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The NDP’s Thomas Mulcair Goes Down To The Crossroads


I will not rest until all Canadians think like me

So it appears that Thomas Mulcair, leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP) and Her Majesty’s Official Opposition, is terribly upset over the fact that Crossroads, an evangelical Christian organization is receiving government funding to continue its work to help others. It is irrelevant to him that the funding is used to provide safe clean drinking water in the Third World, what’s important to Mr. Mulcair is that Crossroads doesn’t condone homosexuality.

According to Mr. Mulcair, it isn’t enough to do good – you must think the right way, which means his way, while you are engaged in doing it.

As it turns out, I don’t happen to agree with Crossroads on the issue of homosexuality either but I definitely don’t agree with Mr. Mulcair’s self-righteous hypocrisy.

This is Canada.

In this country we are, according to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, not only entitled to hold differing points of view based on our beliefs and our faith; we’re even permitted to express them. It’s called democracy and in democracy people have the right to their opinions and the expression of their opinions even if others don’t agree with them. The only caveat is that expression of what people believe spill over into becoming a proactive hate crime and there is no indication, from anyone including Mr. Mulcair, that Crossroads has even come close to that.

In fact, while he takes great delight in pointing out that Crossroads is evangelical as if that is somehow relevant, their beliefs about

I bite evangelical Christians

“Evangelical Christians are un-Canadian”  

homosexuality aren’t any different than that of the Catholic Church, mainstream Muslims and several other Canadian faiths. Indeed, Mr. Mulcair himself is a practicing Catholic; a faith which also considers homosexuality a sin, but I don’t hear him calling Catholics anti-Canadian.

This entire sorry hypocrisy is based on a paragraph that had been removed from the Crossroads website months ago. That paragraph reiterated the biblical teachings about homosexuality. Mr. Mulcar, a handful of other politically correct pharasees in both Parliament and the media judged the organization without regard for the fact that Crossroads also works with and provides support to people with HIV/AIDS, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Indeed one gay journalist has stated publicly that they shouldn’t be allowed to provide that support to HIV/AIDS patients which is about as adolescent as thinking you should decide who should follows you on Twitter.

The thinking is so shallow it would be laughable if it wasn’t so dishonest.

I often wonder which is more principled; living your faith despite the criticism you receive from people like Thomas Mulcair or ignoring the teachings of the faith you profess because you don’t consider it politically correct like – well –  Thomas Mulcair.

Apparently, Mr. Mulcair thinks that living your faith is un-Canadian but hypocrisy is not. He is, apparently also unaware of the heritage of his own party.

NDP founding leader, Tommy Douglas who is lionized in Canada as the Father of Medicare, was an evangelical Christian. In his Master’s Thesis he called for the sterilization of homosexuals and other undesirables but evolved his thinking to the point that by 1968, he saw homosexuality as a mental disorder. I don’t mention this to vilify Tommy Douglas, he accomplished great things and his beliefs on homosexuality were the product of his religious faith and the times in which he lived.

The point is that we respect him for what he accomplished and for what he attempted to achieve; we don’t condemn him for some of the things he believed as Mr. Mulcair does with Crossroads. We measure him by what he did, not simply by his beliefs or his opinions.

But then, this really has nothing to do with gays or religion. It is just one more cheap attempt to attack the Conservative government by smearing the reputation of a religious organization and trying to smear the government by linking the two.

Politicians like Mr. Mulcair are always very careless with the reputations of others. Perhaps it’s because they themselves have such poor reputations they fail to understand a good reputation’s value.

Crossroads does valuable work that benefits people who couldn’t care less about this petty political argument back in Canada. Their concern is access to safe, clean drinking water for themselves and their families and Crossroads provides that. In fact, it provides far more support for them than either Mr. Mulcair or his party provide.

The NDP are more interested in dictating how people live and think because they believe they have come down from the mountain with the holy word of their god carved in stone. It is a god of very small ideas and hypocritical values.

Nobody has a monopoly on morality or even the right way to think and certainly not the New Democratic Party.

Their latest priority has been to put forward a private member’s bill to reopen the Clarity Act. This is the act that dictates the terms under which a referendum would be held in Quebec to determine whether or not it remains part of Canada or separates.

Mr. Mulcair and his party are recommending that all it would take to win the referendum is a simple 50% plus 1 vote. Imagine that. One person could determine the future of both Quebec and Canada. Now ain’t that a hoot?

