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“Stephen Harper Is Ruining Canada”

imagesVirtually every day, I see some message or other on social media that declares Stephen Harper is ruining Canada. I never challenge the assertion being made but sometimes the depth of the anger makes me curious and I message back and ask how he is doing whatever it is they’ve declared. I don’t usually get a response.

Virtually every government, regardless of political affiliation makes mistakes and does stupid, sometimes unethical things by making decisions that have more to do with politics and benefit to the party than the country but for some reason a significant number of Canadians have concluded that it is Stephen Harper – and only Stephen Harper – who is responsible for the nature of politics and what it is doing to our system of government.

The accusations are fairly consistent.

Stephen Harper is a control freak and rules his caucus and his party with an iron fist. In fact, of the main parties in Parliament, it is the Harper Conservatives who have the best record when it comes to allowing party members to vote their conscience. The New Democratic Party has never allowed a free vote in this Parliament and the NDP have voted 100% of the time as a single block. The Liberals aren’t much better having whipped their vote 90% of the time. The Conservatives have allowed a free vote 25% of the time in direct contrast to the record of the other two parties.

He is accused of masterminding illegal Robocalls but the only parties charged with violations in the 2010 election are progressives. A Liberal has been charged with fraudulent robocalls by Elections Canada and the NDP with violating campaign funding regulations.

Stephen Harper is undermining democracy by proroguing Parliament and with omnibus bills. I don’t like prorogation anymore than anyone else but the Harper government wasn’t the first nor will it be the last federal or provincial government to prorogue the legislature. As for omnibus bills both Liberal and Conservative governments have introduced them, including the Chretien Liberal government but it seems it is only a problem with progressives when it is Stephen Harper’s government that introduces them.

Stephen Harper’s government certainly has its share of things for which it should be criticized including misuse of expense accounts by Cabinet Ministers like Bev Oda and it appears by some conservative Senators.  But that is hardly unique to the Harper Government either and we all know that is true.

The Prime Minister has been accused of being mean-spirited and vicious when it comes to his political opponents and that is true at times but I remember the same kind of negative attack ads being used by the Liberals dating all the way back to Pierre Trudeau’s attack campaign against Joe Clark.

Recently, Stephen Harper was criticized for making more appointments to the Senate. Does anyone remember John Turner taking a serious hit from Brian Mulroney in an election debate after Pierre Trudeau’s orgy of Senate and Crown Corporation appointments? Mr. Turner who briefly replaced Mr. Trudeau as Prime Minister defended his confirmation of the Trudeau appointments with the statement, “I had no choice, which resulted in Brian Mulroney’s famous retort, “You had a choice sir. You could have stood up for Canada and said no!”

Mr. Turner lost that election as the Mulroney Conservatives swept to power with an overwhelming majority.

Still, there is so much anger directed at Stephen Harper and his government I decided that I might have missed something and decided to stop what I have been working on and go back and do a little more research of my own. I wanted to see if there was some truth to the assertion that it is Stephen Harper and not politics in general that is undermining our country and our democracy.

Prior to 2006, Canada was governed by the Liberal Party of Canada for 13 years; 11 of which were under Prime Minister Jean Chretien and 2 under the minority government of Paul Martin.

Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, British Columbia and New Brunswick, Manitoba and Saskatchewan were all governed primarily by either Liberal or NDP governments during the same approximate period.

Three provinces in Canada account for almost 3/4 of the national population. In 2012, Quebec had a population of 8 million people; Ontario’s population was 13.5 million and the population of British Columbia was 4.2 million. This represents 73.8% of Canada’s total population. Clearly if there is going to be a change in the nature of Canada, these three provinces and how they’re governed will play a key role as much as that of the federal government.

All three provinces have benefited from long-term progressive government, so I decided to take a look at what they accomplished, along with the previous federal Liberals in contrast to what Stephen Harper has done.

images (1)

Protests in Quebec over corruption and tuition fee ncreases

Quebec was governed by the Charest Liberals for nine years and has now elected an even more extreme progressive government in the Partie Quebecois. Under successive progressive Liberal and PQ governments in that province, minority language rights have been stripped away including the rights of those whose mother tongue is English – Canada’s other official language. Currently the PQ are trying to reduce even further minority language rights with Bill 14 which also includes new restrictions on the schools attended by the children of members of the Canadian military temporarily stationed in the province.

