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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Who Do They Think They’re Fooling?

“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.”


“Fools are more to be feared than the wicked” 

Queen Christina


I’m a lot of things; opinionated, assertive, sometimes thoughtful – sometimes not so much and a bunch of other stuff I’m not going to bother getting into although I admit not all of it is pretty. If you want the full list, contact my baby sister who can happily provide it in triplicate and has been able to since she was five.

But whatever else I may be – I’m not stupid and I get tired of being treated like I am, particularly by people who actually are a sandwich or two short of a full picnic,  including some activists,  politicians and media journalists.

This week, the New Democratic Party (NDP) introduced legislation to eliminate the Clarity Act. For those of you just tuning in, the Clarity Act is a piece of legislation that basically lays down the ground rules for a referendum on Quebec sovereignty. It was designed to protect citizens of the province from being railroaded by a fuzzy confusing question that might tilt the referendum in favour of nationalists by default rather than on the merit of their argument.

The NDP now propose to gut the bill and not out of any sense of loyalty to the principles of democracy. They have introduced their bill in an attempt to maintain the electoral breakthrough they made in the last election. They have, in other words, tossed Canadian unity under the bus, to protect seats in Quebec.

They call this the Unity Act because they think we’re too stupid to see it for what it is. Only a political party could believe that calling s threat to national unity, The Unity Act, would fool everyone.

But then, that’s how it goes with some politicians isn’t it?

How many times have you heard a political leader say, “People want us to make Parliament work. They don’t want an election.”

That’s the nonsense being touted by Provincial NDP Leader Andrea Horvath and newly elected Premier Kathleen Wynn. The people of Ontario don’t want an election. Oh yes they do, ladies and sooner rather than later.

You may think we’re stupid but we’re not. The idea that the people don’t want an election isn’t based on anything other than the fact that the two parties don’t want an election. The Premier doesn’t want one because she knows her minority government will get a serious ass-whupping and Ms Horvath doesn’t want one because her party can’t afford an election campaign right now and she’s uncertain as to just how well they might do in the election.

We’re not stupid. Quit treating us like we are.

Quite frankly, I’m tired of silly people saying stupid things in the mistaken belief that most of us are as stupid as they are.

NDP MP Charlie Angus has his shorts bunched up around his throat over the cost incurred by the RCMP when they transported the Prime Minister’s armoured limousine with him on a recent trip to India and other Asian countries. He is apoplectic at the unnecessary expense, especially because the Indian government offered one of their limos. Of course, this would be the same India where two of its own prime ministers have been assassinated and which has seen an fairly significant amount of turmoil which the government has been unable to address effectively.

Nonetheless, Charlie Angus is undeterred by things like facts or common sense. He stands on guard for the taxpayer dollars, unless of course, those dollars are being misspent and unaccounted for in the millions by his pal Theresa Spence.

It was the same Charlie Angus who less than a month ago dismissed the findings of an audit that showed more than 80% of all taxpayer funding to Chief Spence’s reserve being unaccounted for. Apparently in Charlie’s mind, all taxpayer dollars are equal but some are more equal than others.

Too many, like Charlie Angus, Bob Rae, Justin Trudeau and the always sanctimonious Carolyn Bennett tried to portray Theresa Spence’s charade into something everyone knew it wasn’t. We’re not so stupid that we don’t have at least a modicum of an idea of the ravages to a person’s body when they are truly on a hunger strike. Despite the fact that it was nothing but a fraud, Carolyn Bennett went so far as to call it an act of desperation.

The only act of desperation, Carolyn is your belief that the rest of us are so stupid, it somehow legitimizes your self-serving hypocrisy.

I’m also tired of too many in the media talking down to us like we’ve all got the IQ of monkeys. Someone needs to remind them of two simple facts. The first is that we’re not all as stupid as they think we are and the second is that the news isn’t there for their personal self-aggrandizment.

Whether it’s The National’s Peter Mansbridge looking sincerely into the camera to tell us that elections are “all about us” or that he and his colleagues are going to explain to us what the newsmaker just said or Evan Solomon with his high school looks and his Wikipedia understanding of the facts, it’s all simply condescending.

I find the arrogance unbelievable, especially coming from those who work for news media that are losing audience thanks to the best efforts of some journalists who are too stupid to realize that treating people like they’re stupid only results in them voting with their wallets.

I’m tired of Elizabeth May telling us that 60% of Canadians didn’t vote for the Conservative Government as if that has some sort of meaning. We know that Liz, we can do the math and the math tells us that 98% of Canadians didn’t vote for you or your party. So what does that tell you?

For that matter, what does the fact that 35% of Canadians didn’t vote at all tell you?