"Salt is bad - sugar's ok though. I like sugar."

“Salt is bad – sugar’s ok though. I like sugar.”

His colleague Libby Davis, who supports safe injection sites for heroin and opposes smoking cigarettes while supporting safe inhalation rooms for crack addicts, has now turned her attention to salt. Yes, my friends, it is salt from which we must be protected; not heroin or crack – salt.

I suppose once they’ve eradicated cigarettes, salt and evangelical Christians, they’ll be gearing up to  oppose  caffeine in coffee or perhaps being self-reliant and paying your own way through life – oh wait, they’re already well along on that one – sorry, let’s move on.

Every time I hear some of these moralizing hypocrites jump on their soap boxes to turn innocent situations into attacks on the moral fiber of the nation, I always end up asking myself the same questions.

Why does everything have to be looked at through some absurd politically correct lens? Are we no longer able to simply accept people for who and what they are, applaud and support their good works even if we don’t agree with everything they believe? Are we really that fragile a society that we are so easily threatened by opposing beliefs and points of view?

What a sorry, mean-spirited way to live that must be. God help us if that is the narrow-minded vision people like Thomas Mulcair think is right for this country and its widely diversified population.

I have friends and family who are gay and believe that being gay is not a choice but a matter of genetics. Homosexuality is found in species throughout the animal kingdom; even penguins and you know that a penguin didn’t get up one day and simply decide to become gay no matter how festive it was feeling that morning.

I support gay marriage because I believe that loving someone and committing your life to them is far more important than the gender, race, religion or even hair colour of the people getting married.

Clearly I don’t share the same beliefs as Crossroads but I respect their right to their beliefs and I respect the work they do; just as I accept that hypocrites like Thomas Mulcair are entitled to hold and voice their opinions.

As for the government providing funding for Crossroads? Absolutely! I’d rather see tax money being given to an organization trying to make the world a better place, regardless of what they believe, than to people enabling the dangerous and self-destructive behaviour of drug addicts.

I know what Crossroads believes and I can deal with it. I have no clue how someone can arrive at the belief that helping addicts continue to use drugs that are slowly killing them either helps them or makes our cities safer or better places.

But then, I’m not Thomas Mulcair and I’m not a member of the New Democratic Party of Canada which is increasingly becoming a moralizing, intolerant secular religion that worships the God of Political Correctness.

They might want to consider removing the word ‘democratic’ from the party’s name and consider inserting the word ‘hypocritic’.So lighten up Tom, not everyone who thinks differently than you is evil. Loosen your tie, sit back with a beer and listen to some good tunes. You might even try singing along instead of continually sitting in judgement.

Who knows, it might actually help you to get  your head out of your ass!


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  • Garrett

    Hey Blame Crash:

    Wow! Lets just recap some assumptions you’ve made even though you know nothing about me.

    I’m a Leftist Bigot? How you came to this conclusion is very curious.I don’t feel I’m a “Leftist” but I will admit to a strong bias against religions and the concept of God. I suppose that because I don’t agree with you and had the audacity to disagree with Bear I’m also the Devil. Call me what you want, I have biases, as do you, but I strongly believe in human rights and feel that governments and any church have no business in the bedrooms of consenting adults. If you feel the need to pigeon hole me, try this, Libertarian, Secular Atheist.
    As I said, I’m no follower of the NDP, I actually support Harper…for now.

    I don’t believe a Christian organization is beyond reproach, or because theyve done good deeds that allows them a mulligan. It’s a slippery slope when a Church, religion,or government feels they can abuse basic human rights by deeds, or by words. Organizations that “point their crooked fingers” at those that dare disagree with them, do give me pause. Yeah, where there’s smoke there’s fire…

    I am completely with you regarding the Catholic church and the hypocracy of the Vatican but still feel CCC really dropped the ball and have acted in very poor taste, without shocking disregard for Canadian values, and potentially created danger for many people in Uganda. I’m sure that you didn’t miss that. I was indoctrinated into Catholicism as a child, and as I aged, started looking very critically at it and the Church. I came to understand that I really don’t need to belong to a church or religion to have values, teach values and live a good life. It’s a common misconception that believers in God have, that those without “faith” can’t live a good life and that it’s highly hypocritical to presume those with a faith aren’t good people. I too have enjoyed your site, and thoughts. Keep up the good work but don’t expect me to agree with you always ;).


