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Senator Patrick Brazeau And Political Ethics

UPDATE: Since posting this article yesterday, Senator Patrick Brazeau has been formally charged in a Gatineau court to one count of assault and one count of sexual assault. The charges are unproven at this time and under our system of law, Senator Brazeau is entitled to the presumption of innocence until and if it is proven otherwise.  This has not stopped the mainstream and social media from convicting him of these and every other charge they can imagine including just being too young to be in the Senate, misuse of Senate Housing Allowance and being rude to a National Post Reporter and Theresa Spence.

The feeding frenzy has begun and the sharks have gathered, maddened by the smell of blood in the water.

The Senate Board of Economy is now investigating Senator Brazeau for abuses of both the Housing Allowance and his expense account and many, including some in the mainstream media and many in the NDP, including that bastion of morality Charlie Angus, are calling for his expulsion from the Senate. Apparently the NDP don’t support the presumption of innocence unless it’s for one of their own and the mainstream media seem to just enjoy a good lynchin’.

As far as this blog is concerned, continuing events and attitudes only further legitimize the rest of this post.

Well – that didn’t take long.


PM Stephen Harper & Senator Patrick Brazeau

Senator Patrick Brazeau was arrested this morning over a domestic disturbance incident and he’s already been removed from the Conservative Caucus in the Senate. We don’t even know what the actual charge is yet and he hasn’t been found guilty of anything but to hell with presumption of innocence. Social media has already convicted him and written him off as just another ‘irresponsible Indian’.

Apparently, so have the Conservatives. Politics is becoming increasingly ethically-challenged and not merely on one side of the aisle.

Conservative Dean Del Mastro is under investigation for illegal campaign contributions but he remains in caucus. Former Liberal Cabinet Minister Joe Fontana is charged with fraud but he remains Mayor of London. Former Liberal Senator Raymond Lavigne was convicted of fraud and sentenced to six months in prison. He was removed from both the Liberal Senate Caucus and the Senate but only after he was convicted an most likely only because it’s pretty much impossible to attend sessions from prison.

The New Democratic Party was charged with illegal fund raising and was fined more than $300,000 and the Liberals got caught hiding the fact that one of their Senators was suffering from dementia and had been declared legally incompetent; a fact they tried to cover up in order to try and prevent the government from replacing her.

Various senators are being investigated for misuse of the residency grant that is available to senators who live in other parts of the country but who require a residence in Ottawa to attend to their duties. Liberal Senator Mac Harb, for example, represented Ottawa Centre in the House of Commons prior to being called to the Senate. He worked and lived in Ottawa before moving into politics. As a resident of Ottawa, Senator Harb would not be entitled to the residency grant but no need to worry, he suddenly has two residences with his primary residence  declared to be in Pembroke, Ontario.

Too many politicians lately just don’t seem to get it. If you have to do some fancy dancing to qualify for extra cash, then you aren’t really entitled to it.

Despite the continual accusations about the Conservatives undermining democracy with fraudulent RoboCalls, the only politician actually charged was in fact a Liberal. MP Frank Valeriote, who after being found in violation of both CRTC regulation and the Elections Canada Act, remains a sitting member.

And, of course, there was AdScam where Liberal bagmen literally handed out taxpayer cash to supporters in dingy diners in Montreal  in brown paper bags. Some of bagmen went to prison but no politician was ever removed from office or the caucus.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

Our government – the people’s government – is being played like a cheap violin by political parties with situational ethics and practices. People like Senator Brazeau and Helena Guergis are removed from office before anything is proven while some who are actually convicted sail on through.


Former Cabinet Minister Helena Guergis

It almost makes you feel sorry for Ms Guergis who was unceremoniously booted from her position as a Cabinet Minister based on  unsubstantiated rumours and from the Conservative Caucus on flimsy accusations that were later found to have no basis in fact. I said almost. The woman was a train wreck as a Cabinet Minister.

We don’t make it any better for ourselves because we play right along.

