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Send In The Clowns

“Don’t you love fun? My fault I fear,
I thought that you’d want what I want, sorry my dear.
But where are the clowns? Quick, send in the clowns!
Don’t bother, they’re here?
– Stephen Sondheim

It is amazing how much can happen in just thirty days.

In the wake of the slaughter of twenty children at Sandy Hill, it took less than thirty days for discussion about how to protect our children to degenerate into an increasingly hysterical argument about gun control. Once the clowns on the extreme edge of reality  emerged, dealing with the root causes of mindless violence degenerated into extreme positions that had nothing to do with the real issue and which have accomplished nothing.

The debate quickly passed from the issues related to how to protect society into extreme anti-gun advocates blaming it all on guns and extreme gun owners calling for open insurrection against the government and even circulating a video claiming the Newtown shooting was a government conspiracy to rouse public sentiment against gun ownership.

To quote Oliver Cromwell, the once Lord High Protector of England, “By the bowels of the risen Christ!”, just how stupid have we become that we can’t even have a rational discussion on protecting ourselves and our children from senseless acts of brutality?

In the thirty days of madness, there were three more mass shootings which almost went unnoticed, so intent were the clowns on performing in the centre ring. Instead of discussing how to get the guns out of criminals, politicians looked for ways to control the guns that were legally owned while the gun lobby refused to discuss anything other than the threat to individual liberty of any discussion whatsoever.

The 2nd Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms. It doesn’t guarantee the right to bear whatever gun you want without limitation or regulation. All rights have limitations, even freedom of speech but that doesn’t prevent the clowns on both sides from perverting a needed discussion. How anyone thinks that clowns babbling in anger will even come close to making our communities,  safer eludes me.

There is nothing that has been proposed by the government that has anything to do with taking away the rights of people to own guns and there is nothing proposed by that same government that will do anything to prevent another Sandy Hill. Politicians are too partisan and too afraid of the extremists on both sides of the argument and so end up proposing solutions that achieve nothing except to put more interference in the lives of every day law-abiding citizens.

The criminals, psychopaths and sociopaths sit back and watch this circus in amusement as they plan their next action.

Morality. Decency and even common sense are the first victims. The ability of a civilized society to deal effectively with its issues is the next.

Thirty-one days ago, First Nations Chief Theresa Spence went on a hunger strike vowing not to eat until she was granted a meeting with Canada’s Prime Minister. She too has become just one more clown in the circus. She clearly isn’t on a hunger strike and never was. If she’s even lost a little weight, nobody can see it and she has already admitted to taking vitamins, drinking herbal tea, eating fish broth with snacks in between.

It would be laughable if it wasn’t so pointless and disruptive. She was invited to a meeting with the Prime Minister but her understanding of Canadian governance is so poor she changed her demand to include the Governor General who has no negotiating or legislative authority in Canada. She declined to meet the Prime Minister, went to the Governor General’s for a reception and promptly announced she would continue her hunger strike although nobody really knows why anymore.

Yesterday, First Nations protesters blockaded highways, rail lines and Canada’s busiest border crossing in support of their demands. Nobody knows what those demands are because they can’t agree among themselves what their demands are. So the clowns take over and the disruptions and protests continue with grand fanfare but which signify nothing.

The Prime Minister and the Grand Chief of The Assembly of First Nations met on January 11 to start the process of trying to resolve outstanding issues but the clown in the streets continue their divine comedy.

The Ontario Provincial Police contributed to the comedy by not only refusing to enforce the law but by actually shutting down Hwy 401 to regular traffic to allow a convoy of protesters easier access to their destination – blockading Canada’s busiest border crossing.

We don’t discuss anything anymore, we simply allow the clowns to take over and destroy any opportunity we might have for reasoned and thoughtful dialogue on the serious issues of our time.

Whether it’s ridiculous petitions to deport Piers Morgan from the United States because he has dared to speak out in favour of gun control or provincial police in Canada refusing to enforce the law when it is broken by aboriginal protesters, or any protesters for that matter, we are being overrun by clowns and few of them are very amusing.

Consider the issues for a moment.

You can’t have a reasoned discussion in Canada about health care, the costs of which are spiraling out of control, because the clowns refuse to accept any approach other than the status quo lest it might lead to an inequity of some sort. Some health care services are now actually being delisted in some provinces but that doesn’t stop the clowns. For them it’s better that we all equally have less health care than to examine ways, which might include some private sector delivery or user pay, which might actually improve health care for everyone.

In the United States, a nation that didn’t have universal health care, the discussion was overrun by clowns screaming that it would lead to death committees that would determine who got to live or die.

Good Lord. It’s a discussion about providing good health care for people, not an insidious plot by the U.S. government to kill people or the Canadian government to only accommodate health care for those who can afford it.

We can disagree and look for solutions together but only if we tell the clowns to stand down and take their stupidity elsewhere.

We see this same thing in virtually every election now. We saw it the debate that followed the killing of twenty children and we see it the ongoing protests in our streets.

I had someone take great exception to my comments about Barrack Obama in yesterday’s post. After giving me the proper tongue lashing that I undoubtedly deserved, he then went on to accuse me of being opposed to having the wealthy pay their fair share. When I asked him what their share was, he had no answer because he doesn’t have a clue what that might be. He simply knows that they aren’t paying their fair share even though he doesn’t know how much they may actually be paying.

