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Pond Scum

Environmentalists - Earth FirstIn the cause of global warming, the concern is carbon emissions. Environmentalists talk about the size of our individual carbon footprint while nodding their heads sagely as they board yet another 747 to jet off to some save the climate conference or sit patiently in their SUVs at the drive-thru window at Tim Hortons.

Green Party Leader, Elizabeth May, works in Ottawa as a Member of Parliament but lives in, and represents, a riding in British Columbia. This requires a considerable amount of jetting back and forth between the two which means Ms May’s carbon footprint is a lot bigger than most.

Some might argue that is only circumstance that put Ms May in that position but I would suggest it is circumstance tinged with a considerable amount of hypocrisy. Originally living on Canada’s east coast, Ms May decided to up and leave the east for a new riding. The size of her carbon footprint wasn’t a consideration – only winning a seat mattered at the time the decision was made to move to the west.

One would have thought that if she was serious about reducing her carbon footprint, Ms May would have chosen a riding in or around the Ottawa area regardless of her election chances.

Likewise the good Dr. David Suzuki, who sees himself as the Environmental Messiah and who sometimes, confuses his own identity with that of Jesus has a somewhat larger carbon footprint than the rest of us. He used to travel from place to place in a luxuriously appointed RV that got negative miles to the gallon but now settles for the convenience of air travel. He maintains three homes, each with its own carbon footprint and he is a great endorser of the spermazota curly fluorescent light bulbs from China that give off poor light, use more energy to manufacture and import than is saved and which contain mercury that eventually ends up back in our landfills.

Daryl Hannah chains herself to the fence at the White House to protest the carbon emissions caused by ‘dirty oil’ from the oils sands after  having jetted in to Washington for the photo op and then jetting back home after people have been reminded that she is still around and not completely washed up as an actress.


Environmental millionaire – Al Gore

Al Gore turned scaring the crap out of people with erroneous information but one hell of a whiz bang documentary into a Nobel Prize and a millionaire lifestyle. In fact, all of the people I’ve mentioned with the exception of Liz May, have done quite nicely, thank you very much, by taking on the cause of global warming. It’s small wonder that they’re reluctant to let it go.

Let’s assume for a moment that there is too much carbon going into the atmosphere. How are we going to deal with that?

Environmentalists like Elizabeth May and David Suzuki believe we need to cut back on our personal consumption – not them, of course, they need to consume more and emit more to save us. Making money is a bi-product. They also believe in some kind of tax on carbon which is the left’s typical approach to things. If you can – regulate it. If you can’t regulate it – tax it. If you can find a way – do both.

Others, like Daryl Hannah and her ilk simply want to ban stuff. Stuff is defined as anything their twenty minutes on Wikipedia doing research has told them is bad.

They all agree, however, that carbon is the enemy and the planet must be saved for future generations even if we bankrupt our economies and future prosperity for those same generations. Environmental millionaires and the privileged ‘green elite’ that lead the movement are big on sacrifices being made by others.

 But here’s the thing.

Carbon is a naturally occurring substance and so are carbon emissions. Both have been around since the formation of the planet and the planet has done pretty well under the circumstances. Perhaps it is because greenhouse gas emissions already have an enemy and one that is quite capable of destroying carbon emissions. That enemy is vegetation.

Forget all that warm and fuzzy stuff Vegans tell you about how gentle and benign plants are (and how good they taste too). Plants devour carbon dioxide like Norm Peterson tearing into a 32 oz. porterhouse steak at the Hungry Heifer. In the process, they release – get ready for it – oxygen.  It’s called photosynthesis and it is a natural means to combat greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmentalists argue that because of all the trees we’ve cut down in the world, there aren’t enough to combat rising CO2 levels and they have a lot of cardboard signs nailed to sticks they carry at demonstrations in support of that message.

There is some truth, however, that we have been careless in how we’ve managed our global forests and vegetation although we’ve become better at reforestation. Good thing too because even a little tree chews up its share of carbon emissions and emits oxygen which we’re hanging around waiting for like vultures.

