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It’s Time For Some Progressives To Get Over Themselves

“Virtue needs a director and guide. Vice can be learned even without a teacher.”
– Seneca 

I think that quote summarizes better than most, the attitude of many progressive politicians. They believe that virtue must be ‘managed’ while vice is the natural state of humanity. Along with that opinion, of course, comes the inevitable belief that only progressives can provide that guidance and social management the rest of us so desperately need.

I think there are far too many people in the world who are taking themselves just a touch too seriously these days and it’s time for them to get over themselves and move on.


It is ironic that the very people who worry the most about cultural genocide are the ones committing it on other languages and cultures within their own province.

In Quebec, the separatists have had a couple of kicks at the can and been told each time by the citizens of the province that they don’t wish to separate from Canada. You lost folks – get over it and move on. It’s like the battle of the Plains of Abraham – the English won, the French lost. It’s over. Get over it and move on.

They won’t, of course. Instead they’ll keep raising the bar of intolerance and discrimination out of some twisted idea that the best way to stop what they perceive is genocidal erosion of their language is commit political linguist genocide on fellow citizens whose mother tongue is other than French.

It’s a situation so absurdly stupid that it has gone far beyond hypocrisy and entered the realm of political insanity.

What makes the situation in Quebec even more absurd is that progressive government after progressive government has tripped all over itself to kowtow to a provincial leadership that is deliberately trampling the rights of fellow Canadian citizens.

Irony, or is it hypocrisy, is lost on progressives it seems.

In fact, it’s pretty much as absurd as progressives who have a pathological hatred of Steven Harper and who are constantly trying to figure out how to beat him in the next election. They’re so lost in their pathology they don’t even know anymore why they hate him.  

So caught up in that hatred have they become, they have lost all sense of focus. They have no real policy platforms to put to the people for consideration, no vision; just a bunch of cobbled together, shopworn stuff based on whatever the polls tell them might help them get elected. They confuse their obsession with defeating Stephen Harper for a plan to provide good governance when the simple God’s honest truth is that most of them haven’t got a clue what they would do if they were successful.

Liberal Leadership Candidate Joyce Murray

Liberal Leadership Candidate Joyce Murray

Joyce Murray who is running for the Liberal leadership is so caught up in this manic delusion that she offered up a concept of uniting the various progressive parties, not as one party which might make sense but to engage in electoral cooperation to defeat the Conservatives. Her idea, which isn’t all that new, is to agree with other progressive parties to run single candidates from among them in various ridings so that the vote isn’t split and the Conservatives win by default.

What she glosses over is which candidates for which parties? Certainly the other parties are no more interested in seeing her party win at the expense of theirs than they are at seeing the Conservatives form another government. Ms Murray like so many light thinkers skips that part in the planning process.

Clearly Ms Murray has insufficient confidence in her party’s policy platform and her own proposed leadership amities to believe that the Liberals led by her could defeat the Conservatives based on vision, ideas and innovative thinking – or perhaps any thinking at all.

There is a bi-election being held in Labrador and depending on who you wish to believe either Ms Murray contacted Green Party Leader Elizabeth May to ask her not to field a candidate and thereby split the left’s vote or it was the other way around. (It gets tedious trying to sort out progressive confusion like this).

 Ms May who leads what can only charitably called a fringe party readily agreed or initiated the call. It isn’t difficult to agree when your party only holds one seat in Parliament and it got trounced in the last election in this particular riding. The Green Party has about as much hope of winning this bi-election as I do of winning the Iron Man marathon. (Apparently you have to train and work out for that and there’s more chance of progressives finding some common sense than there is of me giving up donuts and taking up jogging)

Whichever of the two initiated the idea, Thomas Muclair leader of the New Democrats and Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition declined to play, which isn’t surprising considering that he leads the only serious, if somewhat misguided, party on the left these days and Lord help me, you have no idea how much it hurts me to have to acknowledge that.

What really sank the plan, however, was that the Liberal’s own candidate in the riding announced he wasn’t interested in running. Oops! That had to hurt.

It seems to me that if you can’t do better than this Joyce, your plan, and perhaps your candidacy for leader of the party, needs some serious rethinking.