Federal funding has been diverted from things like infrastructure maintenance to pay for things like $7/day daycare and the lowest post-secondary tuition in the country. The result? Infrastructure is crumbling in Quebec, students protest and riot over every reasonable increase in their heavily subsidized tuition. Fewer young people attend post-secondary school in Quebec than anywhere else in the country and it has the highest drop-out rate.

Currently, The Charbonneau Commission is conducting an enquiry into corruption in the construction industry in connection to Quebec politics at both the municipal and provincial level. Already, three mayors have resigned and the police have raided the City of Montreal offices to gather additional evidence. In the words of Premier Pauline Marois:

“We don’t know what proportion of public funds is regularly lost to collusion and corruption. Is it 25 per cent? 30 per cent? We do know that a portion of these public funds are feeding organized crime.”

In other words, the province suffers from a high degree of intolerance, corruption and unrealistic expectations that are undermining both its security and its prosperity.

In Ontario, the Liberals are now in their tenth year in government. Dalton McGuinty was premier for nine years and led his governing Liberals to three successive election victories. He has recently been replaced by Kathleen Wynne following his sudden retirement.

Railway bridge burned by aboriginal protesters in Caledonia where Premier McGuinty refused to protect homeowners from protesters.

Railway bridge burned by aboriginal protesters in Caledonia where Premier McGuinty refused to protect homeowners from protesters.

During that period, Ontario plummeted from being the economic engine of Canada to being a have-not province that receives federal transfer payments (intergovernmental welfare). Its credit rating has been downgraded twice, the provincial debt has more than doubled and students in elementary and secondary school have been deprived of extra-curricular activities thanks to a heavy-handed and clumsy approach to teachers’ contracts caused by the Liberal government.

Thanks to the Liberal Green Energy Act, the province is now contracted to purchase energy from wind farms and solar energy providers at eight times the cost of power generated from others sources during a period when the province actually has a surplus of power. This surplus power is now being sold to other jurisdictions at a loss and in some cases; other jurisdictions are paid to take the energy off the province’s hands at Ontario taxpayer expense.

A number of services originally available under Ontario’s health care plan were delisted and a new health surtax was introduced and charged to both individuals and businesses. This was the result of the federal Liberal goverment’s cut to health care transfers and poor plannning by the provincial Liberal government of Dalton McGunity.

In terms of education, funds were cut from secondary school computer programs and school boards across the country while $1.5 billion was spent on early full-day kindergarten which is simply another name for free daycare.

Infrastructure in Toronto, the province’s largest city, is crumbling; billions were squandered at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission, on eHealth initiatives and the cancellation of two gas-fired power plants. There are allegations of political interference in the decision to close the plants, as well as, a committee investigating corruption in the management of Ornge Air Ambulance under the Liberal government.

In September 2012, Premier McGuinty prorogued the legislature indefinitely to allow his party to run a leadership campaign to replace him and to avoid ongoing investigations into the Ornge scandal and gas plant cancellation decision that has cost taxpayers between $200 million and $1 billion.

Dalton McGuinty said once, “My challenge is to convince Ontarians that the old world is not coming back.” He’s right. The damage he and his Liberal government have done is so extensive that the province will not fully recover in my lifetime or that of my children or my grandchildren.

In British Columbia, the Liberals have governed for thirteen years; first under Premier Gordon Campbell who was forced to resign after over the province’s wide-spread opposition to the harmonization of the provincial sales tax with the federal GST which greatly increased the tax burden on individuals.

He was replaced by the hapless Christie Clark.

Premier Clark is the premier who tried to extort more royalties from Alberta’s oil sands by threatening to block the Northern Gateway pipeline through her province. Her government’s much vaunted jobs program has been revealed to be less a failure than a disaster having actually generated negative job growth in the province and she is now facing a scandal over a strategy to woo ethnic voters using taxpayer money that was developed in her office by her deputy chief of staff. Her disdain for government and the people’s house was evidenced by this statement.

“When the House rises at the end of [May], you’re never going to find me in Victoria,” she said. “I’m going to be travelling the province for the next year.

“I try never to go over there. Because it’s sick. It’s a sick culture. All they can think about is government and there are no real people in Victoria, and you get captured by this inside-the-beltway debate, and it’s really unhealthy.” – Premier Christy Clark

Ms Clark was referring to the B.C. Legislature which sits in Victoria, the province’s capital city. She kept her word by not bothering to recall the legislature for ten months after the summer recess in 2012. It takes the idea behind prorogation and disdain for democracy to an entirely new level.