Instead of demanding the highest possible ethical standard from all politicians and their parties, we ignore the sins of those we support while loudly condemning those  we oppose. We are quick to judge harhly our opponents, usually before the facts are known and even quicker to defend our guy long after the facts have revealed wrong-doing and ethical breaches.

We litter social media with hysterical accusations and self-righteous comments about the accused or in his or her defense and the media throw gas on the fire. The National Post lost no time in getting up a poll to measure support for having Senator Brazeau removed from the Senate.

Well why not? He hasn’t been found guilty of anything yet but why wait for the facts or a trial. Grab a rope and string the bastard up. We have other things to do.

Nobody has bothered to stop and ask, “What happens if the allegations turn out to be fraudulent and he isn’t even charged let alone found guilty?” There was a time when it was considered appropriate for a member of the government to step aside when they came under investigation. It was understood that they would be welcomed back should their name be cleared. This sometimes slash and burn and alternatively deny, deny, deny is simply corrupt gamesmanship.

This isn’t the first time this kind of lynch-mob mentality has occurred and it won’t be the last but every time I watch it happen, I always have the same thought. I always wonder just how happy those who are so quick to condemn without knowing the facts would be to have themselves condemned before the truth in their situation was known, especially if they were innocent.

Judging by how hurt and even crushed many are when somebody unfollows them on Twitter or unfriends them on Facebook, I doubt they would handle being harshly judged by the mob very well at all.

I don’t expect much from many on social media. It’s a jungle that you take seriously at your own peril but I do have a higher standard for those who govern us and it isn’t being met.

Either everyone should be removed from their cabinet position or their caucus when arrested and charged or none should until after they have been convicted. This selective approach to the appearance of ethics is a sham designed more to protect the party and some loyal members than to protect the institution of the people’s Parliament.

I find it disturbing that so many of us not only simply accept the game but support it. But to be honest, I don’t find it all that surprising that we are seldom satisfied by the government we get because quite frankly, based on our own convenient and ideology-based ethics, we usually get the government we deserve.

“I know a lot of fancy dancers – people who can glide you ‘cross the floor
they move so smooth but have no answers, when you ask them
“why’d you come here for?”
– Cat Stevens


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  • dmorris

    It’s impossible to tell yet whether the Brazeau case is as bad as the MSM would have us believe,which IS their intent,after all. We’ll see.

    The only complaint I had against Brazeau was his lousy performance against Trudeau,but he probably never had any decent coaching to prepare for a fight against a person who’d been boxing for six years.

    I DID admire his candor re Theresa Spence,who I believe epitomizes the problems FN’s face with crooked politicians.

    As to the convicted Senator Lavigne,I read this morning,that Lavigne was allowed to resign before they formally booted his ass out of the Senate,thus preserving his $80,000 a year pension!

    Even when they punish one of their own,they make sure he has a soft landing.

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      Make no mistake about it. If Patrick Brazeau is found guilty, I hope he feels the full force of law. I have no use for people convicted of assault and sexual assault in particular. I consider both a violation of every individual’s right to safety of their person and sexual assault to be violation of the soul as much as the body. But until he’s found guilty, he shouldn’t be treated like he is. He should have been asked (told in private) that he needed to step aside from his duties until the matter was resolved. He should have been given the opportunity to make a public statement accordingly that he would be taking a leave of absence from his role in caucus until such time as the charges were addressed. Instead, just as they did with Guergis, they acted precipitously, trampling his right to the presumption of innocence. They might as well have just come out and declared that he is guilty.

      Some are deluding themselves into believing that if he is acquitted of all charges, he will be reinstated but as we know, that didn’t turn out too well for Helena Guergis. She was cleared by the RCMP of all alleged wrong-doing but remained an outcast which deprived her riding of the representation for which they have voted and ultimately destroyed her political career.

      In the meantime, others get away with it. Liberal Senator Mac Harb is currently under investigation by the RCMP for potential fraudulent misuse of his expense accoutn – he remains in the Liberal Caucus. Conservative Senator Mike Duffy is under investigation by he Senate Ways And Meands Committee for possible misuse of the Senate’s housing allowance which, if proven to be the case, would constitute fraud – he not only remains in caucus, he speaks on behalf of the conservatives publicly. Dean Del Mastro is under investigation for possible election campaign fraud, he too remains in caucus.