Progressives have never got over the fact that the Conservatives have now won three straight elections and they are so distraught over it that they have failed to consider that just perhaps their focus on winning rather than on offering good governance with a solid policy platform just might be the reason.

It never occurs to them that if they are right and a majority of Canadians don’t really like Stephen Harper, they clearly don’t see much in any of the progressive parties they like as much and that just maybe progressives should be doing some serious introspection rather than ranting (that’s my job). Maybe then, Canadians would pick one of them rather than the Conservatives.

Don’t count on that happening any time soon, however. There isn’t much on the progressive side of the fence these days beyond angst and a lot of arrogant egotism that isn’t supported by performance or ideas.

Not all people aren’t as stupid as, Joyce Murray and other progressive strategists, like to think we are. Many of us actually know when there is substance and when there isn’t.

The Liberals are about to anoint Justin Trudeau in the belief that his significant  number of Twitter followers and social media fans who love him so much that they couldn’t be bothered registering to vote for him, is an indication that style will defeat substance. Really? How many Canadians do you think would prefer to have someone like Justin Trudeau rather than Steven Harper leading the government in times of extreme crisis like – oh, I don’t know – say North Korea lobs a couple of nuclear weapons at North America or Japan, or some other country that just happened to be on their sh*t list on a particular day?

I doubt that will happen but the point is that it could happen and having Peter Pan at the helm or a Joyce Murray who is more focused on legalizing weed than on governing a nation doesn’t do much to make sleeping any easier.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Nowhere is this angst-filled refusal to simply accept things more evident than in Toronto where the mayor is accused of yet another impropriety. This time it was that he caused global warming – no wait, that wasn’t it, there’s been so many accusations, I get confused. Oh I remember, he got drunk at a charity function and was asked to leave.

So far he’s been accused by those who hate the fact that he got elected by we the people (I’m certain that progressives wonder how could anyone be so stupid) of physically abusing a player on his junior football team (proven to be wrong), conflict of interest for soliciting donations to charity on his City of Toronto stationary (defeated in court), improper campaign funding (unproven), slapping a woman on the ass (denied and unproven) and, now, getting drunk at a function and asked to leave (denied and unproven).

The only thing Rob Ford has not been accused of is poor governance. In fact, he has brought the city’s finances under control and a majority of the great unwashed love him. No doubt that is a big part of the push behind the progressive angst. They hate being told they can’t spend other people’s money as they wish and the want to be loved.

The Toronto Star, which has been on a crusade against the mayor since he was first elected, reported Tuesday that Ford was asked to leave last month’s Garrison Ball “because organizers were concerned he was impaired.” The organizers have come out and publicly denied The Star’s assertion. This is the same newspaper that had a photographer peeping over the mayor’s backyard fence and taking pictures of property around his home without the courtesy of notifying him first that the photographer would be skulking around out back.

One person tweeted this in response to the growing criticism and mockery of this out of control attack on the Mayor::

“As for this whole Rob Ford thing, remember addiction is a sickness. No reason to make jokes about today’s story. “

She is correct, not about Rob Ford having a drinking problem – there’s no evidence of that.  But she is correct about the fact that addiction is a sickness and this addiction to smearing the mayor simply because they don’t like or agree with him is an addiction that has become all too prevalent with progressives.

It’s almost delusional, a form of social or political dementia that borders on obsessive mania.  It’s one thing to criticize a politicians policies or job performance but something else entirely to constantly be resorting to smear tactics that rely on unproven and often anonymous or politically motivated personal attacks. It’s long past time for these people to either, give their heads a shake and get over themselves, or else seek counseling and therapy.

Wasn’t it the Conservatives and Stephen Harper who were supposed to be the champions of smear?

The latest progressive outrage is over a compliment a conservative MP gave a teenage girl for her cooking. He told her that she’d make a good wife some day and she smiled and said thank you. She took it as a compliment. Fortunately for us, there were plenty of shallow progressive women in politics looking for a reason to be offended who stepped up to declare their outrage over the comment.

Christ in a handbasket. Get over yourselves. I told my daughter, a very accomplished professional that she would make somebody a great wife and would a wonderful mother. She was pleased I thought so and, as it turns out, she has and she didn’t have to give up her professional career to accomplish it. Progressives need to get their heads out of the 60s or their asses or both.

