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A World Full Of Smart Phones and Stupid People

Have you ever felt the craving for an informed discussion on anything – I mean anything at all? Christ in Heaven, it’s got to the point these days that it is virtually impossible to discuss something intelligently let alone with a bit of good humour and some common civility.

Take the piece I wrote yesterday about global warming. You would think that all those concerned with global warming would be thrilled to learn that it is, in fact, not happening. They aren’t; they’re annoyed that anyone, including scientists would actually undermine what they ‘choose’ to believe.

It’s pretty much established that for most of the past two decades while global warming alarmists have been jetting to conferences around the world and clueless celebrities have been chaining themselves to fences, there has been no measurable change in the earth’s climate. Despite this, the extreme edge of the global warming crowd have been turning themselves inside out demanding the government do something. What unmitigated arrogance. Climate change is older than humanity and will continue long after we’re gone. The thought that we are the cause of it and can do something to stop it is the height of  self-obsession.

After taking exception to what I wrote about yesterday one person who was unable to argue the facts decided to throw unregulated coal plants into the argument in order to try and shore up his opinion – or is it faith? It’s hard to tell these days because for many climate change  is more religion than anything else; a vague attempt to fill the spiritual void in their lives.

There was nothing in the  article to suggest that there should be no environmental protection; in fact I pointed out that I support protecting our environment. I just don’t support uniformed stupidity.

One person, a somewhat regular critic tried to dismiss the facts presented in my post and combine his opinion with an unrelated issue regarding the control political parties exert over their members in Parliament. Currently all political parties, with the NDP actually being the worst offenders, decide which of their members will be permitted to speak and which won’t. This is the comment that was left.

“The sad truth is how your grandchildren’s grandchildren will look back at you reading your tripe. On a happy note Justine Trudeau freed the backbench con slaves allowing them to quote the bible more often in the house.”

While I admit that it is somewhat flattering to have someone tell you that your words will last for generations, it is just one more example of an attempt to prove superiority without bothering to get informed. Justin Trudeau hasn’t saved anyone from anything. His motion regarding MPs comes before the House today. It was a Conservative MP who requested a ruling from the Speaker of the House and it was the Speaker who yesterday ruled that all MPs have the right to be recognized regardless of whatever list the party whips have provided to him. Justin Trudeau is a day late and a dollar short on the issue but that hasn’t stopped this person from believing that it Justin Trudeau who saved the day.

We see it this lack of thought all the time in the environmental movement.

They condemned the government for cancelling the Kyoto Accord, a document signed by the Liberals in the 90s but never implemented by them. Why? It was too expensive and did nothing to get the world’s major polluters to reduce their emissions. I support regulating polluters. I don’t support pointless agreements that are more about penalizing small polluters to the benefit of the major ones.

It’s like cap and trade. It hasn’t worked in Europe and serves only to provide major polluters a way to buy credits  to continue polluting. It has created a market for buying and selling emission credits which is open to corruption as the Europeans have now discovered. I would prefer sound regulation rather than more absurd taxation, convoluted schemes and feel-good measures.

People just don’t think anymore. They embrace causes and primarily on tidbits of information they see on social media or headlines in the news. They only accept that information that confirms their existing bias and are closed to new information and fact. It’s based on emotion and feeling rather than fact and analysis and the phrase I hate hearing more than any other used to start a sentence is, “I feel that…”

Feeling something is no substitute for knowing something and putting feelings ahead of getting informed and thinking is the primary reason why we accomplish so little these days.

Consider the response of many on Twitter to the revelation that the Boston Marathon bombers were Chechens. Immediately people voiced their anger at – well, you’ll see. . .

“I’m tired of this terrorist bull[bleep] [bleep]ing w our country. [Bleep] it, just nuke Czechoslovakia.”

“I can’t believe that pair in the Boston bombing was NOT towel-heads!!! They are Cechoslovakian! Damn!! [Bleep] Czechoslovakia.”

“Okay, the two Boston bombers were brothers and they are reporting then to be Czechoslovakian. The town of West, TX is full of Czechoslovakian immigrants. The connection slapped me in the face as soon as I heard it but I haven’t heard a hint of it in the news. Could it be a coinky-dinky?”

There were countless more but you get the picture.

Just in case some of you were educated in a Canadian school system which seems to place a low priority on geography these days, let me clarify. Chechens come from the Republic of Chechen which is is part of Russia. It is located in the Caucasus Mountains within 100 kilometers of the Caspian Sea. The Czech Republic is an independent state 2000 kms to the west. Czechs come from the Czech Republic – not Chechens.

The Chechen Republic is predominantly Muslim and has had at least two violent clashes with Russia. The Czech Republic was part of the former nation of Czechoslovakia and is a member of both NATO and the European Union. They are allies, not enemies.

It got so bad that even Wikipedia put a disclaimer at the top of their overview of the Chechen Republic to differentiate it from the Czech Republic. Despite that and the fact that the Embassy of the Czech Republic felt it necessary to release a statement of clarification, there is no question that there are still many who will go to their graves believing that the Boston bombing was carried out by former Czech citizens.