      It is the inconsistent application of ethical standards that offends me.

      • Guffman

        I have to jump in here one more time as I keep reading about poor Helena Geurgis being treated unfairly by PM Harper. I don’t believe Harper is the kind of man who would launch an RCMP investigation on one of his own cabinet members without a great deal of forethought and reason – that is not how he has ever operated. Nor, as you point out, does he cave into opposition demands or media demands. There was something more going on here than we will ever probably know. I personally think it had more to do with her husband and his questionable behaviour on a number of fronts (business and personal). When questioned before committee, he firstly put it off as long as possible and then gave vague answers, or no answers at all to some pretty basic questioning related to what he was doing using his wife’s office and blackberry.
        A sitting PM cannot have a ticking time-bomb like that tied to his government in any way – especially to someone in his own caucus and cabinet. While Helena was cleared, Jaffer may not have been, had he faced a similar investigation. Right or wrong, people are judged on who they surround themselves with, and in this case, who they marry.
        In addition, Helena DID NOT wait for the RCMP investigation to finish before she went on national TV in prime time and ran down Stephen Harper, her boss. And at the time she was suspended from cabinet pending the investigation, not thrown out. But if the final nail wasn’t already in her coffin, she had now volunteered to bang the last one in herself. And following that, the people in her own riding passed their own judgement on her and her husband, and decidedly not in her favour.
        I don’t believe that Stephen Harper is the type of man who would decimate someone’s reputation and career, especially in his own party, without just cause.
        As you said, innocent people get mud thrown at them regularly in Parliament, but it is up to the party leaders to decide which accusations have merit and which do not – therefore everyone cannot be treated exactly the same. Some will be suspended or turfed entirely, and some will be allowed to go about their jobs as an investigation proceeds. It’s not always black and white, so you can’t have a blanket rule as you’re suggesting, where everyone who faces allegations of wrongdoing are either cut loose or retained. There will always be grey area, and decisions must be made on a case-by-case basis.
        I don’t see this as an inconsistant application of ethical standards, but as a measured approach to each situation, before ruining a person’s reputation. How ethical is it to throw someone out of caucus on the flimsiest of evidence, or because of an unclear technicality of protocol? Your argument that all sitting members should be treated exactly the same, for many different circumstances, is far too simplistic. While it may be an easy solution, it would not be ethical in the least.

        • http://abearsrant.com thebear

          Let me respond first by saying that I don’t have much use for Helena Guergis as either a cabinet minister or a member of Parliament. I thought she was an arrogant, self-centred train wreck. And I thought that before she was turfed. Having said that, there have always been people in politics who cross the line and you are correct, party leaders have always had to deal with them but they used to be dealt with differently than they are today.

          It used to be that whenever a cabinet minister came under investigation or was caught up in some scandal, they immediately resigned their position to protect the government. Now the leaders, including our Prime Minister who I voted for in every election in which he ran, defends some but not all of his members under similar circumstances. It isn’t whether or not Guergis or Brazeau should step down, it’t the way it is done now and the fact that the rules don’t apply equally to all.

          Marjorie Labretton released a statement yesterday about Senator Brazeau that was far more professional than the one-line email that was released the day before. Nothing would have been lost to the government by waiting one day to find out just what in hell was going on and then conducting itself in a more professional manner. What if there had been no charges? The government would have looked like fools who over-reacted.

          I respect Stephen Harper in most things but you’re wrong about him. He does have a mean streak and when he gets his back up he moves harshly. Guergis should have been removed from cabinet but she didn’t deserve to be treated with the animosity she received and neither did the people in her riding that she represented. Too often, when political leaders conduct themselves like this, they tend to forget that the member they are slapping down is actually a representative of the people and remains so until wrong-doing is proven.

          I don’t expect much from the opposition parties but I do expect and demand a higher standard from the Prime Minister I supported.