I’m tired of politicians and the media trying to sell the idea that Canadians were cautious and decided to elect a minority government as if we all got together one Saturday night with pizza and beer to discuss it before we voted. Almost everybody votes in order to see their candidate win. Even so called strategic voters are hoping their candidates get elected. There’s no unified voter strategy. Quit treating us like we’re so stupid we’ll buy that nonsense and find something more intelligent to talk about.

I’m also tired of being lectured by activists on issues  most of them don’t understand and have never bothered to research beyond a few tweets on Twitter or the equally misinformed nonsense of their colleagues standing next to them chanting, “we shall overcome”. Freedom of speech is an incredibly valuable right. It’s beyond stupid to watch it being wasted by people who haven’t got a clue.

I’m fed up with people too stupid to understand that being gay isn’t a lifestyle choice; it’s how a person is wired genetically and I’m deeply offended by the intolerance that flows from that stupidity.

I find it particularly offensive to be called a racist by people too stupid to realize that criticizing the policies of someone who happens to be of a different race is not racist but refusing to criticize those policies because of his or her race is racist. I am tired of university students who stupidly think that the post-secondary institutions that taxpayers built and fund belong to them and that they have the right to trample the democratic rights of those with whom they disagree. If you’re too stupid to grow up and get some values, pack your bags and buy a ticket to Iran or North Korea. You’ll feel right at home there as long as you aren’t on the receiving end of the kind of intolerant stupidity you impose on others here.

I’m tired of the terminally foolish who confuse political correctness with values  trying to impose their stupidity on others.

One that really gets to me is the constant whining about more women in politics as if somehow the fact that there isn’t more women running for office is the current government’s fault. Give it a rest. There will be more women in government when more women decide to run for government. It’s that simple and all the whining and pointless angst in the world isn’t going to change that.

I’m tired of simplistic solutions being trotted out for complex issues.

The United States is going through a tough, violent period right now. Random acts of violence are occurring almost daily. Innocent people, including children are being targeted and killed but what is the government talking about? Gun control!

The problem is violence. The problem is mental illness and the problem is crime. Controlling the legally owned guns of citizens who obey the law does nothing to address any of the real issues. If gun control worked, Washington DC and Chicago, which have the toughest gun control laws in the United States would be its safest cities. They aren’t! They have the highest crime and murder rates and just yesterday, a fifteen year old girl who sang at President Obama’s inaugural was murdered.

I’m not a gun advocate nor do I own guns but I resent watching politicians and others advocating the illusion of a solution for a problem because they haven’t got a clue how to address the real problem. Imposing more regulation on responsible citizens who legally own their firearms does nothing to deter criminals or reduce crime and it certainly doesn’t even begin to deal with the issue of psychopaths going on a rampage.

Sometimes I almost begin to believe that they don’t actually think we’re stupid, it’s that they’re too stupid to realize just how stupid they are.

I don’t know who’s kidding who anymore but I know one thing for certain. Most of us aren’t stupid and most of us resent being treated like we are. God knows there is more than enough stupidity in the world without having to wade through the stupidity of stupid people treating the rest of us like we’re as stupid as they are.

Judging from the growing anger with the media, clueless activism and politicians, I think we’re rapidly reaching a point where people aren’t prepared to be fooled again and I would suggest that only very stupid people would ignore that at their peril.


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Oh Canada -The Folly Of Arguing Over Arbitrary Points In Time

Every now and then I get a snarky message from someone who has taken exception to something I’ve written – ok – sometimes it’s more often than every now and then. Work with me here.

Usually, it’s from some person or a group of persons who have sidled up to the latest activist movement like Occupy or Idle No More without having done much in the way of research and without any real clue about the issues or their background.

Typically these messages and comments bemuse me more than anything else. While the odd one can be quite vicious in a typical ‘social-media’ kind of way, most are witless although the odd one is actually quite funny, even clever. Almost all of them are basically adolescent name-calling rather than any serious debate on the issues. The latest one I received said I was a typical “white guy with no sense of humour.”

What a crushing bit of repartee! Oh death, where is thy sting?

Occupy was rife with people who had almost no real understanding of what they protested which is how we ended up in Canada with a group of activists protesting the 1% based on American statistics which had no relationship to income disparity in Canada. In fact, the income disparity between the 1% and the 99% in Canada at the time, was significantly lower than in the United States and narrowing. The top 1% in Canada earned only 10% of the country’s total income but paid 21% of its taxes which was more in line with Sweden than America.

Some protested banks without any understanding that pretty much the only thing the Canadian banking industry shared in common with the American was the word bank.

They then went on to protest art galleries, small business, churches and shipping ports. Eventually, Occupy in the United States even decided to stand in solidarity with prisoners in San Quentin prison. Good golly Miss Molly but the possibilities seemed limitless.