It made me laugh to hear so many try to suggest that it was only right-wing extremists who were confused about Chechens and Czechs. It wasn’t. It was primarily idiots.

You can’t talk to people like this. They refuse to get informed and even when confronted with the truth, they are so lost in their opinions that the truth is no longer relevant. They are like the guy who shifted the conversation from global warming to deregulated coal plants (which, by the way, haven’t existed in Canada for decades) in an attempt to continue to justify whatever it is they believe.

We can’t talk about abortion because pro-abortionists see any discussion as a threat. They attack any who want to have a rational discussion on guidelines or even when life begins as being in favour of having women creep around back alleys to see quacks. It’s so bizarre now that they remain silent on the Gosnell horror show which, if the charges are true, would give back-alley quacks a bad name.

Yesterday, to try and legitimize their silence on reporting the Gosnell preliminary trial, the liberal media announced loudly that the accused had been ‘acquitted’ on three charges. He wasn’t. Three of the eight murder charges against him were dismissed by the judge for lack of evidence. The good doctor still faces five murder and a variety of other charges.

Radical feminists have boxed themselves into the absurd position of defending all abortion even though in some cases it is now being used as a gender-selection tool to abort female fetuses and how that advances equality for women absolutely eludes me. Because they refuse to discuss it, in some jurisdictions women are charged with a crime for a late-term abortion and we have the bizarre contradiction of some people being charged with murder if they cause the death of an unborn child while others walk away free. What kind of morality or even common sense is that?

And that’s the point.

To defend an opinion rather than being open to evolving information, analytical thought and frank discussion, the very suffering that extreme pro-abortionists were trying to prevent, they end up enabling.

It’s the kind of absence of rational thought that legitimizes safe-injection sites for heroin and crack users without regard for the destruction it does to the addict or the support it provides to drug dealers and crime, opposes cigarette smoking while at the same time attempting to have smoking marijuana legalized and which believes that terrorism can be overcome simply by understanding the root causes of the average terrorist’s angst.

This week, for example, the Conservative government has come under attack for possibly capitalizing on the terrorist attack in Boston by arresting two terrorist suspects here in Canada with the intent of gaining support for their anti-terrorism legislation. Once again, people just don’t bother to get informed.

The simple fact is that the RCMP actually wanted to arrest both suspects weeks ago but held off at the request of the FBI in the United States who had been working with the RCMP on a joint investigation. Further, the anti-terrorist legislation needs no extra push. It was introduced months ago, has passed second reading in the House and has passed in the Senate. It is in third and final reading and  has the support of both the Conservatives and the Liberals.

God save us from this complete unwillingness to get informed. It has accomplished nothing but breed contempt, conspiracy theories, intolerance and manipulation of the truth.

Quite frankly, I get tired of the anger, the lack of effort to get informed and most of all the sheer stupidity I see every day. It isn’t serving us very well and I’m tired of seeing the same inane and vacuous stupidities being repeated over and over and over despite the fact they have been proven to be wrong time and again.

It’s as if we no longer have the ability to learn anything.

It reminds me of an old cliché, “don’t bore me with facts, my mind’s made up.” That was never truer than it is these days.

Just once, I’d like to have a day where the bulk of the discussion and debate on issues was reasoned, rational and fact-based. It isn’t important that we agree on everything only that we can discuss it civilly and who knows, perhaps learn from each other. It shouldn’t be too much to ask, after all we were given brains for a reason although judging from most of what I see online every day you’d have to wonder what the reason was.

As Maggie put it so succinctly not so long ago, “We live in a world  full of stupid people with smart phones.”

Ain’t it the truth!


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  • Dean Zehner

    Completely agree with your conclusions. The problem is, People are stupid. And politicians and special interests groups like the Global warming crowd know this. That is why they overload the MSM with their guff and the unthinking masses eat it up, without once employing common sense or to bother to fact check. And is it me, or is the over use of University professors as expert on just about everything, one reason for a biased, often inaccurate view on things (go figure). I hear it all the time. University prof. of climate change commenting on economics. Really? Or Lawyers commenting on the Oil and Gas industry. You don’t say? Hey, how about getting actual economists and Oil and Gas professionals or engineers, who actual work and earn a living in those industries to discuss the “facts”? That only makes common sense. And what about media who purposely suppress or twist stories to misrepresent fact in order to create a bias narrative, and in the process feed the flames of ignorance. These folks you are talking about are getting their info from these types of sources. How else could people be so ill-informed? Aside from the “stupid” factor. Good post.

    • MaggiesBear

      It’s funny who people choose to believe these days. I’m still scratching my head over all those people who still believe that Theresa Spence was anything other than one cheap fraud.Thanks for your support, I appreciate it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dave.westman.58 Dave Westman

    As usual, you have hit the nail on the head. It appears to me that the smarter a person’s phone is the less chance you have of a meaningful conversation. Love your posts, keep up the good work.

    • MaggiesBear

      Thank you for your support, I appreciate it.