          • Guffman

            While I respect your opinion and very much like your blog, I think you’re mistaken in thinking you have the same information in all these cases that the Prime Minister does. In my line of work I deal with certain government departments and I can assure you I hear things from people in respectable positions (in confidence) that I never read or hear about in the media or blogs.
            Not everything seeps out to the media surprisingly, and certainly at the Prime Minister’s level, there is classified information that only a very few are privy to.
            You see a mean streak in PM Harper where I see a decisive leader who knows when to drop the axe and when to hold it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fanboy of the PM and there I certainly have my criticisms elsewhere with him, but not in this field (so far…)
            I agree with you that in years past, a sitting MP would voluntarily step down while an investigation proceeded, but I think those honourable days are long gone, and I don’t think we’ll see them return. In this day of constant media and internet bombardment every second of the day, innuendo and accusations come pouring in from all sides Nothing would get done if every time an accusation was hurled, a member had to step aside for months or years while the RCMP and Parliamentary committees tried to sort out truth from fiction. It is a sad but real truth. In the end we have to put some faith in the leaders we elect. If they disappoint enough of us, often enough, they will eventually pay the price. Given my choices, I’ll stick with Harper for the foreseeable future.
            Anyways, I’ll leave it at that. Thanks for giving me a voice here.

            • http://abearsrant.com thebear

              I’m not quite as naive or as disconnected as you may think. My wife is a senior executive in the government and extremely well connected. I worked with senior officials many times back in the day and remain connected. This is the Guergis situation all over again. He reacted based on supposition and without any hard, cold facts and that is a simple fact. It was handled very poorly with a two line email that basically was tantamount to announcing that the party declared Senator Brazeau guilty and he hadn’t even been charged with a crime.

              I contrast that to his repeated defense of others in his caucus who have also been placed under criminal investigation and I can make no excuse for his behaviour. I hold those I support to a very high standard because they represent me. You can hold them to whatever standard you like.

              It’s easy to forgive those we support for what we condemn in others. I see it every day. Excuses and rationalizations are presented to justify some action that they would be outraged by if had been done by someone in an opposing party. I have and will continue to support this prime minister but he has a side to him that can be a little too viscious. Nothing would have been lost by waiting one day until they knew whether or not charges would have been laid against Patrick Brazeau and the fact that charges had been laid would have lent credibility to both his action and your argument. The fact that he didn’t underscores mine.

              He reacted too quickly and by so doing put himself and the party in jeopardy of being diminished if charges had not been laid. He would have looked like what his opponents often accuse him of being. He lays claim to being a reasoned and principled man. If that is true, he has a responsibility to live up to that belief by being consistent his approach to these issues. Nobody said it would be easy but it comes with the job and it is the job he wanted.

  • http://abearsrant.com Ontario Girl

    Remember these three Liberals trying to get away with milking taxpayers for their housing allowances? They just paid the money back and the media were all hush hush over it.


    Then there was Jack Layton and Olivia Chow, NDP, called the million dollar couple …they lived in the same condo in Ottawa and both charged separate living expenses. When questioned about it, Chow said it was no ones business. In other words..eat cake and buzz off…..They both voted against accountability of showing their expenses….where’s CHARLIE ANGUS on that one??? Do as I say, not as I do. Pathetic.

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      Three are examples in all parties. Unfortunately, we tend to only criticize the other parties for it while defending or excusing the same attitudes and ehaviour within our own. My attitude is that the behaviour is simply wrong no matter who does it and if I give my support to a political party, I expect them to conduct themselves to the highest possible ethical standard because they represent me. I resent being represented by anyone who thinks ethics are merely one more inconvenience to be ignored or applied on a case by case basis.