Federally, the Liberal Party of Canada governed for thirteen years prior to the election of a minority conservative government in 2006. During that period, health care transfers to the provinces were slashed, the purchase of new navy helicopters was canceled at a cost of $500 million and the lives of at least two pilots. A new order for helicopters was placed but still haven’t been delivered and more than a billion dollars was squandered at Human Resources and Development Canada.

The incoming Liberals led by Jean Chretien had run on a platform of eliminating the Goods and Services Tax which it promptly reversed once it was elected. A Gun Registry was introduced which was budgeted to cost $200 million but which eventually ended up costing $2 billion to accomplish nothing.

There were allegations of providing undue influence on the Federal Business Development Bank to obtain a loan for a golf club owner in Prime Minister Chretien’s home riding and of favouritism in the awarding of contracts to Bombardier, a Quebec-based company.

The federal Liberals spent billions on official bilingualism but refused to guarantee equal rights for English-speaking Quebecers.

And then there was AdScam, Canada’s Watergate, wherein the Liberal Party of Canada actually stole money from the government. To date, there is still an outstanding $1.3 million owed to taxpayers by the party. As a result of Adscam, millions were spent on a Judicial Inquiry and various Liberal bagmen ended up in prison. It seems that most, if not all, of the recent inquiries into corruption and malfeasance have resulted from progressive government activities.

A Liberal senator was convicted of fraud in 2012 and subsequently sentenced to prison and a former Liberal Cabinet minister, now Mayor of London, stands charged with fraud dating back to his term as a cabinet minister.

During their term in office, the Liberals balanced the books by off-loading government program spending to the provinces which

Unfortunately Prime Minister Chretien didn't feel the same way about defending both official languages in his home province of Quebec.

Unfortunately Prime Minister Chretien didn’t feel the same way about defending both official languages in his home province of Quebec.

severely reduced provincial ability to deliver those programs and increased taxes including expanding what was covered by the same GST they promised to eliminate.

They signed the Kyoto Accord to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but never did anything beyond signing the accord. During their term in office, greenhouse gas emissions rose in Canada. While progressives like to think they’re the environmental guardians, the Sierra Club recognized former Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, in 2010, as being the ‘greenest’ prime minister in Canadian history.

In other words, my friends, Canada hasn’t fared all that well under progressive governments. Debt and taxes have increased, services have been reduced, the environment was not protected and the rights of minorities were ignored. There have been corruption and scandals in every Liberal government in Canada at both the federal and provincial level; our electoral systems have been manipulated and our democracies treated as little more than a game.

I agree with former Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien who said:

“A proof is a proof. What kind of a proof? It’s a proof. A proof is a proof. And when you have a good proof, it’s because it’s proven.”

Successive progressive governments have proven themselves by repeatedly breaking our trust after elections and over-regulating and over-taxing this country to a point where the average Canadian now pays approximately 50% of their income in taxes to all levels of government. I would submit that the problems that we face today, and which are being dealt with by conservative governments, were not caused by those same conservative governments but are rather what they inherited from extended mismanagement of the progressive governments before them.

Stephen Harper has lowered taxes, apologized on behalf of Canada for the residential school disgrace, successfully passed a motion in the House recognizing Quebec as a nation within a nation and has the best economic track record of all of the G20 countries. This country is moving to balance budgets faster than all others.

In a world where there is rising unemployment, Canada’s unemployment rate while not great, remains stable. His government has rationalized immigration policy, amended and strengthened the criminal code and improved border security that under the Liberal government saw 30% of Canada’s border crossing unmanned between midnight and 6:00 am.

He scrapped the hypocrisy of the Kyoto Accord which the Liberals never funded or implemented and replaced it with tough new regulation in the Environmental Protection Act passed in 2007 and he has not only replaced the health care provincial funding transfers the Liberals slashed, he has provided guaranteed annual increases in that funding to 2020 to allow provinces better planning opportunities.

He has also treated with more respect than his progressive counterparts, the constitutional division of powers and authorities between the provinces and the federal government. He is moving to an elected Senate with a request before the Supreme Court of Canada to rule on the government’s ability to implement that without the need for a constitutional amendment.