But it isn’t just the losers who are slipping into madness; some people are so caught up in themselves, they can’t accept winning either.

images (3)

President Barack Obama

Barack Obama is one of those people. You remember him, he was the guy who promised change you can believe in but after he won a landslide victory, he succeeded in not only delivering more of the same old stuff; he delivered worse than the same old stuff. There are moments when he actually makes George W. Bush look positively socialist.

The man never stops campaigning. Instead of bringing the country together, uniting Congress behind him and bringing about change you can believe in; he chose to continue to play politics and divided both Congress and his country. It’s unbelievable. What part of ‘you won the election now get on with business, does the man not understand?

I personally don’t believe he knows how to govern, only how to campaign. Now that he’s in his second term as president, he’s still trying to figure out what he’s supposed to do beyond give speeches and criticize Republicans.

What a lot of these people don’t seem to get is that we the people made a decision not only about who we wanted to govern but what we wanted done. This ongoing refusal to respect the will of we the people is getting tiresome.

In Wisconsin, unions tried to recall Governor Scott Walker for doing exactly what he campaigned on. They were successful in getting a new election only to have we the people give them the finger and reelect the Governor. What did all that accomplish except to annoy a lot of people and waste millions?

And those, my friends, are two things that some of these self-absorbed wingnuts on the dark edges of democratic reality are very good at; wasting time and money while spitting on the democratic will of the people.

We’re not paying city councilors, provincial/state and federal representatives to spend more time on our dime trying to beat up the guy we elected and they need to start to remember that.

Of course, some of us need to start remembering it too because some of us keep going back to the poisoned well for another drink by continuing to reelect these fools. I suppose in the long run it’s easier than actually have to think about pesky things like policy and programs but it’s a poor way to run anything, let alone a nation.

The last thing we need is yet another political party or leader whose only raison d’être is that they want to oust the guy they don’t like because when they do get elected all that happens, as we saw with Barack Obama, is that they stand around looking at each other and asking: “Now what?”

Now what exactly? How do you think we got into the bloody mess we’re in these days in the first place?

By all means criticize the policies of the government if you don’t agree with them. Promote your own – we’ll listen but the simple truth is that it’s time for a whole lot of progressives to get over themselves. We’ve got stuff to take care that is more important than their adolescent hissy-fits and gamesmanship.

Either put some solid ideas before the people, folks, and let us choose for ourselves or failing that – get over yourselves and move on. Whichever you choose, quit wasting our time and our money undermining our democracy simply because you didn’t get your own way.

Enough already!


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  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.buzny Michael Buzny

    In regards to the constant Ford bashing, having been in the military for over a decade 1) you would need to be pretty soused for anyone to notice at a military ball (even if it is attended by the CDS and Defence Minister, I guarantee with 800 people, alot of them military, there were probably quite a few drunkards in the crowd.) 2) Given that we are referring to Ford, and the star had no issues, snapping a pic of him getting a bucket of chicken on his diet, or the very helpful citizens sending in pics of him being not so mayor like while driving, I find it highly suspicious that after what almost 3 days, no one has come forward with video/pics of the allegedly drunk mayor. If he was that drunk, it would be all over youtube by now.

    • MaggiesBear

      I hear you. I grew up in a military family and lived on a lot of bases in Canada and in Europe. The simple fact is that the organizers have denied publicly that they had asked the Mayor to leave because he was intoxicated. It is a never-ending witch hunt by some very stupid people.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicola.timmerman.1 Nicola Timmerman

    Ford Derangement Syndrome. What can I say?

    As for the pile-on of the minister who said a young woman would make a good wife, this tactic seems to work as a continual painting of the conservatives as anti-women resonates with young people. Certainly the ridiculous support of the aging law student in the U.S. who said she and her friends had a hard time paying for birth control helped the Democrats to smear the Republicans as anti-women.

    Everything is about appearances these days. Solid government and well thought-out policies are so yesterday.

    • MaggiesBear

      I agree. There are just way too many people looking for a reason to be offended and for reasons to shore up weak, poorly thought out opinions. I’m getting tired of the sanctimony of progressives lecturing and smearing others on our time and money. I’m also tired of progressives thinking that they have not only a right but a responsibility to ‘manage’ how we think and what we say.