  • Guffman

    I think PM Harper probably knows quite a bit more than we do when he decides to turf someone from the Conservative caucus. You can bet he was thoroughly briefed on Brazeau’s circumstances before making the decision he did, and knew of the upcoming charges, and probably the facts behind them.
    Geurgis brought herself down, by marrying the guy with “someone else’s” cocaine in his pocket, allowing him to use her office when he wasn’t re-elected to further his new business, having a fit at the Charlottetown airport, and as someone has already pointed out, dissing her boss on National television with Peter Mansbridge. She quickly turned herself into a full blown train wreck.
    Brazeau has not been doing himself any favours either. While he preaches accountability, he does not seem to be practicing the same. I’m pretty cautious before passing judgement on anyone, but Brazeau certainly has a ever growing list of questionable conduct that he must answer for. As a Conservative, I think we must ask accountability from our own before asking it from others.

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      Guergis was cleared of any and all allegations by the RCMP. I think she is an idiot but she was treated unfairly by a party that turns a blind eye to the allegations of wrong doing by those members it likes. I get tired of people trying to defend situational ethics because they being applied by “our” side rather than demanding a consistent high standard from all parties. It’s small wonder our political system is in the shape it’s in.

      Nothing has been proven against Brazeau in court and Prime Minister Harper has no more information than you or I about whether or not the allegations are true or false. Quite frankly, if we don’t hold the party we support to the highest possible standard and demand that they meet that standard, we have no right to demand it from the other parties.

      • Guffman

        As you may remember, Harper stood by Geurgis, under an fiercely attacking opposition and media, until he could no longer do so.
        And I’m not sure what you mean by “situational ethics”. Ethics are ethics, are they not? – no matter what the situation.
        And while Geurgis was cleared of any and all allegations by the RCMP, that doesn’t necessarily mean a whole lot. The crown dropped the charges on hubby Jaffer’s cocaine possession too for no apparent reason. And remember good old Michael Bryant who, in a camera-captured road rage, killed the cyclist – all charges were dropped on the former Attorney General of Ontario.
        There is not one rule of law for everyone in this country and some in higher places, or with good connections, *seem* to be cleared of charges, where many others would not be.
        I’m not saying that Geurgis wasn’t innocent, just that at a certain point – whether it’s her or Brazeau or whoever – when enough sh*t piles up, you’re going to be shown the door, and rightly so as far as I’m concerned. Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire, and ANY party has to distance themselves from situations like these.
        While it may not seem fair sometimes, optics are important too in politics, and do not rank far behind ethics.
        Finally, I agree with you 100% in demanding a consistent higher standard from ALL politicians. I was just pointing out that many demand it of others, while giving their own parties quite a bit more wiggle room.

        • http://abearsrant.com thebear

          Harper stood by Helena Guergis after the airport incident because it was the opposition demanding her resignation and he never caves to that. He threw her under the bus when someone whispered unproven allegations in his ear. The proper course of action would have been to accept her resignation from cabinet until the allegations were either proven or unproven. Instead, he threw her out of caucus which was pretty much the same as standing up and yelling to the free world that she was probably guilty.

          Situationional ethics is the application of the principles in which you purport to believe being applied on a case by case basis. Allegations are made against one and ignored or defended, the next time when allegations are made, that person is treated differently.Serious allegations have been raised against Dean Del Mastero but he continues to sit in caucus. I don’t care what the principles are necessarily, although personally I prefer someone who has high standards, but whatever they are, apply them consistently and fairly. Otherwise, it’s all just one big political game that cheapens our system of government and our institutions.

          Your example of Michael Bryaht is an excellent case in point. He was treated differently. It happens in all parties at all levels of government. Enough is enough. It is a lack of respect for our institutions, for the people who have been accused and for the people in general.

  • Jeff

    When he was appointed senator, along with 17 others in a mid-prorogation patronage frenzy, the Conservative government already knew then-Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice had received letters from aboriginal leaders in this country questioning the membership and spending of the organization Brazeau headed.

    The prime minister’s office knew this former model and martial arts expert was facing a charge of sexual harassment.

    Kory Teneycke, Harper’s spokesperson of the day, said the prime minister was aware of the allegations and said Harper was “proud” to appoint Brazeau since there was no finding of misconduct.

    Days later, news emerged of a troubling audit of CAP by Health Canada leading then Opposition leader Michael Ignatieff — 12 days after Brazeau’s swearing-in — to question whether he was “Senate material.’’

