Ford managed to take political rhetoric to an entirely new level yesterday.

 “This folks, reminds me of when Saddam attacked Kuwait and President Bush said ‘I warn you, I warn you, I warn you, do not.’ Well folks, if you think American-style politics is nasty, you guys have just attacked Kuwait. – in Council meeting yesterday

“This is nothing more than a coup d’état” – in Council meeting yesterday

“It’s typical media, you guys are the same, you’re all cut from the same cloth, you guys can spin it any way you want.”  – on CNN yesterday

 “I’m not going to run around and be phony and lie and I’m not going to have someone try to blackmail me and say they have a video of this over my head” – on CNN and almost a year after having continuously lied about having smoked crack

It’s as if Rob Ford is completely disengaged from reality and is now living in an alternate universe more than ably abetted by his brother Doug and the opportunistic folks at Sun News Media including Ezra Levant who voiced concern that the media would do to Rob Ford what the paparazzi did to Princess Diana.

This isn’t a vendetta by the media; Rob Ford brought this on himself.

Rob Ford is not a victim of anything other than his own actions. In fact the people of Toronto, and the dignity and decency of our political systems, are being victimized by him. He is not a victim of the media, Toronto City council or the so-called elite. In fact, Rob Ford is a member of the privileged set; a millionaire who inherited a good chunk of change from his father.

Despite his lofty claims, he did not win election with the biggest mandate in Toronto history and he has not produced the lowest tax increase in North America.

He is a self-aggrandizing boor who has admitted to breaking the law – many laws and who lied to the very people who elected him and whom he claims to respect.

It’s an opinion being more and more universally shared and expressed.

Rob Ford’s lowest moment was when he tried to intimidate the very people who pay his salary

Rob Ford’s ‘crazy train’ runs amok

Rob Ford lies three times in first minutes of Peter Mansbridge interview

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford deserved to be stripped of power:

I think Andrew Coyne summarized it best


 This may be coming to an end sooner rather than later, however. Not only has Ontario Conservative Leader Tim Hudak withdrawn his support for the Mayor, Prime Minister Stephen Harper stated that he finds the situation ‘troubling’ and we all know what happens to people once Stephen Harper starts to find them troubling.

Now that Stephen Harper has spoken up, Rob Ford would do well to spend less time defending the indefensible and more time keeping an eye out for a bus.


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  • Lampredi1438

    Sure, Ford’s a complete wreck, crack tends to do that to people. Just can’t help but wonder, though, given the contemporary political climate, if Ford identified with the Liberals, what would be said about him? I’m betting wagons would be circled, and he’d be getting defended at every turn. If the MSM would even bother to report it.

    • MaggiesBear

      You know, in all honesty I get tired of this partisan nonsense. When the Sponsorship Scandal hit, the media were all over it and it was a Liberal government that called the Gomery Inquiry. Liberals went to prison as a result. Conservatives circled the wagons around Ford for months so let’s not pretend that conservatives are victims of some vast left-wing media conspiracy. The first news org that called for Ford’s resignation was the Toronto Sun; hardly a leftist publication and the interview CBC’s Peter Mansbridge did on Monday with Rob and Doug Ford was so softball, you could have sworn Mansbridge had become a member of Ford Nation. The media have been all over the Liberals in Ontario so let’s give it a rest and put the partisan mythology aside.

      • Lampredi1438

        Sorry, Bear, but the only place I’ve heard any news about McWynnty is here on BT. I haven’t bothered with Mansbridge for a long time. And, the only place I’ ve heard anything about Colin Kenney is BT and Quebecor. The rest of the media are still carping about Ford or Duffy.

        • MaggiesBear

          You need to broaden your horizons. I follow a dozen networks and newspapers pretty much daily. Kenny was on all of them today although briefly because there isn’t much to report yet and it is not a criminal investigation yet either. As for Wynne,, I’ve seen all kinds of reporting and commentary both pro and con the Ontario government this summer and there is no question that all of the media gave the gas plant scandal extensive coverage. It is a myth that only a couple of outlets cover liberals transgressions

  • Barb Gulka

    Well, Bear, out here in the west I just heard Sun Media cancelled the famous Ford one day show! ….and NO I will not be signing back on to support them….but it does bring me to think about the move, IF more of the media and more of the ‘reporters’ shut these two bozo’s down, they would loose their platform of embar-ass-ing all of Canada…because it does reflect on our political performers and our presence in world ‘happenings’. These two have become celebrities and are loving the stage, which the media is handing to them in turn for popular rating’s. The best statement I heard throughout this fiasco was from Tom Clark…..’It is a sad day in Canada, when we place partisan politics over principals……I had to agree…….

    • MaggiesBear

      Right you are Barb. Sun did cancel the show for ‘budget’ reasons. Apparently it cost more than it was worth when they taped it although it grossed the highest one-time audience Sun has ever had. That means either their other shows are really doing poorly or they are really lousy managers who didn’t control costs. They only taped for one day and you gotta wonder just how much (or how little) it would take to cause Sun to cancel.

      I think you’ll find the Traveling Ford Brothers Road Show is starting to wear thin with all but a few die hards. His words, his contradictions, his actions and his behaviour are catching up to him and he keeps tripping over them. I don’t think he’ll survive politically to the next election

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  • J. Allore

    damorris.. I agree with you this guy has got to GO NOW! Sun news didn’t do themselves a favor by broadcasting the pathetic Ford show. However, I must take issue with your statement “He has become a an embarrassment to politics”….today’s politics, with it’s mewling, spineless practitioners, is a total embarrassment all on it’s own… Ford just adds to the miasma!!

    • damorris

      Can’t disagree with you on that. I was raised in the days of Uncle Louis,Dief,and Mike Pearson a rather different bunch than today’s pols.

    • MaggiesBear

      I don’t disagree with you but I do think that Rob Ford is the extreme extension of where politics has gone in the past four decades. As Jason Kenney said earlier today, Rob Ford has dishonoured himself and his office.

  • damorris

    There’s “loyalty’, “dogged loyalty” and then there’s “good German” loyalty.

    Anyone who still supports Ford should examine that last type.

    I was a supporter of Ford, until he fired Mark Towhey. At that point it became obvious something was seriously wrong with the Mayor.

    When he “came out” on the crack video, it confirmed the sinking feeling I had that this guy is what his critics have claimed.

    He has become an embarrassment to politics, seemingly oblivious to his effect on fellow conservatives, the public, and all politicians.

    Is he in the midst of a complete mental breakdown? It sure looks like it.

    • tedbetts

      No. That’s not a mental breakdown we’re seeing. What we’re seeing is the real Rob Ford, unfiltered. He has not changed one bit since he was first elected a councillor.

      • damorris

        Yeah,I’ve wondered about that,the “real” Ford. You’d know him better than me, never heard of him until he was elected Mayor.