Like all political parties and government, the Harper Conservatives have made their share of mistakes and skated close to the edge of ethical behaviour at times but because I don’t see it still after doing my own research; would somebody explain to me again how it is the Harper Conservative, not progressive parties and their politics, that is ruining Canada?


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  • Sublime

    Selling Canada’s environment and future to pay for our past governments debts now may look like he is improving things . But when we have to buy drinking water at $500 a glass because he sold the rights to our resources you will re-think things. But at that point it will be too late and only the elite will survive on the slave labour of third world countries. Maybe you should look at the future and not the just the present like the government does and you will see why he is so bad especially at this point in time with our knowledge of the environment and social media passing along the news. MONEY does not equal success. I would rather live in a third world country with good rights then one that sells its resources for profit. It is time to start over with governing our country. The current system is broken and does not represent the people, just the corporate interest.

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      My thoughts about Stephen Harper have changed somewhat in recent months as you will note if you choose to some of my more recent posts.

  • Annoyed


    Try reading this and researching some of the points without just looking to confirm and reinforce what you already believe. Harper may not have ‘ruined’ Canada in the strictest sense of the word but he is doing his best to turn it into a mini version of the US, which to many people does ruin what Canada is. Harper is out to make as much money as possible and to take away as many freedoms as possible. Also, what other governments have done in the past should not be compared to what Harper is currently doing, just because they made mistakes or were wrong still does not make Harper good or right. In regards to the attack ads, I would challenge you to youtube current Conservative ads as well as current Liberal ads and make some comparisons. The vast majority of the name calling has been by the conservatives and only serves to dilute real political conversation/debate and to take attention off of the conservative’s policies, which really speaks volumes about them. If they aren’t even confident enough in their own policies/goals to try to gain votes with those and instead must resort to shamelessly bashing other leaders, that in itself should be a warning sign that encourages voters to look elsewhere come next election.

    • MaggiesBear

      Your knowledge of the history of attack ads in this country is weak.

  • Candace

    You truly write some pretty awesome posts!

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      Thank you for taking the time to read what I write and for the kind words. I appreciate both.

  • Stan

    “Stephen Harper is an evil dictator, let’s give him all our guns…”

    You can tell he’s a dictator because of the way he quit jailing farmers for selling their own wheat and quit jailing people for not filling out census forms.

  • http://www.dotcomsecretsxx.info dotcomsecrets

    Hi there, I read your blogs on a regular basis. Your humoristic style is witty, keep it up!

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      Thank you for your support. I appreciate it.

  • monkey

    I should note the BC Liberals are a centre-right not centre-left. In 2009, it was Gordon Campbell not Christy Clark who was re-elected and he was generally centre-right in his policies. I totally supported his government, but claiming it was progressive in terms of being left leaning is totally false. Even Quebec is questionable under Charest as he was a former PC leader and he was about as conservative as one could be in Quebec (which is still slightly left of centre) so I think his left leaning policies had more to do with you have to be left wing to win in Quebec.

    As for hatred for Harper, another common one is he is in the pockets of big corporations or he is transferring wealth from the poor to the rich. What you need to ask is name one policy that was extreme. The problem is that cannot name it. That is probably why they have been unable to remove him from power. If they focused on why they disagreed with his policies (what he has actually done) and why theirs worked better, they might have had more success as one having policies that one doesn’t like doesn’t make them an extremist, they just have different views. I fundamentally disagree with the NDP’s philosophy but I wouldn’t call them extremists.

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      I live in Quebec and the Liberal govt. is as progressive as other Liberal governments. It’s been all about the handouts and entitlements with them. As for whether Campbell was centre-right or centre-left; it’s a moot point. There is a Conservative Party in BC as you and I both know. I completely disagree with your final point. If you strip away the rhetoric and remove the ideology, quite frequently what progressives say they want is actually what Harper is doing. They just don’t like the way he’s doing it and they don’t like the fact that they didn’t. If anything, Harper is usurper in the minds of many progressives who think they have a divine right to govern and to engineer society. Get ready for new regulations on junk food and all out assault on the overweight in our society.

