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This Christmas – The Choice Is Ours

“Wherever there is a human being there is an opportunity for a kindness” – Seneca


And so it is Christmas Eve although you wouldn’t know it if you dropped by social media today.

There are some who are posting and tweeting references to Christmas in between their ongoing barrage of quotes, political diatribes, self-promotions and whatever else has their underwear riding up but for many, it is just another day at the social media office; bickering, accusing and hating.

It always comes down to the same thing. People want things to improve. They’re angry because of this or that and the post and tweet about it daily; sometimes hourly. Of course, it doesn’t change anything other to raise the hackles of others who then jump in both lips blazing.

It’s like watching the Tea Party in action; a group of people who have decided they will oppose any tax increases for anyone and push the United States over the fiscal cliff which automatically imposes tax increases on everyone. They consider this a victory and believe that the country will blame President Obama and the Democrats as a result of their intransigence.

It takes a special kind of ideological devotion and stupidity to think like that.

Here’s a simple question every single one of us should be asking ourselves today, on this Christmas Eve. “Is what I’m doing bringing me what I want in life?” and here’s another. “Is what we’re doing really making our countries happier places, safer places and more prosperous places in which to live?”

If you can honestly answer yes to those questions, then Merry Christmas to you and carry on with what you were doing.

If you can’t then perhaps it’s time to stop yelling at and blaming everyone else and start listening to the message of Christmas for a moment. Don’t role your eyes; what  you’re doing isn’t working so at least have enough common sense to listen to an alternative for a moment.

There isn’t enough listening going on anymore. Everybody’s too busy thinking about what they’re going to say next to hear what anyone else has to say.

Christmas is more than just presents and turkey, decorations and family. It is living proof that we actually have it within ourselves to live lives that are built on goodwill and joy. How many times in your lifetime have you read or heard about someone so caught up in the Spirit of Christmas that they did something extraordinary. Imagine what your town, city, country or even the planet would be like if everybody did that and not just at Christmas but every day.

Imagine a world in which the Spirit of Christmas guided everyone to do one – just one – random act of kindness each and every day of the year. There are more than 6 billion of us on the planet and even if only 2/3 of participated in that act, it would result in more than 1.4 trillion acts of kindness a year.

What do you think? Would that achieve more or less than all the pontificating and acrimony on social media?

Imagine what could be achieved if even a small number of those acts of kindness were directed to helping the poor rather than blaming them for their situation.

Imagine what might happen if some of them were directed to actually working together to overcome our common challenges rather than digging in our heels to demand that only our solution was correct and everyone else must get on board.

Imagine what would happen to each of us if we replaced anger with kindness and respect for others, especially for those with whom we disagree or who disagree with us.

Typically these days, our first reaction is defensive followed by accusation and name-calling.

I know, I know. Some of you are now convinced I’m dreaming in technicolour or that my meds have worn off. But the truth is that I learned a long time ago that if what I was doing wasn’t giving me what I wanted out of my life, then it was time to stop blaming life and time to start changing what I was doing and how I was thinking.

Unlike magnets and metal or even love, when it comes to the energy of life, opposites don’t attract – negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive. You can’t overcome injustice by being unjust and you can’t defeat hate with intolerance and anger.

You cannot be respected by showing no respect for others.

Whether or not, you are a person of faith that is the message of Christmas. It is a message of hope; a reminder that there will be more accomplished through goodwill to all than in all of the petty bickering and yelling we do throughout the year.

Not convinced? Consider where you and your country are today compared to a year ago. How many of the same, tired crisis are you both still facing, still arguing about, still threatened by, still angry about?

I haven’t seen or heard much out of all that noise that gave me much faith that there were any real solutions to be found as a result of it but I have seen countless examples of the power of the hope that Christmas provides.

Christmas is a reminder that we are caretakers, not owners of this world. What we do today is what we bequeath to our children. Do you want to leave them a better world or one that is slowly sinking into a morose of anger, division and uncertainty?

Personally, when I see how children react to the anger and violence that adults thrust into their lives and compare it to the joy and uncompromising happiness they find in Christmas, I have no difficulty understanding which will provide a better opportunity for them and for their future.

There is no future worth having built on stupidity, hypocrisy, anger, accusation and polarization. It takes no thought or courage to hide behind hatred, as we see every day.

There is, however, a future worth having built on the Spirit of Christmas. It is a future based on kindness, goodwill and peace. It isn’t as easy as spewing anger but it is a life infinitely more rewarding and satisfying than anything that can be provided by intolerance and an unwillingness to listen to and respect others.

We have it within ourselves to achieve a better life for ourselves and for the futures of our children.

The only question is how many of us actually have the courage to stop hiding in fear behind our anger and our prejudice and go and live the Christmas message?


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  • bertie

    When all the takers become givers then they truly will become contributors to society.As it stands now,there are generations of people who have been takers and have given nothing,but continue to want more.It seems that the lefties are the takers with the loud voices who demonstrate and destroy and blackmail and demand,but do nothing of a positive nature to contribute to society.Obvious examples are the Liberals of the past 25 years,the NDP of Bob Rae,the Liberals of McGuinty.The democrats in the USA,PETA,the GW activists..Get these groups on board along with bringing the Natives of North America into the 21 st century and maybe there is a chance of peace in this world.There are no more cave men in the world they evolved,what in hell is wrong with the natives.?Can they not realize that they cannot live off the land anymore.Time moves on and so should they.Demonstrations do nothing but destroy any goodwill that was there in the first place.And as long as the plan of the lefties is to take from hard working Canadians to give more to the takers who do nothing to contribute to the country then the feeling of helping our less fortunate neighbors begins to disappear.The takers of this world are not to be confused with the needy.The needy have no choice in their situation and are in need of our help.The takers are the scam artists,unions,MSM, and leftist governments who are corrupt or wasteful with our tax dollars,I/E the McGuinty government of Ontario or the last Liberal government of Canada…..PM Harper is trying to fix the problem,but needs our help and the fix isn,t more handouts to the takers like the Native on a supposed hunger strike.The solution is investigate where the billions of dollars we give to the various native groups goes.Ask the European nations how they feel,being bankrupt and maybe losing their pensions,yet the unions are still demanding raises and more benefits.A mad mad world out there and it is filled with more and more takers than givers.This has got to stop and the takers have got to be cut off from the free flow of our tax dollars.Even welfare should be monitored more closely and cut off all together if the recipient is healthy and will not take a minimum wage job.This could go on forever,but the money will soon run out and so will the goodwill.

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      We live in an era when too many see themselves as victims and blame others for their circumstance rather than themselves. They expect government to provide and consequently lose the motivation to provide for themselves. With that comes an subconscious loss of self-respect which only perpetuates the bitterness.

      You cannot build for the future by living in the past nor can you earn prosperity by living off the earnings of others. Politicians pandered to the takers rather than the truly needy because the takers vote; the needy seldom do. I know this because there are a lot of takers out there who are vocal and active. The poor have seen no improvement in their circumstance as a result. Too many children go to bed hungry in this country that has so much wealth.

      Thank you for your comment and for taking the time to leave it. I appreciate it.

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    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      Thank you

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  • David Stewart

    Will you still be kind and support INSITE tomorrow con or does your heart only go lefty loosie on Christmas?

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      I cannot support any program that enables rather than helps prevent destructive behaviour.