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The Bear – A New Force Of Nature

Yesterday, I had this comment posted under my piece about the conservative fear of Justin Trudeau.

“Take a good look at Mr. Trudeau’s body and how he takes care of it. Now look at Mr. Harper’s gut. Exactly what kind of message does that send to out? That svelte shiny pony is going to take the prize in 2015.”

It prompted quite a few other comments including this plaintiff plea from one of my regular readers:

“Please tell me that you aren’t old enough to vote! Please?”

Unfortunately he is and proudly announced that he was 47 and voting for Justin Trudeau – no doubt because Justin is svelte and the Prime Minister isn’t. In subsequent updates to his original statement, he went on to point out that there was a connection between ability and weight. Hmmmm.

I pointed out that I thought his theory needed a bit of a rethink, mentioning some of the lean and svelte folks that don’t fit his premise like Dalton McGuinty, former Premier of Ontario, who pretty much decimated the province’s economy, accumulated more debt than all previous premiers combined and who led what is now considered by many to be the most dishonest and corrupt government in the province’s history.

He didn’t reply specifically to that but did the usual fancy soft-shoe side-step so many have learned when the facts don’t fit their opinions or their bias and prejudice. Perhaps I should have used former New York Mayoralty candidate Anthony Wiener who is even more lean and svelte than Justin Trudeau. It didn’t, however, lead to a higher IQ or even a basic set of morals. Mr. Weiner’s wiener has been seen by almost as many people as Miley Cyrus’ tongue which causes me to wonder if Mr. Weiner and his wiener share the one IQ.

I didn’t get into any further with the original commenter. He’s one of those people who likes to prowl blogs like mine and toss out a provocative comment or two just to prove to himself that he’s relevant in the grander scheme of things and I had more important things on my mind.

I was dealing with the revelation that I am a person of influence; a veritable force of nature. I didn’t know this until I was told in no uncertain terms that I was on Thursday evening. It came about as a result of a post I put on my Facebook wall.

“I find it interesting that FB and Twitter were aflame yesterday with tweets and posts by conservatives about Justin Trudeau maybe faking his participation in the Army Race but I haven’t seen one tweet or post from a conservative remarking today on Dean Del Maestro being charged on four counts by Elections Canada. There’s no hypocrisy or double standard there.”

I wasn’t trying to rally the troops to form a lynch mob to go after Dean Del Maestro. In fact, I respect Mr. Del Maestro for doing the principled thing and immediately resigning from caucus until his situation is resolved. It is what politicians used to do back in the days when ‘honourable’ was a word that was more than just part of a meaningless partisan campaign slogan.

My point was that too many conservatives are very quick to seize even the slightest rumour about Justin Trudeau or some other political opponent and hammer the crap out of it but have a completely different standard – some might say a double standard – when it comes to one of our own.

Because I have never considered myself as a person of influence (or of interest to law enforcement either for that matter), it never occurred to me that my musing would attract much attention. But it did and some of the villagers came out in a hurry. In fact, no other comment I’ve made on Facebook drew as much comment including an accusation that I was being destructive to . . .

“the present Conservative government [which] is the last stand keeping us from total annihilation in a world where violence, terrorism, and the slaughter of innocent victims is becoming the norm.”

Phew! That’s serious stuff and took my breath away. Stupidly, I had believed that we were being protected by organizations like NATO which is a coalition of many countries both liberal and conservative but I am always grateful to learn something new every day from guys like this.

I was even more gratified to learn that I was a force of nature that along with a few others of my ilk  (good word that) I could bring my critical influence to bear and destroy the powerful Conservative Party that is the only thing protecting us from total annihilation threatened by a tiny little blog out on what Andrew Coyne calls the dark edges of the Internet.

That’s a heavy responsibility for any one blogger to shoulder but I don’t mind admitting that I was somewhat flattered. In fact, it was the first thing I blurted out when Maggie called from Newfoundland where she was attending a conference.

I was very excited to have been told I had that much power. She replied, “That very nice dear and I’m happy for you. Did you remember to feed the dog and take out the garbage?”

Oops! I told her I had so that she wouldn’t worry and immediately fed the dog and took out the garbage after we finished our call. Even veritable forces of nature have chores to do and wives to whom they report.

Since then, I’m learning to accept the heavy burden of influence and power I now carry. I gave serious consideration to ascending the top of the mountain from where I could wiggle my fingers at people and groups I might wish to destroy (relax; I would only wiggle my fingers. I’m not Anthony Weiner) but I was forced to give up that idea.  We don’t really have any mountains around here and I couldn’t really think of anyone at whom I might want to direct my awesome new power.