      • monkey

        As for the Quebec Liberals, I agree they are left leaning by Canadian standards, but by Quebec standards they are right leaning. I use right vs. left in a relative sense, i.e. relative to the median voter. There is a Conservative party in BC, but they are a fringe party which only appeals to hard core ideologues. Most centre-right voters go BC Liberal. Under Campbell spending cuts were made and he was generally hated by the left while reasonably popular on the right. As for Harper doing what the progressives want, I would disagree. True his policies aren’t that much more conservative than the Chretien/Martin government, but most progressives envision a return to the big government era under the Trudeau government, not the more centrist under Chretien/Martin. While Harper hasn’t changed a lot, most progressives want to see the government nationalize major sectors of the economy such as oil, dramatically raise corporate taxes and income taxes on the rich and dramatically expand the welfare state. Harper hasn’t done any of those things, but nor would the Liberals or the NDP, but its easier to blame a party who is hostile to those things than one who argues its not realistic, but they don’t philosophically disagree with it. Off course the kind of the government progressives envision doesn’t exist in any developed country, not even the Scandinavian ones. Only in some third world dictatorships, but most tend to be more ideological driven by their hatred of those they say as the haves than any rational policy.

        • http://abearsrant.com thebear

          The idea that the Liberals in Quebec are actually conservatives is a notion that people outside of Quebec like to cling to but it isn’t true. The Liberals in Quebec have bought power over the years with entitlements that would make a socialist blush. I do, however, agree with your take on the progressive desire for a return to big government They seem to have only two policy options – regulate it or if can’t be regulated, tax it. The new target is obesity which has become the generic word for overweight. They’re already putting forward the same game plan they used when smoking was targeted. Leonard Cohen was right. If progressives run things again, ” there’s going to be a meter above your bed that will disclose – what everybody knows.”

          It’s a brave new world Monkey and I don’t think most of us are prepared for the consequences of our actions or our opinions.

          • old white guy

            i wait in anticipation of smaller or less government. there has been no reversal in the size of government in my life. we have very big government and it grows no matter which party is in office.

            • http://abearsrant.com thebear

              The strange thing about Canadian politics is that every party campaigns from the right or the left, depending on their ideology but with only a small number of exceptions, they govern from the centre. It’s so obvious in Alberta that some now accuse Allison Redford’s conservative government of actually being Liberal and in Quebec, Charest’s former Liberal government as being conservatives in disguise. The fight isn’t for left or right – it’s for the centre and the centre seems to be big government, high taxes and over regulation.

  • Nicola Timmerman

    I remember Stephen Harper in an interview on CTV saying that things were going to get worse and he was roundly criticized by the opposition for being too negative.

    On Dec. 15, 2008, Harper said, ‘The truth is, I’ve never seen such uncertainty in terms of looking forward to the future…. I’m very worried about the Canadian economy.’

  • Bert

    A number of my posts don’t seem to be getting through…

  • http://@HauntedRiverNB Wayne Boyle

    I agree with a lot of what you say,but expect the PM to tell the truth. When the economy was crashing in 2008 during elect campaigning he and the Finance Minister lied continually He has demonstrated a lack of respect for Parliament and Democracy ,the protection of our waters, his dealing with Natives and I can go on but you know all the points as well as me I do not trust anything he or any of his Ministers say

    • Bert

      Could you elaborate on any of those things? To the best of my knowledge. Harper has the deepest respect for democracy (not for journalists or some parliamentarians, but I wouldn’t either), has provided protection for our waterways when that protection is within the jurisdiction of the federal government, has treated the Indians with more respect and dignity than any PM in history and I can go on. Also, I am not being flippant here. This is what I believe to be true.

      • http://abearsrant.com thebear

        I’m not sure what you mean by elaborate, I thought the post was rather specific. I happen to believe that Stephen Harper has been a reasonably good prime minister and doesn’t deserve the acrimonious accusations that are constantly being thrown at him. He is not perfect and he’s made mistakes which I have acknowledged and written about but no government is perfect and I can accept that. What I will not accept is the level of dishonest, cynical and corrupt practices of too many progressive politicians.

        • Bert

          I agree with you. I was just wondering what Wayne meant by “Protection of our waters”, etc. It is easy to claim something is true but more difficult to back the claim up with verifiable evidence.

        • bertie

          The word progressive should be replaced with the word LIBERAL,so not to be mistaken for Progressive Conservative.