    I grew up in a Catholic family and as I wrote to Bear, left that behind long ago for many reasons. I’m glad there are organizations, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, and secular that spend time in impoverished areas of the planet to do good. There is no denying how much good these organizations have done. However they cannot do their business as Canadians, and promote that level of bias towards those they do not agree with. Homosexuals are an easy target especially in a country like Uganda and they should have known that. I wonder why CCC has no comment on Muslims or Jews or other organizations that do not follow their lead or belief system? They bullied a marginalized group and got called on their behaviour by the opposition and the government.

    I wish you well and safe travels to the countries you visit.


    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      Just to clarify things. The offending paragraph on the Crossroads web site was posted by a prayer group, not by the organization and was removed months ago. As a further point of clarification, Crossroads is on the record as opposing the suppression of gays in Uganda and also on the record that if fully supports Canadian law when it comes to gay rights. I don’t know where Thomas Mulcair got his information but clearly he or his research team or both were unbelievably careless or just decided to try to use Crossroads as a way to attack the government. Either way, he owes them and Canadians an apology because this level of hypocrisy is un-Canadian.

      • Garrett

        Hi Bear
        I’ve been doing further reading on this thorny subject. As always, I agree with much of what you said. I can only find a few references to this other group that posted anti gay rhetoric on CCC’s website. I am keenly aware that many christian feel disdain and outright anger towards homosexuals and it’s shameful and disgusting. Even members of my own family comment occasionally about this “lifestyle”. I just shake my head. I got the intial news item from CTV and Globe and Mail. But of course, it’s next to impossible to drill down and find relevant details in a brief news clip.
        It appears CCC is doing some damage control as evidenced by press releases and it’s obvious the amount of good work they do needs to be considered. As far as Mulcair goes, yeah they are all masters at spinning THEIR truth. They manipulate and distort, it’s what politicians do to get elected so I’m not surprised. While it’s difficult to confirm who put the information on the CCC website I’m still very leery about any organization, government or church, that will allow basic human rights issues to be tossed underfoot. It’s a very slippery slope…
        Have a good day.

        • http://abearsrant.com thebear

          Human rights is a balancing act. In this case it is trying to balance the rights of gays not to be discriminated against and the religious rights of others to believe what their faith teaches. Sometimes we get the balance right and sometimes we don’t. In this case, there was no discrimination being practiced against gays. In fact, Crossroads does much work with patients who have HIV/ADIS, many of whom happen to be gay.

          Even Jack Layton respected the work of Crossroads and was interviewed by them.

          The real issue is here is condemnation for ‘thought’ crime. It isn’t enough for Mr. Mulcair and people like him that you do not practice discrimination or hate. Nor is it enough that you actually do good works. You are condemned for your thoughts and your beliefs and if that is the criteria then he might as well add millions of Catholics, Muslims and Jews who also don’t subscribe to his way of thinking. It is a violation of the Charter and is about as un-Canadian as you can get.

          We each have the right to our thoughts and opinions no matter how misguided or even odious they may be at times. It’s our actions based on those thoughts and opinions that we restrain with the rule of law. No law was broken here – not even close.

  • Blame Crash

    You Garrret seem to miss a lot of points too! Like basically, everything written in this post.
    But one can one expect from someone who equates any deviation from the Prog party line on the homo-agenda as “vehement”, which then, at least in your fevered mind, leads to the support of “atrocities” and “murder”.
    As they say: “Ain’t no bigot like a leftist bigot”.
    Yes, they always point their crooked little finger at others and accuse them of what they themselves are especially guilty of. That is one of the oldest, tried and true propaganda tactics that was ever hatched by the long list of human monsters.

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      Cut him some slack. He’s entitled to express his opinion just as you and I are and he did it civily and respectfully. I have no issue with the fact that he doesn’t agree with you and I. If we can’t discuss and debate opposing points of view without getting angry, we’re no better than the players in politics.

  • Garrett

    I should have written “NOT dithering on the issue”…in my previous post.

    Can I suggest you allow editing of posts?