The fact is that I don’t influence too many people and I’m happy with that. My blog only generates slightly more than a million page views a year and I am grateful for all those folks who do support it. But in terms of the Internet with its more than a billion websites, my site is pretty small potatoes. A tiny little village where hopefully sanity and common sense prevail and we are free to defend conservative values (and values in general) rather than try to justify what is politically expedient.

That’s all this blog’s about and along with trying to be a decent husband, dad and an especially good grandfather – it’s pretty much all I’m about and trying to achieve. I don’t care who people vote for or if they agree with me or not. I believe we were given two ears but only one mouth because we learn twice as much from listening to each other as we do from talking at each other. All I ask is that the people I interact with think, apply consistent principles to issues and when we disagree that they maintain a sense of humour and some civility.

It they can’t do that; I may be forced to wiggle more than just my fingers at them.



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  • Open2Debate

    My word it does appear marijuana causes schizophrenia if you are running the CPC….

    Tories Say Trudeau Pushing Pot At Kids, Then Launch Medical Marijuana Free Market


  • Open2Debate

    You still didn’t answer my question “Mr. Harper’s gut. Exactly what kind of message does that send to out?” Especially to our precious vulnerable children, the same impressionable young minds that we must keep the devil’s lettuce away from and yet the CPC saw an opportunity to GROW the economy by 1.3 Billion this week! Tories are a funny breed unshakeable morals, which of course are for sale to the highest bidder.

    • MaggiesBear

      I don’t know which more stupid. These ridiculous comments you post or the fact that you don’t realize just how stupid they are.

      • Open2Debate


        $hame on you all

    • Rose215

      Tells me Harper does not have as much time as Justin for working out.

  • oldwhiteguy

    it is nice to see that you have become as powerful a force in the universe as I have. heh. all the best.

    • MaggiesBear

      It’s a huge responsibility you and I carry.

      • Open2Debate

        Then how can you vote for the monster you critique?

  • Randy

    Congrats on having such influence and still remaining humble.
    The problem with some conservatives is they mistake criticism of their actions
    as opposition, when it is meant as a reminder of what they used to stand for.
    The problem with some progressives, as judging from some of the replies below,
    is they are opposed to anyone who does not share their view. And instead
    of articulating their point, they belittle their opponents, much like the
    Conservatives are doing to Trudeau. If you find the comments below distasteful,
    that is how some conservative pundits sound as well.
    If only we could send all of them away, from all sides, and have an actual
    discussion from both sides of the table. Until then, we can continue to read
    blogs such as this, enjoy the content and not listen to someone else’s diatribe.

    • MaggiesBear

      I don’t have much trouble remaining humble. My family keeps reminding me that I have much to be humble about. The first time my sisters told me that, I mistook it for a compliment and said, “thanks’.

      You’re point is well taken. It’s bizarre that many conservatives don’t see the same blind adoration of Stephen Harper that they accuse of Liberals having for Justin Trudeau.. We are conservatives with strong values and principles. If we’re prepared to allow those we support to ignore them then we are no better than those we oppose. Personally, I’m not interested in defending a person, I’m interested in defending conservative values and principles. I only wish more of my ultra conservative friends did the same.

      • Open2Debate

        “We are conservatives with strong values and principles.” and yet you allow dear leader Harper to operate outside of those values and principles.

        WHAT A SHAM you supporters are.

        • MaggiesBear

          So you’re illiterate as well as simple-minded. The fact is that these posts have been criticizing Stephen Harper and the Conservative Government but perhaps I used words that were too big for you. If it will help you, I will rewrite the post in crayon using smaller words for you..

          • Open2Debate

            …and yet you will vote for dear leader again and again…

            WHAT A SHAM you supporters are.

            TO use a conservative expletive SHAME on you SHAME on you all.

  • brad maynard

    I did disagree with you re the hammering of Trudeau. It was the same hammering dion and iffy took and it worked. In the case of iffy, the criticism turned out to be true according to his own biography. But when it does come to the current conservative govt, they do need to be kept on their toes and calling them out when they screw up is the only way to do that.

    • MaggiesBear

      Neither Mr. Dion nor Michael Ignatieff were as popular as Justin Trudeau. It’s one thing to attack someone that doesn’t have the confidence of the majority. It’s something else entirely to attack someone the majority like. In the case of Justin Trudeau, the Conservatives are making him more credible than he deserves. They haven’t found a single issue to hang on him like they did with the ‘he didn’t come back for you’ strategy they used against Michael Ignatieff. Instead, they are all over the map reacting – in many cases over-reacting – to everything he says or does.

      They made themselves look like fools when members of the Prime Ministers own office pretended to be students and went and protested one of Justin Trudeau’s press conference. That kind of thing doesn’t sit well with most people and it undermines the CPC brand as being professional and responsible.