          • http://abearsrant.com thebear

            I think it should be replaced by what it is – repressive. I find it amusing that ‘progressives’ think that repressing the rights of others makes them progressive. Sometimes the biggest lies are the ones we tell ourselves. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

    • Alain

      Wayne, you have trotted out one of the bogus arguments from the Left that PM Harper has ended the protection of our waters to which I take great exception. The fact is that this government as returned to the provinces that which is their jurisdiction under our Constitution. It means for farmers that we can now clean out drainage ditches that we dug without having Fisheries interfering. It also means that those responsible for roads can keep the road ditches cleaned without Fishers all of a sudden claiming the ditches cannot be touched since they may be fish habitat with the result of roads being flooded here in BC. As for Natives I do not recall a government showing more concern and respect for them, especially for those on reserves denied their rights by the political Natives – chiefs and band councils. I also challenge you to explain how and when demonstrated a lack of respect for Parliament and democracy. You cannot show that in this regard he has acted worse than Liberal governments, and while I disagreed with them I could not honestly accuse them of the same either.

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      I’m not sure what you think he lied about in 2008 but I followed that election fairly closely and am not aware of any significant discrepancy between what was said and what was happening. As for protection of our waters, a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. Canada’s waterways remain fully protected under the Environmental Protection Act passed by the Conservatives in 2007. The change that was made last in Bill C57 had nothing to do with protecting the waterway, it had to do with eliminating the need for a federal permit to build anything on Category 2 waterways. It did not take away the need for an environmental assesment, provincial and local approval or approval by aboriginal band councils. It simply removed one redundant piece of paper from the overwhelmingly bureaucratic process. Nothing changed on Category 1 waterways. As for trust, I think that when a party lies about eliminating a specific tax in order to get elected or steals money from taxpayers to hand out in brown paper bags to its supporters in seedy diners in Montreal as the Liberals did is a fairly significant breach of trust. I think the lies and corruption of the McGuiinty government are a fairly significant breach of trust but we live in a country where everyone is not only entitled to their opinion but to voice it. Unfortunately, too many of those opinions are causing people to vote the same dishonesty into office time after time. At some point, lying to ourselves is going to destroy this country and we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

  • Nicola Timmerman

    The other day they were asking on the radio when for you were the good old days. Most people calling in harked back to 1967 with Expo ’67 and the Centennial Year.

    I have to agree I remember that year with nostalgia, but I have to say I was most happy when Stephen Harper and the Conservatives finally got their majority in 2010!

    I suppose the main hits against Harper are his ‘war on women’, love of guns, support of Israel and the fact that he isn’t “cool” .

    • Bert

      Not to derail the discussion, but what is it about Harper’s support for Israel that bothers you?

  • Sebastian Anders

    The progressives have not only an irrational hatred for Stephen Harper, but also a fear of him, mostly because of what he has accomplished, something they are completely and utterly incapable of coming even close to doing. It is totally to their disadvantage to do so.

    Stephen Harper has set precedents that they would be unable and definitely unwilling to follow. It is based primarily on honesty and integrity, which is completely counter to the the progressives’ culture of entitlements. But aside from that, it might be due to the following:

    As I stated in another commentary, before Stephen Harper came along we all lived on a perfect planet, created by the Liberals and aided by the NDPs and Elizabeth May. Until 2006, the forests were abundant throughout the country, the prairies were green and with golden fields of alfalfa and wheat.

    Prior to 2006, air and water were as pure as can be found in an unspoiled universe. Then came Stephen Harper and his damn hidden agenda and soldiers in the streets, followed by tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, mudslides and forest fires. He organized Al Quaeda with his friend Osama and blew up the World Trade Centre, then started the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    In 2008 he had the audacity to save the auto industry at the insistence of his parliamentary opponents who were salivating at the prospects of the ruination of the Canadian economy. He had the unmitigated gall of inadvertently helping to create hundreds of thousands of jobs when in fact he should have let everybody go on welfare.

    Every time he lowered taxes we were fortunate enough to have forward and progressive thinking provincial governments there to save the day and raise provincial taxes to take up the slack. Thank goodness city councils were also there to give a hand and raise property taxes. They saved us from having too much money in the bank to pay off our debts.

    Yes, Stephen Harper singlehandedly polluted the oceans and destroyed the ozone, the rain forests and all the rivers of the world. And with his miserable temper he occasionally somehow causes a volcano or two to blow their tops off. And if it wasn’t for him, Quebec would be a harmonious partner in the Canadian Federation and wouldn’t be forcing everyone else to speak French.

