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We’re Tired Of Being Herded Rather Than Heard!

The I Am Tired Of It Movement is growing, my friends, and more folks are rallying to the cause. I was more than a little surprised by just how many joined us yesterday and while we haven’t achieved official trending status yet, we’re on the map.

It appears that there are more of us, and we share more in common, than we might have believed. We are not alone in our frustrations or the things that frustrate us. That’s one of the great things about  a movement like ours. It isn’t just about venting our spleens, it reveals just how widespread is our discontent.

Politics and government were at the top of the list..

Deborah ‏@Mystz
#Iamtiredof..our Govmnt selling our natural resourses cheaply to other countries while we Cdns pay over premium prices for the same!
Lora! ‏@Half_Symphonic
#Iamtiredof of the politicians looking out for their next election instead of the good of this country & citizens.
Mommasaurus009★ ‏@mommasaurus009
#iamtiredof a Pres who says he wants a “balanced” approach then turns around and says he will only accept it his way or no way!
Mehran Bagheri ‏@mehranb
#Iamtiredof Enough is enough. This is the time that government needs to do something to create equal rights between Landlords and Tenants.
silly girl ‏@iluvscoops
#Iamtiredof being lied to by people in DC.
Cheryl R ‏@Cheryl4255
#Iamtiredof our politicians selling us out and not making good on their promises.
rakingmuck ‏@rakingmuck
#Iamtiredof This Government. Period.


A close second was the media and with little surprise, this was an issue that transcended right vs. left.

hopskin ‏@hopskin
#Iamtiredof media that “create” or “stage” news events with bias rather that reporting facts in balanced manner
Alberta Girl ‏@AlbertaGrl
#Iamtiredof a media that picks & choose what they are going to report based on their ideology. It is a disservice to ALL Canadians #cdnpoli
Arpi Greco ‏@arpigreco
#Iamtiredof Ezra Levant getting the attention he doesn’t deserve. It’s like he’s the Howard Stern of something, but I don’t know what…

There were others that touched on everything from equal application and enforcement of our laws to people being tired of the banal, the hypocritical and those who are incapable of discussing anything civilly or with respect.

A couple were more introspective, almost confessional..

Arpi Greco ‏@arpigreco
#Iamtiredof procrastinating my New Year’s resolutions until the next year!
Kirsten Rush ‏@NavyBlueWhale
#Iamtiredof being a procrastinator… Time to wake up and stop being so lazy. I have work and study to do and I WILL start it TODAY.

You can see them all on Twitter by clicking on the hashtag @Iamtiredof

Not everyone was happy with our growing little movement, of course, especially those who thought they saw, or actually did see, themselves in some of the tweets. Apparently there are more than a few who prefer to criticize than to be criticized. In a few cases, I suspect it is a lack of comfort with seeing that are so many who disagree with them.

Whatever it is, the simple fact is that we have made some noise and are capturing some attention. As any good protester knows, the first step in bringing about change is capturing attention for the issues. You won’t change anything by remaining invisible or remaining silent, so keep at it my friends.

And remember, a large group makes more noise than an individual.

Today is day 2 of the I Am Tired Of It movement and I doubt that any of us have run out of things we’re tired of yet. Send out your tweets today. Tell the world what you’re tired of and it know you’re not going to take it quietly anymore.

More than a few referred to our movement as a revolution but I don’t think it’s very revolutionary to simply stand up and speak out for what you believe. I consider that to be democratic. I think it’s common sense. You may not win for speaking up but you definitely will lose if you remain silent and apathetic.

It’s like people who don’t vote in elections but who complain about government after the election is held. They had their chance to try and bring about change but they didn’t take it. They lost the right to complain afterwards as a result and so it is with us.

Those who take from us, those who are corrupt, greedy, slaves to ideology, unprincipled, cynical and misinformed are very accomplished at making noise. The question isn’t  are we equally capable of being heard but are we prepared to stand up and make enough noise so that we are heard?

I believe it is better to be heard than to be herded. I am tired of being treated like we’re nothing but cattle to be used for the benefit of others.

