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Social Media – Socializing Our Understanding Of The World

imagesBarack Obama is the Anti-Christ. I know this because I read it online this past week.

Actually, I’m a bit confused because originally, it was only that the actor in the Tv series The Bible who plays Satan, sort of look likes President Obama. But since that first got posted, it has been updated and verified by a significant number of people online that they are one in the same and Barack Obama not only plays the devil in the Tv series, he is the Anti-Christ.

Apparently, the Anti-Christ dabbles in politics and acting when he isn’t laying souls to waste.

I learn a great deal online which I never learned in school or all the books I’ve read.  I’ve learned that Jesus was white and looked like one of the Bee Gees, polar bears will turn brown if the polar ice caps melt (which is a major improvement over earlier assertions that they would die off) and how to use pee in our garden. This last one was particularly encouraging because I am seriously into recycling.

It really is amazing what you learn in only a few moments on social media. There are just so many folks willing to share their extensive knowledge and experience with you to benefit humanity that it almost brings a tear to your eye.

Did you know, for example, that aliens walk among us? I didn’t either but apparently it’s true. They are working with the Americanfig09-aliens-crop government on a plan to steal our oil and leave us destitute in the dark. They’ve taught secret government officials to read our minds and steal our dreams. I didn’t know this either until I read a number of posts and tweets on social media and was directed to some very informative blogs that have extensive knowledge of how aliens are partnering with governments around the world.

Of particular interest to me was the fact that the Sandy Hook shooting was actually a staged-for-television event to support the American government’s gun control agenda. I gather they decided to stage this event after remembering how effective the staging of man landing on the moon was for previous administrations.

Something else that I learned was quite fascinating. Apparently, Princess Diana is the Holy Grail. There are quite a few blogs who have worked out the details and offer up as supporting evidence that she is buried exactly where the legend says the Holy Grail would be found. I appreciated the clarification because quite a few people have been buried in that area and it might have been more than a little confusing trying to establish which one was the Holy Grail.

Honestly, it’s unbelievable what I learn online every day. I feel like I’m in university all over again. Whoever coined the idea that all of the world’s knowledge was online sure knew what he or she was talking about.

Phew – it literally takes my breath away.

I’ve learned that you are never alone. No matter what you believe or think, there are literally thousands who are willing to take up the cause with you and join the good fight. I have learned that tolerance is an outdated concept and we should feel free to give vent to prejudices against others because we’re right and they aren’t. I know this because I read it that it doesn’t even matter who we are or who they are. As long as we are part of the ‘we’ and not party of the ‘they’, we are always right.

It’s a great feeling and very reassuring whenever you doubt the validity of your opinion.

I’ve learned a lot about Barack Obama; probably more than I needed to know but then that’s true of most of what I learned in school too.

I’ve learned that the president is a closet Muslim which is proven by the fact that his middle name is Hussein and he sends money to Egypt; that he is part of plan to overthrow western democracy and install an Islamic world-wide government and that he lies about his golf handicap.

I also learned that CNN’s Candy Crowley has a crush on him although I think he might want to be careful because the only crushing that might happen is to him if she ever falls on him.

One of the things I’ve learned is that there is so much to learn that you kind of have to be selective about what you take in and sometimes what you really want to know is either difficult to find or simply hasn’t been posted anywhere.

images (1)What I really would like to learn, for example, is some easier method for putting together Ikea furniture than the current method which involves trying to decipher the pictogram instructions they provide while using a 2” Allen key. Unfortunately, it seems that nobody in the world has figured that out yet – or if they have, they’re not sharing the information online.

I did learn that most people think most governments are stupid although I had pretty much figured that out on my own. Quite honestly, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand just how stupid government can be or even read about it online. All you have to do is call any government agency. Ten minutes on the phone will pretty much confirm it for you.

The wealth of information is astounding and there seems to be an unlimited number of people willing to share it. Why, just the other day I learned that plankton gives off more oxygen than trees although I’m still not certain I believe the person who told me this. He started out by telling me that foliage didn’t give off oxygen at all but rather all of our oxygen came from plankton. He revised his information after I sent him an ‘online link’ to an explanation of photosynthesis.

I tend to think he is a plankton salesman rather than being someone who is objective and you do have to be careful. You do run into the odd person online who will intentionally try to mislead you.

There is even a free online encyclopedia which in a very democratic fashion allows anyone to publish information on any topic they like. I know that I prefer this democratic approach to the narrow-minded concept of traditional encyclopedias that restrict contributions to experts they’ve hired in each field.

Overall,  there is no question that social media is advancing the world’s knowledge. The amount of information-sharing is both generous and staggering. And best of all, we each have the opportunity to access all that smart, well-informed information each and every day.

It is social media that has made all of this possible by opening up a much broader knowledge of the world, a knowledge unencumbered by rigid historical or scientific fact. Social media has broken through the confining barriers of tiresome common sense to expose the world for what it really is. It makes one thankful to live in a world where all of the world’s knowledge is so readily available right at your fingertips and we have virtually instant access to experts on every topic imaginable.

Ain’t life grand?


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  • chaos111_99

    I thought Elvis had teamed up with John Lennon and George Harrison and they were still touring on Mars.

  • rkd2.3

    Reminiscent of words from an earlier time ,

    “paper wont refuse ink “& “there’s one born every minute”.

    Bit of a side note, reliable info tells me that Elvis & Emilia Erhart are sharing a May/December romance, somewhere just outside Truth or Consequences N.M.
    WOW, Who knew??

    • MaggiesBear

      I didn’t know about Elvis and Emilia but I had heard that Elvis and Chavez were sharing a condo in the Bahamas but I haven’t been able to confirm that yet. It could just be a rumour. . . not that there are very many rumours on social media.