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If You’re Tired Of “It” – It’s Time To Stand Up & Do Something About It

Yesterday, I wrote a piece called “I’m Tired Of It” which too my surprise resonated with more than just a few people. I told Maggie that I doubted if many would read it but I needed to say it. Instead, it turned out to have legs, as my father used to say, and generated a fair amount of comment.

I received a significant number of tweets and direct messages from people indicating that they felt that the same way and that the article expressed what they too we’re feeling. For example:

Alison Morris ‏@seatbeltsplease
Me too, I’m tired RT “@MaggsBear: I’m Tired Of It
Peggy ‏@PeggyatHome
@MaggsBear Hi Bear. I read your blog today. I too am tired.
Mommasaurus009★ @Mommasaurus009
Many of us feel the same(in relation 2 US) “@MaggsBear: I’m Tired Of It | A Bear’s Rant http://po.st/LPD2Wr ”

A few were very complimentary:

Barbara Myska ‏@bmyska
@MaggsBear You summed up my feelings/thoughts exactly! Awesome and eloquently written!
Bob Klassen ‏@ItsGodzirra
@MaggsBear Thank you for putting into words everything I was thinking/feeling, but too frustrated to coherently articulate!

But whenever I begin to let compliments go to my head, my friend Deborah has a gentle way of bringing me back to earth.

Deborah ‏@Mystz
@MaggsBear …the Bear went BOOM…hey,..I’m tired of cleaning up your flying fur here 😉


Ok, maybe she’s not all that gentle but she was my very first follower on Twitter and the first subscriber to my blog a year ago so I confess to having a soft spot for her and her somewhat caustic sense of humour. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t mention that to her though, it will only encourage her.

Some thought I had succumbed to complete despair and were very sympathetic, which I appreciated. They sent me very encouragng messages and even some digital hugs. I want to reassure them that I’m not contemplating jumping off a cliff or locking myself away in a cave any time soon.

@MaggsBear take heart my friend; it’s natural to be momentarily overwhelmed on occasion …

As the day progressed and the messages kept coming, I begin to realize that the frustration I had been feeling was being felt by many.

It appears that more than just a few of us are tired of the bullshit and we’re angry about it. The common thread that kept getting repeated was that nobody, including me, seemed to know what to do about it.

A couple of people suggested I keep on ranting which I will do but I’ve been ranting for a long time and I don’t see that I’ve made much of a dent. It’s clear to me that if we want to bring about change, I’m going to need some help over here.

And that, along with one tweet that suggested I organize a movement to protest all the things we’re tired about generated an idea. Why not start a movement? Why not protest all those things and people that undermine the ability of our societies to move forward?

The question was how do we protest?

It’s too cold to stand around outside carrying signs and signing We Shall Overcome. It’s hard to sing when your teeth are chattering and besides, where would we stand outside?

Government? There are so many protesting government these days that all the good spots are taken. In fact, so many blame government for their woes that you’d have to get in line just to get a free spot from which to protest.

How about in front of the offices of Political Parties – nope, we’d still be outside in the cold while they’d be inside drinking coffee and eating donuts wondering what all the fuss was about. When they finally figured it out, they would send someone out for a few words and a photo op after brushing the donut crumbs from his mouth. But nothing would come of it as we’ve seen so often in the past.

It’s hard for those you are protesting to take you seriously when you’re shivering and turning blue in the snow carrying a sign that has icicles hanging from it.

We could protest by blockading railway lines in the same way that some First Nations do but it isn’t any warmer on the tracks than it is downtown and if the train doesn’t stop in time, we’d be relish or marmelaide all over the track. I’m fairly pragmatic and just because we’re protesting doesn’t mean we need to be uncomfortable or foolhardy.

It occurred to me that we could do flash mobs in malls but I think that our mob would quickly dwindle in size as members deeked into various stores to take advantage of the January sales and if I know nothing else, I know that when it comes to protesting, size is important. Showing up for a flash mob with three people is fairly underwhelming.

Another problem is that these demonstrations usually only garner a bit of local attention which really wouldn’t accomplish much in this case because we’re dealing with a universal issue. We needed something on a grander scale that didn’t involve facing down a Via passenger train, freezing our buns off or competing with 70% off sales.

I have an idea and this is what I propose.

I’m inviting anyone and everyone who is “tired of it all” to tell the world. You don’t have to be a writer and it doesn’t matter what it is you’re tired of, you can participate. It’s easy and if enough of us do it, we might discover that there are a few things with which most of us are fed up that we share in common. If we make enough noise together we  just might get the attention of the powers that be.

How do you participate? Simple.

You send out one tweet today and tomorrow. That’s it, just two tweets this weekend using the hashtag ##Iamtiredof. and then writing whatever it is you’re tired of. It doesn’t matter what it is. It can be profound or simple, serious or tongue-in-cheek. The only rules are that it be something you genuinely are tired of and that you use the hashtag #Iamtiredof.

Maggie, for example, asked me to send out a tweet on her behalf today (she doesn’t use Twitter). She wants to tweet: “

#Iamtiredof complacency and people who don’t care enough to do something to change things.”

You aren’t limited to only one tweet a day. Our movement is very egalitarian and flexible. You can send as few or as many as you like but to join, you have to send at least one each day.

If enough of us do it, we might actually make an impact. By encouraging our friends and followers to do the same thing, we might actually get something worthwhile trending on Twitter, for a change, instead of the usual drivel we see every day.

It’s like Arlo Guthie said in Alice’s Restaurant. “If you want to end war and stuff, ya gotta sing loud….and in harmony.”

He’s right. If we want to get send a message to the trolls, the entitled, the politicians, the media, the selfish, the greedy, the lazy, the self-victimized, the politically correct and all those others who constantly fill our days with their angst, we need to sing loud and in harmony. We need to let them know that we are tired of their adolescent and self-absorbed behaviour and we’re not going to be quiet about it anymore.

Once we have their attention, we can take a look at other ways to goad them into getting a life of their own instead of trying to live ours or at the very least taking from, or trying to tell us how to live, ours.

But one step at a time.

For this weekend, let’s just see who has the will to stand up and tell the world that they’re tired of something and they aren’t going to take it anymore. That will tell us whether we are a new form of Idle No More or just Idle.

If enough of us do it, we may start to effect change. If I’m the only one – well – I’ll just go back to writing about it and waiting for change to come.

Happy Birthday Maggie.

We may not sing quite as well as this choir but if we sing loud enough, it won’t matter.


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  • http://phdcoins.ca ChuckT

    My twitter account is for my business, so I don’t do a lot of personal tweeting with it. If I posted what I was REALLY tired of, I might alienate some of my prospective clients. (Not going to get too many contracts to design coins for FNs if I come down on Idle No More). But there are still a lot of other things I’m tired of and I’m sure a few will resonate with the majority of my followers.

    Viva la revolucion!

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      That’s the spirit. Tell the world what you’re tired of and encourage your followers to do the same. The fools, the entitled, the greedy, the corrupt and the flat out nuts have only succeeded because we have remained silent for too long. It’s time to speak up. Vive la revolution!

  • http://gogreygirl.wordpress.com/ Margie

    I don’t tweet, but I have a blog. I will do a post that supports your ‘I’m Tired Of It” movement.