    How he got to be Prime Minister baffles me to no end. Must be this damn democracy thing and the Constitution. Guess we gotta get rid of those. The better choice for national leader would be that tantrum prone, wimpy ass, diva Liberal Justin Trudeau who considers parliament irrelevant. It kinda gets in the way of his speaking engagements: he intends to prorogue parliament so he can go around speaking about nothing, along with his good buddy Suzuki. He is right. Parliament costs us way too much money as does the senate.

    The messiah is coming. Finally we will be saved from this ogre Harper. That is what you are all thinking, isn’t it?

    • Annoyed

      I would call it a major disdain and distrust. Call it an irrational hatred though if you’d like, it suits the rest of your annoyingly dramatized post in which you seem to be preaching that Harper is incapable of doing any wrong. The fact that you claim he sets a precedence for honesty and integrity is quite laughable really. You must have your head pretty far up where the sun don’t shine not to have noticed that his election campaigns have been based on insults and the fact that his government had repeatedly tried to sneak Bill C-30 through parliament, which would essentially allow the government to fully monitor canadian citizen’s online activities. Neither of which I would I would call anything close to honest. Also, no he did not cause global warming but he’s doing nothing to help solve the very real problem that it is. In fact he actually cut funding to science research by $140 million and made it a requirement for scientists from Environment Canada to obtain permission before doing any interviews, essentially doing his best to silence them. International scientists (who fortunately cannot be influenced by the conservatives rule) have actually been calling for Canada to be removed from the Commonwealth as we are one of the largest polluters in the world, and Harper is perfectly content to do nothing about that because it’s profitable to the oil industry which is absolutely his main priority.

  • Bert

    Another excellent article. Yet, most progressives will flaunt it as being one sided, biased, bigoted, hate filled and anti gay. Why? Because.

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      I’m sure they will although I have admitted that there are things for which to criticize the Conservatives. Nonetheless, ideology seems to trump common sense these days. How else can you explain the people of Ontario reelecting Dalton McGuinty after they knew he had lied to them in his first term in office? Whoever said that we get the government we deserve was talking about the progressive movement in Canada, I’m certain.

      • Bert

        You are correct, of course, but I have a difficult time laying the blame at the feet of ideology. Political parties in Canada have abandoned their ideological roots may years ago. You would be hard pressed to find a more left wing government in Canada than the PC government we have in Alberta, for example. The parties go for whatever they think will get them elected. Unfortunately, I find that even the Wildrose party is tending to bend that way. Integrity takes a back seat to the promise of being elected. I do wish I could figure out what the magic formula is, though. We really need to get rid of Redford in Alberta in the next election.

        BTW: I inadvertently left out “racist” in my original post. I sincerely apologize for that oversight.

        • http://abearsrant.com thebear

          Progressives in Ontario voted twice more to elect Dalton McGuinty even though they knew he had lied to them in his first term. I remember talking to a few and asking why they voted for the Liberals when they were so angry with what McGuinty had done. The response was that they didn’t trust the conservatives. That’s blind adherence to ideology and it is rampant in this country.

  • Steve

    Great post. I often wonder how much support Harper would have if he wasn’t being attacked by activists, socialists and MSM on a daily basis. If anyone compared the Liberals and Conservatives record in an unbiased manner, Harper would win massive majorities.

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      I often wonder how much support Stephen Harper would have if some people took their heads out of their asses and used it to think for a change.

      • old white guy


      • Annoyed

        Probably less than he has now, look at Bill C-30 which the conservatives tried to sneak through multiple times before finally canning it due to public opposition. If more people actually paid attention to Harper’s goals instead of his brainless attack ads demonizing other leaders he probably never would have been elected.

  • Alain

    I can well relate to what you found, and I can only say it is pointless to expect any reasoning from the Left. It is akin to a mental disorder in that they ignore facts and cling to their lies and propaganda. It is like trying to reason with an Islamist and expecting results. A big part of the problem is the propaganda and misinformation by the MSM to say nothing of the leftist indoctrination throughout the “education” system.

    • Annoyed

      Propaganda and lies you say? Propaganda: ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause. Sounds an awful lot like the conservative’s attack ads to me, in the last two federal elections their entire “campaign” was based on making the other leaders look bad with little to no basis. Liberalism: a political philosophy based on belief in progress, the essential goodness of the human race, and the autonomy of the individual and standing for the protection of political and civil liberties. The wonderful thing about “the left” side of ideals is that they don’t need to be indoctrinated through the education system as you say, because they’re actually just things that most free thinking individuals strive for.