    Then the Star’s Joanna Smith reported that the new senator, who drove a Porsche SUV, was behind in child support payments. The PMO, by then, was hiding behind its “private matter” shield, but Brazeau was already displaying his penchant for blaming everyone but himself.

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      It’s all well and good to point fingers at the conservatives but this isn’t a situation unique to them. Senator Lavigne, a Liberal, was convicted of fraud last year and sentenced to six months in prison. Senators are appointed with the expectation they will obey the law, most do, a few don’t. You don’t have to be a Liberal or a Conservative to be dishonest, being human seems to suffice and any party can get bitten on the ass by a dishonest person. Until people stop blaming the other side and start focusing on the the real issues, it isn’t going to improve.

    • Rich

      Those accusations about Senator Brazeau, when he was first appointed to the Senate about him driving a Porsche, and missing child support payments, were mostly coming from the AFN; because even back then he was an out spoken critic of the AFN and their unaccountability. If memory serves me correct, he left the AFN and formed a new native organization to promote fairness and accountability on native reserves.

      • http://abearsrant.com thebear

        Accusations are not fact. They can be made by anybody with an agenda. If we made our decisions based on allegations and unproven accusations, nobody would be appointed to anything. The fact is that there is so much contradictory accusation that comes out of First Nations, it doesn’t take a leap in logic to understand that until they are actually proven and supported by fact, they aren’t worth the time it took to make them.

  • old white guy

    incompetent, immoral people filling appointed positions because our constitution allows these positions to exist. long past time to dump the senate. i don’t care how much work is involved or how many votes are needed or if the constitution has to be amended. just get at it mr. harper.

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      If it was left to Stephen Harper, the Senate would already be gone. It isn’t however. It requires a constitutional ammendment and there is no appetite in the country, Parliament of the provincial legislatures to reopen the constitution for anything.

  • Gerry from gta

    I thought the party dumped him too fast. I find that disturbing. Everything I have seen in the media is he was arrested but not charged. what does that mean? it appears the issue is not clear and they are still investigating. The justice system if not corrupt should prevail and we will understand what really happened — good or bad.

    All I know there is a very vicious campaign to take out Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto. They have used every legal measure to mire him thru the mud. So far he has rode thru 2 of the 3 barriers and the 3rd is iffy dependent on real costs versus perceived costs. That is still yet to be determined. It is a campaign of a thousand cuts — bleed your opponent and wear him down.

    When I lived in Ottawa I saw a very similar campaign waged against the mayor of Ottawa, Larry O’Brien — I think this was the same model used to wear down Toronto’s mayor. Good thing is that Ford has more fight. It is why it smells so bad.

    sad part is the media seems to buzz over the worst-case ramifications without touching the source and motivations of these law suits. It is time that the CRTC re-evaluates the TV licenses of those propagating hatred (yes hatred) against Mayor Rob Ford. To watch the CBC & CTV and the glee they portrayed prior to the release of the report about potential ramifications spoke volumes on hatred of Mayor Rob Ford. I also saw reports and stories in the early days of the Ford administration that openly wished for him to die of a heart attack — is this not hatred?

    If such hatred was portrayed against an Imam, or a Rabbi or a Priest (well somehow that falls between the cracks) would be declared as propagation of hate by Human Rights Commissions. Somehow questioning of Chief Spence is subdued and quashed. What is wrong with this?

    There is a problem in perception by the main stream media — some people are guilty and others are not.

    Ford’s major aggressor is also a disciple of Olivia Chow — is this an indication of how a government under her control would operate?

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      There is no in between. Either you’re out the door before you’ve had a chance to finish your coffee or you aren’t going out at all.There is no ethical standard being applied, it is strictly politics and all sides of the political spectrum. I get tired of watching hypocrites like Charlie Angus demanding more accountability from the government while dismissing calls for more accountability for the undocumented millions spent at Attiwapiskat. I’m tired of hearing Liberals who stole money from taxpayers, point fingers at the Conservatives for less. I’m tired of the NDP talking about ethics when they used the death of Jack Layton as a fund-raising gimmick before he had even been buried.