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      It took me almost three months to figure out how to allow comments at all. Trying to figure out how to permit editing may tax my technological abilities. :-)

  • Garrett

    Hi Bear
    One point you missed regarding CCC, was their vehement description of homosexuality as a “perversion” and how their opinion nicely dovetailed with Ugandas record of human rights atrocities, and murder, perpetrated against homosexuals. Apparently CCC forgot their Christian side. I’m sorry but you simply cannot look at that and say that they’ve done so much good when they apparently condone the denial of basic human rights. Uganda wasnt kust demying jobs to jomosexuals, they are murdering them! Mulcair and Marois support removing funding and as much as I don’t like the politics of these 2, they got it right. The funding will hopefully go to a secular organization that doesn’t use 2 faced Christian hypocrisy to judge others based on outdated, centuries old, dogma.


    • Garrett

      One thing I neglected to mention was that while the NDP and Marois’ band of thieves may have cherry picked this particular issue and did the right thing, the Conservatives should be appluaded for realizing their obvious mistake and removing funding from CCC. The Harper government has stated it is against the Ugandan governments’ discrimination and outright support of capital punishment for homosexuals so funding of an obvious anti gay organization like CCC was a major blunder. Kudoes to them for recognizing this and dithering on the issue.

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      As I pointed out, it isn’t one Christian group or another that seems to forget the teachings of Christ. The Catholic Church is notorious and yet Mr. Mulcair doesn’t consider the Catholic Church ‘anti-Canadian’. Perhaps it is because it is his church.

      I’m not defending Crossroads, I am attacking hypocrisy. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of petty minds trying to smear the other side by digging up some sin or other while ignoring their own. We all have sins. Deal with and let’s move on. If some sinners are also willing to roll up their sleeves and get dirty trying to help others, then get out of their way and let them go to town. This attack on Crossroads was sheer stupidity and nothing more than an attempt to throw some ideological mud at the government. I get tired of that when these people should be focused on the priorities and challenges facing our society. Government is more than just a game for politicians to play, it’s how we manage our common resources and move our nation forward. Hypocrisy like this does nothing but divide us and pull us backward.

    • Scott M

      “Apparently CCC forgot their Christian side”.

      Really? I guess their Christianity got all forgotten when they were providing people with clean drinking water and sewers, feeding the hungry, clothing the poor and caring for those stricken and dying with AIDS. Oh and the money; what they receive from the government is a drop in the bucket compared with the millions upon millions that other Christians donate not only to CCC but to a host of other like-minded, and in the words of the Honorable leader of the Opposition “un-Canadian” evangelical missionary organizations. Maybe we Christians should be like other “activists” and just let our words speak louder than our actions.

      I’ll let you in on a little secret; Christians are people who struggle with a multitude of sins, Luther likened us to “Snow covered dung”. The bible is full of murderers, liars and fornicators who by the grace of God were set free from what they were and became through the supernatural power of God what He wanted them to be. It’s true, we don’t condone homosexuality, but those are God’s rules not ours, so take it up with Him. Do Christians struggle with sexual sin? of course they do. I struggle with sin every single day. But I have a forgiving and loving Saviour to turn to. Our message is simple, God loves you enough that He bore the penalty for your sin against Him on a Roman cross. He wants to you to be reconciled to Him. He has a better way for you.

      And that my friend is why we are compelled to go to places that no one else wants or dares to go; places like Uganda or in my case the city streets and help those that society, for all its bluster and pomp about caring and inclusiveness, lift nary a finger to help. We are called to proclaim a message of hope and freedom from a God of love of forgiveness. We are witnesses to it and we want to share that with the world. If that’s wrong please enlighten me. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. I really enjoy reading your blog.

      • http://abearsrant.com thebear

        I agree with you which is why I wrote this article. Mr. Mulcair is a practicing Catholic that teaches that homosexuality is a sin but he doesn’t consider his Catholicism to be un-Canadian or even anti-Christian. I think you hit it bang on when you indicated that Christians are simply people who adhere to a faith but who struggle to live up to the teachings of that faith like everyone else does in their daily lives.

        Sometimes some Christians stumble, sometimes they nail it. I believe that what people strive to do is more important than what they believe. In the case of CCC, they have a long record of helping others both in third world countries and in our own. I deplore the hypocrisy of people like Thomas Mulcair and to be perfectly frank, I’m tired of the hypocrisy.

        Feel free to vent a comment here any time whether you agree or disagree with me. All I ask for is a little civility and some commons sense. Your comment provided both.