Eventually, Occupy decided that corporations and large retailers were also the enemy but it didn’t decide that until after most of its members had purchased their iGizmos and laptops from many of those same large corporations and retailers.

They didn’t see the irony in financially supporting the very things they were protesting.

But then, irony is lost on the modern protest movement. Continue reading

Oh Canada – You In Or Out?

maple-leaf-forever-resizedCanada is a great country.

It is one of the most stable and prosperous nations on earth. It has an incredibly vast and diversified natural beauty that is reflected in the diversity of its people. Canadians of all cultures are, for the most part, a peaceful and civilized people – except when it comes to hockey, of course, and then we get a bit rowdy.

The distance between the extreme edges of our main political parties are not as far apart as the distance between Toronto Maple Leafs fans and fans of the Montreal Canadians.

Americans rightfully make much of the peaceful transition of their governments every four years but Canada enjoys an equally peaceful transfer of power from one democratically elected government to the next and sometimes more frequently than every four years.

Canada enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in the world, has a growing economy despite the setbacks every once in awhile and is a tolerant nation where  people of different races, cultures, religions, political ideologies and sexual orientation are free to live their lives without fear or repression.

The new Premier of Canada’s largest province is an openly gay woman and last year, a member of the Canadian Parliament was married to his long-time partner.

Our educational system needs some work but is still one of the finest in the world and if we are sometimes a little too politically correct, Canada nonetheless is loyal to its allies, often punching above its weight in both peacekeeping and armed conflict.

It is generous to its friends and those who need assistance.

Canada contributes a significant amount of foreign aid to countries around the world, especially to those countries struggling immediately after a natural disaster and has a broad social safety net for its own citizens, including universal health care.

Of the top ten cities with the cleanest air in the world, eight are in Canada.

Canada is not perfect but it remains a great country for all of its flaws and despite the challenges it faces. I think, too many of us take that for granted and forget just how fortunate we are. We too often put our petty differences ahead of the benefit of being Canadian I think it’s time to ask a simple question: Continue reading

Oh Canada – A Lost Generation

I think at one time or another, virtually every politician in the free world has said, “We need to leave a better planet for our children.” Usually, this is the justification being put forward for more sacrifice on our part; environmental, economic, democratic or any combination of a bunch of things.

I believe we should try and leave a better world for our children and our grandchildren but just once, I’d like to hear a politician, an educator, an activist or any one of countless other experts stand up and say, “Hey, you know what? We need to leave better kids for the planet.”

I believe that we have lost our minds when it comes to parenting and educating our children and it has resulted in a lost generation of people whose values and purpose are confused at best and non-existent at least. Continue reading

Progressives Want To Change The Rules – But They Want To Call It Reform

In his recent column, the National Post’s, Andrew Coyne lays out the case that the only way for the opposition parties to defeat the Conservatives in an election is through electoral reform. Whether or not that is true, it seems to me that reforming a country’s electoral system should be based on something a little more profound than simply one group wanting to defeat another in an election.

In fact, while I have a fair degree of respect for Mr. Coyne and often agree with him, I found the basic premise of the article quite offensive. It is just one more example of how far from the original concept of democracy, some have drifted in their quest to wrest power from Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada.

It is my belief that our electoral system should be based on more than simply a pathological desire to defeat Stephen Harper.

Elections are not merely strategic opportunities for political parties, ultimately they belong to the people and it is the people who should decide whether or not there is a need for reform, not the political parties who have a vested self- interest in rejigging the rules in their favour.

Two things occurred to me as I read Mr. Coyne’s column. Continue reading

Seeking An Arrangement? Here’s Where You Sell Yourself.

“My current arrangement is wonderful. Unlike other cash strapped students, I am pampered with expensive gifts. My sugar daddy is the sweetest man I know. He is my mentor, my benefactor and my lover.– College sophomore

This quote is taken from a web site called SeekingArrangement.com where young men and women offer themselves to wealthy older people as ‘friends’ in exchange for financial support. The web site is quick to deny any relationship with prostitution but the profiles are rife with references to sex and the financial side of things is none too subtle.

It doesn’t get much more blunt than that. If you’re young and reasonably good looking, you can sell that in exchange for cash and not have to earn your own way through life. It is the logical but cheap extension of the entitlement mentality; the ultimate cheapening of the value of a life.

It makes you wonder what they’re teaching in universities and colleges these days because it clearly isn’t ethics or morality or even self-respect.

It’s life with a price tag. It is life reduced to having no more value than a big screen tv, just one more product to buy or sell. Seekingarrangement. com is merely a version of Wal-Mart where the products are people instead of  televisions and patio furniture. Continue reading