Uniformed, extreme, brutish clowns; most of whom are so afraid of the world around them they resist every change, every proposed solution as if it was crafted by the Central Committee of the former Soviet Union or the devil himself.

Whether it Alex Jones, Occupy, foolish protesters with whistles disrupting environmental hearings or anyone of countless others, we are overrun by clowns who dominate the conversation but who contribute nothing of value to it. And it goes beyond the great unwashed. We have better-dressed clowns in government and the media but clowns nonetheless.

Last week in Canada, HRDC announced that they had lost the data records for 500,000 outstanding student loans. That data included all of the personal information of the borrower and the remaining balance on the loan. Oops!

Last year, a sitting cabinet minister introduced legislation to impose some regulation on the Internet to protect children from pedophiles, among other things. When the opposition parties challenged the legislation in Parliament, he first accused them of siding with pedophiles and then castigated them for not having read the legislation. The following weekend, in a television interview, he was forced to admit that he had never actually read the legislation either. Oops!

The mainstream news media fell all over themselves over Theresa Spence’s hunger strike. Articles were written about the dear lady’s descent into a dangerously weakening condition until if finally became clear to even the most biased media that, in fact, her condition was not weakening and they had been had. Oops!

Our national news media is no longer the objective gatherer and dispenser of news. The Fourth Estate has reduced itself to being little more than public relations outlets for one political ideology or another and they have sold themselves very cheaply. They contribute little to informing the public and add even less to the debates on various issues. They seem to spend more time interviewing each other than the actual newsmakers these days.

In Toronto, the results of an election by the people are overturned by a court and a sitting mayor is ordered removed from office on the most flimsy issue while in London Ontario, a mayor who is facing criminal charges for fraud and embezzlement remains in office.

We are up to our necks in clowns.

Many of the same people who criticized the Conservative Government for eliminating the Gun Registry were also among the first to condemn that same government for its tough-on-crime legislation.

Courts issue court orders – the police refuse to enforce them. Politicians make promises during the election campaign and then promptly break them once they’re elected. They throw up simplistic solutions for complex issues and overly complicate simple issues.

Educators want to teach 6 and 7 year olds about sex while trying to protect them from the perils of keeping score in a team sport.

People argue about the tools of violence rather than having an informed discussion together on how to reduce violence and how to effectively deal with violent people.

And all the while, the band plays and the clowns perform.

The Liberal Premier of Ontario has been in office for nine years and all but decimated the province’s economy but the clowns still blame his predecessor from a decade ago for the current mess in which the province now finds itself.

The Government of Quebec tries to remove the Canadian flag from its National Assembly and when that fails, it hides it behind a Christmas tree. Christ alone knows what they’re going to hide it behind now that Christmas is over.

We have stopped progressing as a nation and even as individuals because the clowns have arrived and they, not us, are controlling the agenda with their conspiracy theories, their demands for things they don’t understand and their inability or unwillingness to accept that just maybe we all agree that something needs to be fixed; we just need to discuss and figure out together the best ways to fix it.

I used to take my daughter to the circus when she was little and the thing we enjoyed the most was the clowns. Not anymore.

We have too many clowns these days and there is nothing amusing about them anymore.


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  • http://bgulk0.wix.com/raspberry-h-venue gramma Barb

    ………..and for far too long we as a society do stand back and allow stupidity to dominate! Paranoia is rampant and the media feed on it, can’t turn a dial on that you the listener are not completely showered with the stupidity of the human thought and speech! Your article on the clowns is right on the money. We the people are the ‘government’ and it seems the louder the soap opera, the closer we listen. It is called ‘marketing’ today, and when we the people can tell the difference between that and the real thing the clowns will slowly ever so slowly begin to fade……at least that is my hope!

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      We live in the information age and we are drowning in information but information is not knowledge. There is so much misinformation out there now that people no longer try to learn, they simply grab information that supports their opinion. The more extreme the opinion, the quickly they grab and share conspiracy theories and outright lies. In the end, everyone becomes an expert except the actual experts and nobody listens to them. Doctors warn parents to vaccinate their children but Oprah says it causes autism so hundreds of thousands don’t get their children vaccinated. It’s unbelievable how fast we are sinking into a world of delusion and intolerant misunderstanding.

  • Sebastian Anders

    Well Bear, what am I supposed to write about, now. You’ve said it all. Well, almost. And you said it extremely well indeed. Now, if only the clowns could read it and more importantly, agree with it: could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. If only.

    Meanwhile, I’ll look into my bag of words and see what I can pull out. There must be something left that I can write about.

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      I feel the same way every day but there is always something to write about. The circus never stops and the clowns refuse to settle down. You’ll have no difficulty finding something just pick up a newspaper. You’re problem will be in limiting yourself to only one thing.

  • fhl

    “I thought that you’d want what I want sorry my dear” from Judy Collins send in the clowns.
    this line says it all in my book.

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      Actually, what most want today has nothing to do with what anyone else wants. “It’s all about me” is the new creed. There are simply too many people with Confirmation Bias and Righteous Mind syndromes.

  • fhl

    so easy for us to see fault in others

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      It’s even easier to stand back and allow stupidity to dominate.