If you believe the same thing, then do something about it and not tomorrow or next week but now; today! Tweet what your tired of using #Iamtiredof and let those who have taken advantage of us for too long know that we’re not going to take it anymore and that we are mobilizing.

You are not alone. There are more of us than you think.


If You’re Tired Of “It” – It’s Time To Stand Up & Do Something About It


I’m Tired Of It


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  • Gabby in QC

    I too am tired … but also disappointed.

    Tired of what? Tired of people singling out politicians and/or our institutions — “the system” — as the source of all the “evils” besetting us. What has happened to individual responsibility? If there’s something wrong with “the system”, it’s because individuals who are part of it are not working according to the rules. “The system” may not be perfect, but it’s better than everyone making up their own set of rules to suit their own purpose or air their own grievances. As Churchill’s dictum goes: “Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those others that have been tried.”

    Oh, and about that democracy? The current notion, especially according to opponents of the current government, is that every citizen must be personally consulted in order for the government to implement its policies. I’ve got news for them: Canada’s system of government is not a “direct democracy” (cf. Wiki article, rule by referenda, initiatives, and recall). Ours is a parliamentary system, with citizens electing their representatives. That does not mean that every citizen will see only his/her ideas implemented. The reality is that sometimes our representatives vote for some policies some constituents disagree with. That doesn’t negate the system’s validity nor the elected representative’s legitimacy.

    IMO, constantly putting down and vilifying politicians does a disservice to the social contract a functioning society needs to work for the common good. That means individuals trying to work constructively rather than tearing down and eroding politicians’ and our institutions’ credibility.

    And why am I disappointed? That so many people are willing to jump on the protest bandwagon, even if it is via the twitterverse.

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      No system is perfect and in a democracy, you protect your system by criticizing what’s wrong with it in order to fix it. We have a very good system but it is constantly being weakened by those who pervert it for their own pruposes. They are the real problem and most of us who believe in the democratic process and the system have been too silent for too long. We let everyone with an axe to grind dominate the conversation or we strike back singularly which ultimately only generates unresolved argument.

      There is a need for the silent majority to stand up and say enough!. Enough corruption of our democratic process, enough entitlement greed, enough whining, complaining and blaming. This isn’t the country in which I grew up. It has become an orgy of self-righteous self-indulgent angst and opinion. I think we’ve had more than enough of that too.

      People who don’t appreciate the blessings they have soon lose them and this country has been blessed. It’s long past time for people to take their heads out of their butts and remember that and that is what I Am Tired Of It is really all about. We’re tired of people perverting our system and undermining our country and the principles, values and simple decency on which it was built.

  • Gerry from GTA

    RE: Bell Canada’s Customer Service Allergy

    I could not post on December 8th 2012 to your
    posting due to issue on your site. So I post
    my experience again via a non-related post.
    I apologize for that. I post because my experience
    is very relevant.

    I sympathize with your dealings with Bell.

    FACT: Bell Canada needs to die a horrible death. :)

    I had a horror story several years back with Bell Canada.

    When I was married, the telephone & internet were in my wife’s name. As life evolves we got divorced. I had briefly moved in with my brother and shortly after I changed jobs to Ottawa in 2007 which precipitated a move to Ottawa.

    When I moved to Ottawa, I ordered sympatico and a land line service. First they would not give me long distance service because I did not have an account with them in the past five years. Despite having an account in good order for 20+ years before I was married. Thus I was considered a “new” customer.

    I ordered a basic phone package with call display & caller id with the sympatico internet.

    Basically I found out I could have one or the other as they did not seem to work with each other. I found this baffling as I had used the same phones and services when I was living in Etobicoke with no issues at all.

    Everytime I phoned Bell I had to go thru 20 questions and they would open a new case — seems as soon as I am off the phone they close the case file as resolved. To add insult to injury I was routed to service representative people in India who were very condescending reporting they do not see any issues from their end and that I must be using faulty equipment and/or I do not know what I am doing.