It seems to me, that armed with this knowledge that even elementary school kids learn, we would have been better off exploring ways in which to deal with greenhouse gas emissions naturally rather than spending all this time, money and energy (real and figurative) arguing about the issue.

Fortunately, that’s precisely what a number of companies around the world are doing, including one right here  in the Great White North.

PondFuels has developed technology that uses a common strain of algae to not only fight air pollution but create a new energy source. Their technology takes the carbon emissions that would normally be thrown into the atmosphere and reroutes them into tanks where the algae gobbles them up. The algae then get turned into a safe, clean bio-fuel that can power plants, trucks and jets.

Similar technology is being developed in the United States, China, Australia and many other countries.

In other words, we already have the technological capability to use Mother Nature to combat what we fear from her.

Isn’t it amazing what you can accomplish when you take the sanctimonious hysteria and hypocrisy of the self-righteous and the misery profiteers out of the equation?

Our future isn’t going to be improved by carbon cap and trade schemes which are rife with fraud wherever they’ve been employed and which merely transfer pollution emissions from one company to another rather than reducing them. Nor will we find a more prosperous and greener future with solar power, wind power or light bulbs filled with mercury.

Our future may well be dependent on algae, common pond scum.

More to the truth, our future will be dependent, as it always has been, on innovators rather than fear mongers. It will be dependent on those who look beyond the panic and who ignore the hysteria and who see the challenge as an opportunity rather than as a problem.

Before we took on the panic mentality of too many these days, we developed flight, space travel, computer technology and made advances in medicine that weren’t even conceived a century ago.

And that, my friends, is not the thinking that comes from the environmental or any other socialistic activist movement. It comes from private enterprise working in a free market – the same private enterprise that activists condemn and want to tax into penury.

I believe it is long past time to look at every issue as a crisis; time to stop screaming that the sky is falling and just get on with using our combined capabilities as a society to meet our challenges head-on.

The leaders of the climate-change hysteria won’t agree with that, of course. Finding solutions means the problem goes away and with it all their government funding and supporter donations. The environmental movement may be a movement for some but it is a business for others and as long as there is a problem, they keep making money.

If anyone is going to make money from dealing with climate change issues, personally, I would rather it was those who were actually addressing the issue and finding solutions to it; not those who make their living by perpetuating half-truths and hysterical fear.


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  • http://twitter.com/votelau Victor Lau

    Curious Maggie.

    What do you think about nuclear power?

    Cheers, vic.

    • MaggiesBear

      I think that nuclear power is a real opportunity that we haven’t fully embraced.. Clearly the issues with nuclear power are safety and dealing with nuclear waste and they are legitimate concerns. It is unfortunate, however, that once again because of fear and intransigent thinking, we haven’t harnessed our best and brightest to come up with new and innovative ways to address those issues. Instead, we dither and protest once again which is unfortunate because from everything I’ve read, nuclear is the cleanest and most efficient power source we’ve developed so far and uranium is plentiful and cheap.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ludwig.stilling Ludwig Stilling

    We can do amazing things like this and better if only we could get the interference from other special interest groups out of the way !!!!

    • MaggiesBear

      Fear mongering and opposing progress have become industries in and of themselves. There are more than a few living off government funding and donations as a result of keeping us divided rather than united in supporting new and innovative ways to address the ongoing challenges we face. This is as true of environmental issues as it is in our politics.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=650582510 Don Morris

    This “rant” ranks as one of your best,bear. It is SO true that hysteria and activism accomplish nothing,but are used to make mega-bucks for a few insiders such as Gore,Suzuki,and their fellows who founded the Carbon Exchanges.
    Elizabeth May has benefitted greatly ,too,as without the hysteria,she would be the leader of a fringe movement and political Party with a salary and benefits way below what she gets as an MP.

    the research into algae eating carbon is inspiring,let’s hope it can be used on an industrial scale,without becoming another boondoggle,like ethanol.

    Here in B.C., we await breathlessly the elimination of the carbon tax,which costs the people of the Province billions and drives up costs of everything from food to education and health care,all in the name of saving the planet from a theory.

    Good post,bear.

    • MaggiesBear

      Thank you. Sometimes I get lucky. :-)