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Monthly Archives: November 2013

It’s a Good News / Bad News Kind of Thing

It’s a good news / bad news day I’m afraid. It actually started yesterday.download

Every Fall, I promise myself that I will take down the outdoor Christmas lights in April and put them away neatly in the Rubbermaid containers we store them in. Every Spring, I wait until the end of June to take them down and cram them into their containers telling myself that it won’t take long to sort them out in the Fall.

Every  Spring, I promise myself that I will put the lights up in early October while it is still warm outside and every Fall I wait until the end of November about six hours before the first major snow storm.

That’s what I was doing yesterday in advance of the 20 cms that were on their way from God knows where. Continue reading

A Scandal-free Weekend

I took a break over the weekend – no writing, no painting and definitely no Rob Ford, and no Senate Expense Scandal. Instead Maggie and I went Christmas shopping on Saturday. We were going to go Holiday Season shopping but neither of us has any experience with that so we left it at the traditional jostling and pushing in the stores that is so much a part of Christmas every year.

We were smart about it though. We mapped out where we would go, and why, the day before. We were like a well-oiled machine but of course the wheels fell off the machine as soon as we hit Costco.

I believe Costco is a training ground for Purgatory. Continue reading

How I Think a Simple Senate Expense Issue Became a Scandal

Wednesday’s ITO released by the RCMP has tossed the cat among the pigeons and there is a lot of talk about who knew or did what. Lots of questions are being asked based on digging into the ITO and parsing this sentence in that email or interpreting what another series of emails might mean.

For me, the real question is how did we get from a relatively simple issue of a senator making what are now revealed to be improper expense claims to this squalid dog and pony show?

If there was ever an example of poor issues management, surely to God this has to be it! Continue reading

The Senate Expense Scandal is no Longer About Expenses

I’ll tell you what – once the wheels start to come off, the hairy ride ain’t going to stop until the wagon crashes and the wheels are coming off the conservative party bus.

Remember Richard Nixon?

Somehow, the President of the United States and the smart kids in his office managed to turn a penny-ante break-in of the Democratic National Offices at Watergate, into a full-blown scandal that led to impeachment proceedings against the President.

The President didn’t know about the break-in until after he heard about it in the media; nor did he order it. What he did do was avoid taking immediate and decisive action to hold accountable any and all who were responsible. Instead he applied the ‘political’ fix. He denied, altered his story and eventually became complicit in the cover-up and it is always the cover-up that hangs you.

Fast forward to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Continue reading

The Solution to the Rob Ford Circus? Let the People Decide!

Apparently Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s new PR media strategy is to get on as many American television networks as possible in the bizarre belief that somehow that will get his message across to the folks back home. If that’s true, he may want to work on his talking points just a tad. His approach on CNN wasn’t significantly better than it is with the local media in Toronto.

After being asked questions he didn’t really like he blurted out:

“It’s typical media: you guys are the same, you’re all cut from the same cloth, you guys can spin it any way you want.”

That certainly isn’t going to win him new friends and influence the media nor is this:

“I don’t look at myself as the mayor, I look at myself as just a normal, regular person.”

I think that’s precisely the point Mr. Mayor. An overwhelming number of people don’t look on  you as the mayor either. The latest poll indicated that 75% of the people of Toronto want you gone. Continue reading

Rob Ford Has Trashed Political Decency and Dignity

We’re running out of labels. So far the Rob Ford mess has been called a circus, a gong show, the crazy train, a disgrace, undemocratic and the Gutterbowl. Whatever you call it, just when you thought it couldn’t get worse – it does.

In the space of three weeks, we have watched a man lie, confess, apologize, use cheap talk about his wife, apologize, threaten, apologize some more and turn Toronto City Council into an imitation of a meeting of the Taiwanese legislature which is famous for its fist fights.

I don’t know whatever happened to dignity or taking responsibility for your actions but it appears they left on the last train out of the Big Smoke.

For me it is nothing less than a disgrace and it appears that I am not alone. Continue reading