    After several versions of this annoying call I managed to arrange to get a Bell Tech to come out. Needless to say, they could not come after hours so I had to take time off from my new job which always makes a good impression with new employers, NOT.

    First time the tech never showed up at all. Second time the tech blamed it on my phone equipment and computers. He would not accept that all this equipment worked exceptionally well in Etobicoke. He insisted that only Bell certified equipment would work with it and that I should buy/rent such equipment at extortion prices. Of course I would not accept that.

    The third time I arranged for a service tech, I demanded to be put in touch with service personnel in Canada and I would not accept wasting time opening up (by that time a 14th case file dealing with the exact same issue that was never resolved to date). They arranged to send a more advanced troubleshooting tech. They also wanted to bill me for it which I did not accept.

    First thing this guy does is pull the same BS as the previous tech. I told him he was jerking me around and raised my baby finger which had an engineering iron ring on it. First thing he says is “oh shit, a f***ing engineer”. I smiled.

    After that point the tech, came clean. He is a tech who is shifted amongst all the southern Ontario cities to handle the “difficult” cases. He told me that there was nothing wrong with my computers, the line, and the telephone equipment.

    It turns out Ottawa is 3 generations behind in switching equipment. They have some switches available for people who complain loud and long enough. He connected me to one of those switches and remarkably all my problem went away immediatly.


    I asked him why was Ottawa 3 generations behind? His answer was that nobody in Ottawa complains and Bell made a conscious decision to not upgrade any of the equipment as a cost savings measure. The bureaucrats of Ottawa were content on using antiquated equipment at home and at work and were not going to raise a stink.

    Sad eh?

    The other dirty little secret to avoid being diverted to Bangalore service personnel was to phone the Bell french language service number where a fair number of them were bilingual. The service was better than the Bangalore hell I went thru.

    Needless to say, it took six weeks (and 15 case files) to resolve this issue and I insisted I would not be charged for any service calls as the issue was their fault. They agreed to that.

    I never got the long distance abilities during the time I was in Ottawa and just started to use skype instead.

    I hate Bell with a passion.

    gerry from gta

  • Gerry from GTA

    I believe that frustration was previously labeled as the silent majority in the USA. It is why in Ontario the “Common Sense Revolution” resulted in two majority governments for Mike Harris — Between NDP Premier Rae & Liberal Premier Peterson the province was run into the ground with nonsensical legislation and excessive spending. This same frustration led to the election of Mayor Rob Ford in Toronto because of excessive social engineering spending by previous city councils who saw the taxpayers as a big source of funds for their personal agendas. The NDP have been drowning Mayor Ford with lawsuits (all 3 were initiated by the same individual with connections to Olivia Chow despite different front-men) because they cannot win in an honest fashion.

    Ontario is on the verge of it again, as Liberal Premier McGuinty has crossed that line with Ornge scandal, Wind Energy scandal, Gas-Power Plants scandal, e-Health scandal, and a mentality till recently that Ontario’s strength was a service economy NOT manufacturing (everybody knew till 5-6 years ago Ontario’s economy was locked into the auto-sector manufacturing) — what planet did he come from? Peterson & Rae killed Ontario Hydro with the Darlington Plant’s Moratorium which quadrupled Ontario Hydro’s debt which cascaded into delayed critical maintenance to Bruce & Pickering Nuclear power plants which resulted to driving Ontario Hydro into unrecoverable debt. Ontario succeeded in the auto-sector manufacturing due to cheap electrical power and the NDP & Liberals contributed to that destruction of that advantage in the late 80’s. Thus thru their actions in the long term destroyed the economic base of Ontario.

    Add in the dynamiting of Coal generating plants and replacement with non-functional wind power plants & cancelled gas-plants, Ontario has gone from the cheapest hydro rate jurisdiction to the most expensive one in North America.

    But I digress. The media does not dig into the real causes of economic failure. It is all tainted reporting.

    I have been tired of this for decades but more and more people are waking up. People do have memories and are tired of the BS fed to us on a daily basis.

    One could ask why newspapers are struggling in the digital age — it may be they are misreporting the news.

    gerry from gta

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      Very well said