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Guest Contributor Sue Ferguson Ross On The Circus Surrounding The Impending Royal Birth

It’s a big week for royal watchers. Three applicants for Canadian citizenship have gone to court in an attempt to have the allegiance to the Queen removed from the citizenship oath but the even bigger story is that Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge are about to become parents.

That’s not news, pretty much the entire world knows that the royal womb was inseminated nine months ago by the royal scepter and a royal offspring will pop out any moment now. The media are in countdown mode. London bookmakers are taking bets on everything from date and time to weight, names and the date in the future when the royal offsrping gets caught drinking under age. The excitement is palpable and people around the globe are waiting breathlessly, snapping up cheap and tacky looking memorabilia to commemorate the big event.

There hasn’t been this much excitement since the anticipation over what Kate Middleton’s wedding gown would look like. 

One commentator went so far as to suggest that there was every possibility that Kate’s delivery might change how women have babies.

Guest commentator Sue Ferguson Ross thinks that enough is enough.

prince-william-kate-middleton-catherine-royal-baby-birthRant ahead – read at your own peril.

I am sick and tired of all of the talk and hype over the impending birth of the Royal Baby. It’s become so over-the-top you’d think nobody, including celebrities, and even royalty, had ever given birth before.

Before we get into this, let’s clarify a couple of things.

I like William and Kate, I think they are a lovely couple, and I do wish them all the best. I also love babies – all babies.

Usually when a friend has a baby, I am often one of the first to see the new arrival at the hospital or at home with gift in hand. In some cases I have posted welcome home signs on the front doors of friends’ houses, complete with balloons.

I have attended and hosted more baby showers than I can remember and enjoyed every one of them but at a certain point, the anticipation of the royal birth crosses from sharing the joy of a new baby to mania.

My issue is not with William and Kate. My issue is with the media, and too many others who so completely lose their perspective that they turn a joyful event into a circus of betting, cheap souvenirs and an endless stream of mundane and innocuous detail that borders on inane drivel.

I don’t care what the sex of the baby will be as long as it will be healthy. I don’t care if it will be named James or Alexandra, both currently in first by the way.

I don’t care what colour eyes or hair it will have either.

I don’t care that the stroller he or she will ride around in will be $1,000.00 minimum, and I think people who are rushing out to buy them are idiots.

I don’t give a rat’s ass about the colour of the nursery either or who designed it.

I think by far one of the most ridiculous comments I heard was earlier this week when a member of the media indicated that the way Kate gives birth will shape the way women give birth in the future.

For those of you unfamiliar with the way it works, there are two ways to give birth, (the stork no longer delivers)

The baby can be delivered via C-Section which is a surgical procedure that takes the baby through an incision in the lower stomach or comes out more traditionally using the same route it got in – through a womans vagina. That’s it! There is no other way to give birth and no matter how The Duchess of Cambridge delivers an heir to the throne, she isn’t going to change that.

There are various options attached to both, but in the end that is where babies come from folks which means that no matter what Kate does, it isn’t going to have much of an effect on how women give birth. We have, after all, been doing this for more than a couple of millennia.

I get that it is a Royal Baby, and everyone is excited, well everyone but me, but most babies are royalty to the family they are born into and that is the way it should be.

I’m happy for Prince William and Kate but quite frankly I’m tired of all the hoopla that is surrounding what all of us have gone through at least once in our lives.

Sue is a Canadian who gave up a career as an insurance broker to become a full-time mom. By her own definition she is a fanatic about politics and current events and is a Big C conservative who is a staunch and vocal supporter of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.


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