      The lack of consistent ethics and principles in politics today is a disgrace and yet, somehow these guys can go on television and look straight-faced into the cameras and point fingers with all the sanctimony of a self-righteous religious fanatic only too eager to condemn the sins of others. I’m tired of that most of all.

      The Ontario Liberals just elected a new leader and there wasn’t one word in the leadership race about the disaster their policies had brought to Ontario and how they would repair that damaged. The current Federal Race is just one big hypocrisy with a bunch of has beens and Peter Pan ignoring the message Canadians gave them in the last election.

      Politicians have turned our government into the Aegean Stables and it is going to take mighty effort to clean out all that horseshit!

      • Gerry from gta

        I was told how the liberal system works by a person who refused to compromise himself but was told how it works. I respect this person as they could have cashed in big time but they had ethics and did not go that route.

        Basically you pay a liberal party lawyer in Ottawa 20k in brown envelopes. It gets you on a short list which you would win a contract — at that point you are obligated to pay 5% kickback also in brown envelopes to the same specified lawyer. To win the next contract you have to donate another 20k to get you on the list again.

        I would have blown this off as hot-air except another person explained this to me back in the 90’s when I was applying for contracts in the Open Bidding Service — he laughed at me for trying to base my bids on cost and content. He told me I was wasting my time and effort. He was right. When I heard about this scam from the person listed above confirmed what I heard previously from the arsehole in the 90’s.

        This same arsehole lost all Federal contracts after the Liberals lost power but got lots of contracts from the Ontario Provincial government which is the same type of criminals. He also lost all contracts prior to the Liberals coming to power federally in the 90’s — amazing he was getting multi-million dollar contracts once Chretien was elected. Prior to that the federal government department thought his work bad and weren’t interested.

        This liberal party needs to die a horrible death.

        The bureaucracy needs purging as the Liberals could not pull off what they did without bureaucracy help. This I find most disquieting.

  • http://bgulk0.wix.com/raspberry-h-venue gramma Barb

    Leadership, respect (for and of) should come from the top down. Seems whoever is in power sets the rules and breaks the rules whenever it suits them at the time and for whatever power they hope to generate from their actions. As a senior member of society, I see our governing bodies across our Canada loosing ground, loosing respect and above all else loosing credibility. I at one time had respect for anyone that chose a career in politics. It use to be ‘It’s about serving the people’ now it is about ‘serving my greed’. Greed for dollars, power, prestige and oh yes, throw a little bit of sex in there, for those that stray and get caught! Is it because we are kept ‘informed’ more so today, that the bubble has burst? perhaps but nonetheless, we still, as a society look towards the Leader. PMSH is Canada’s leader today. As I see it, taking in all those that strive to be A leader, he is the best we have got. With that said, his egotistical power trips are becoming a bit hard to take, and yet on the other hand he has to do what he feels is best at the time, I just wish he would stick to a code of ethics and dish it out equal to all. Without a Leader, the house is in a scramble……As of today, I believe the house is scrambled

  • Relayer

    Speaking as a card-carrying CPC member, the PM did the right thing by turfing him. Pity he did the wrong thing by appointing him in the first place: Brazeau has been a slow-motion trainwreck for a while now. It was time to cut our losses and boot him before he drags the entire Party down.

    Geurgis? As above.

    I calls ’em as I sees ’em.

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      I notice that you didn’t call either Mike Duffy or Dean Del Mastro.

  • http://abearsrant.com Ontario Girl

    MP Charlie Angus who stood by Chief Spence and her missing 81% of paperwork in the reservations audit…..listen to the MP hypocrite now….absolutely astonishing!!!


  • http://abearsrant.com Ontario Girl

    For anyone who likes a PM Harper and Conservatives hate bash, check out the CTV Don Martin show tonight. A total show slamming the Govt. and the senate and Patrick Brazeau. He hasn’t been questioned or charged yet. What a sickening pile up that was.
    Wonder if it has anything to do with the fact Brazeau was considering a law suit against Fife or CTV for doctoring a tape making him look like he said something he did not. hypocrites.