      The proof of a pudding is in the eating. They’ve been hammering Justin Trudeau ever since he got elected leader and all it has done is increase his profile and his popularity at the expense of their own. It’s not a winning strategy.

      • brad maynard

        i think time will tell maggie. in the meantime, keep up the good posts. i enjoy reading them.

        • MaggiesBear

          It’s just an opinion and I’ve been wrong before but the polls seem to indicate that the old attack strategy isn’t working this time.

    • Consarecommies

      AH HA HA !! That is too funny.

      ” It was the same hammering dion and iffy took and it worked. In the case of iffy, the criticism turned out to be true according to his own biography.”

      The CONServative whack jobs said IGGY was ONLY here for power ( using lies from the CON’s own web sites instead of facts) but he is still here!

      Same technique you use in a pathetic attempt hold back the tidal wave of climate science. All your denier scientists are jumping ship now that it has been shown that they lost all the debates.

      Ya the republican CRAPPOLA works but only to screw everything up with election fraud and does nothing for the country.

      So far the only thing you and the CONS have done is import the worst the US of EH have to offer.

      Now I see why you get so much wrong. You’re the Monty Python of science and politics!!

      “- A witch! A witch! A witch! We found a witch! We’ve got a witch! A witch! A witch! We have found a witch. May we burn her?

      – How do you know she is a witch
      – She looks like one.

      – And what do you burn, apart from witches?
      – More witches! – Wood!
      – So why do witches burn?
      – ‘Cause they’re made of wood? – Good!

      – Does wood sink in water?
      – No, it floats. – Throw her into the pond!
      – What also floats in water?
      – Bread. – Apples.
      – Very small rocks. – Cider! Great gravy.
      – Cherries. Mud. – Churches.
      – Lead. – A duck!
      – Exactly.
      – So, logically–
      – If she weighs the same as a duck…
      – she’s made of wood.

      – A duck! A duck! – Here’s a duck.
      – We shaIl use my largest scales.
      – Burn the witch !
      – Remove the supports!
      – A witch!
      – It’s a fair cop.
      – Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of science?
      – I am Bradly, king of the CONs.”

      • brad maynard

        what a waste of ones time. that post of yours was befitting more a neanderthal than a thinking human being. worse still, i wasted time reading it.

        • Consarecommies

          “befitting more a neanderthal than a thinking human being” LOL

          They are the same thing! I bet you say “nee-and-er-TH-all” LOL

          Still spinning your wheels looking for a short cut through the barrier?

          This is the problem with people that “think” they can “think” because some right wing poser told them they could “if only they would read my book” .


          Such a scaredy cat that you use an insult erroneously, like a blunt excrement, in the debate.

          Guess “the shiny pony” is scaring all the CONs so much that they “seduce the K9”, in Ottawa, on a regular basis.

          • brad maynard

            (Sigh) sleep now little troll. Your bridge is safe tonight.

            • MaggiesBear

              I left his comments up for two reasons. First because clearly you can handle yourself in a debate and secondly because he is an excellent reminder that while there is much to criticize in the conservative ranks these days, it’s still miles ahead of the adolescent thinking of some progressives.

              They’re so insecure in their lack of real knowledge that they can’t argue civilly on the facts, they immediately have to resort to personal attacks to shore up their weak-minded opinions; It’s guys like this that are a constant reminder that arrogance is a poor substitute for ability.

              Soldier on Brad.

              • brad maynard

                thanks maggie. ive taken far worse shots from far better people thats for sure. not going to waste my time with such a miserable “pahtak” as that.
                have a good night and remember to take out the garbage. :)

      • Jane

        It must be so very painful inside that messed up head of yours. Quit punishing yourself fella.

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  • CanadaGoose1

    To get back to the original story, what is it with progressives and people who are overweight? Every other group seems to get a pass, but they can’t stand people who aren’t ‘fit’.

    • MaggiesBear

      Actually, they don’t like people who don’t think the way they do. Libby Davis of the NDP and Ontario Liberal Cabinet Minister Deb Mathews are both seriously overweight. Ms Davis is actually obese but nonetheless, the two ladies have been collaborating on anti-obesity strategies including salt reduction . . . for other people of course. I believe that progressives tend to get an idea in their heads and then seek to impose controls on those outside of their circle who don’t fit the idea. In that way, they are somewhat like some conservatives. They have a do as I say not as I do attitude. I think we would all be better off if progressives took the time to look up the actual definition of the word progressive and then started to act accordingly.

  • kerryforrest

    Two Ears, One Mouth and Ten Fingers! Nice looking forward to seeing those ten fingers wag some more!

    • MaggiesBear

      Be thankful it’s all I wiggle.