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      I saw it. I thought that Charlie Angus was incredible demanding accountability from the conservatives while glossing over any questions he had received in January about financial accountability regarding Theresa Spence. That is the kind of situational ethics and political hypocrisy this post is about.

  • Alain

    Thank you for bringing common sense (although it is rather rare these days) to this issue. Knowing how the law works nowadays concerning any claim of domestic violence is reason enough to hold judgement until the facts are in. The reality is that the man is automatically physically removed from the home, even if he is the victim and must then prove his innocence in court. I have no tolerance for real domestic violence by either the man or the woman, but being charged and hauled off by the cops is no longer proof of anything. Removing him so quickly from the Conservative Caucus was wrong in my opinion. If it turns out he is found guilty, then do it.

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      The issue is that it tramples the right to presumption of innocence. What do they do if it turns out the accusation against him was fraudulent? Simple say, “Oops. sorry for trashing your reputation?”

  • frank the tank

    Harper gave that scumbag a life appointment to Parliament. What a joke. I wish Harper kept his promise to not lard the Senate with cronies. Now look at the mess. Blech. I’m not voting Conservative anymore.

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  • Nicola Timmerman

    I have met Senator Brazeau and was quite impressed with him until he got into that stupid boxing match with Trudeau and obviously wasn’t sufficiently prepared. I would agree with you about the rush to judgment except any sign of wishy-washiness about abuse of women would immediately be condemned by the media.

    As for Guergis she lost my sympathy when she went on t.v. with Peter Manbridge and dissed PM Harper and then expected Harper to take her back.

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      In a rush to judgement, the signal is sent that the individual is guilty and that is simply contrary to the system of justice in this democracy. I have no use for men who abuse women but we don’t even know if that is what happened here. As for Guergis, she was a train wreck as a cabinet minister and should have been removed from cabinet after that stupidity at the airport. She should not have been thrown out of caucus. She did not break the law and by removing her, the people of her riding were denied the representation for which they had voted and that undermines their democratic rights.

  • Candace

    You make some good points, but I’m not sure I agree 100%. Guergis brought alot of it onto herself w/her airport tantrums, letting hubby use her office/position to further himself, etc. so by the time they got around to kicking her out of caucus, she had earned it. On the flip side fo the argument, jeezus H it took friggin forEVER to get rid of Oda. And don’t get me going on McKay or Clement.

    I think w/respect to Brazeau, punting him from caucus right away was smart. These are serious charges, and someone was physically hurt, although we don’t know to what degree. On top of that, he (Brazeau, not Harper) has been generating an awful lot of negative publicity this past year or so, for a variety of things – some big, some small – and PMSH may have just been looking for an opportunity to wash his hands of him.

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      I agree with your point about Guergis, she was a train wreck as a minister but that deserved being removed from cabinet, not thrown out of the caucus. She was elected by the people as a conservative and had not violated any rules. She was simply a terrible minister.

      I also agree with you about McKay and Oda and you can toss Senator Mike Duffy in as well. You know someone’s been caught with their hand in the cookie jar when they try to sneak out through the kitchen after a speaking engagement rather than face the media.

      My issue with Brazeau is simple Accusation is not proof of guilt. For all we know the charges themselves are fraudulent – then what? Do the Conservatives say “Oops, sorry?”.

      Most of all I hate the hypocrisy of it all. This guy is guilty before the evidence is in, that guy isn’t even after the evidence actually proves he or she is. My issue is treat everyone the same way. Demand the same standard for all. This selective application of convenient ethics is a disgrace to the people’s parliament.

      • RunningWithTheWolves

        Thank you very much Bear. There appears to be an epidemic of no standard and double standard. And still many Canadian simply don’t pay attention and don’t care. May I share a link from Elections Canada?
        There are some sobering statistics here and a good look back in the decline of voters.

        Regards… RunningWithTheWolves

        • http://abearsrant.com thebear

          Excellent link. Thank you for sharing it.