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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003412590790 Tariq

    The attack from praovnciil Liberals on Hudak are predictable and not surprising. The message is that taxes all across the board are too high. McGuinty had campaigned 6 years ago on not raising taxes a “single penny”. The rest is history. Higher taxes from McGuinty has led to higher poverty,unemployment deficits. He has turned Ontario into a not-have province. The response to try and ridicule Hudak for wanting to decrease taxes is risky. Some taxes have scared investors into creating new jobs in Ontario. Exorbitant beer prices is not one of them but it is nonetheless is symbolic of over taxation for the middle class. This is the choice. Tax cuts or tax increases. From your perspective the tax cutters are morons.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003410787138 Nargiz

    “Ruby Dhalla, paging Dr. Ruby Dhalla… you are nedeed in the O.R.”Dhalla, the cardiologist chiropractor, who puts “Dr.” before her name on her election signs (she did in the past anyway, does she still?) is in the fight of her life, trying to save her political career in Ottawa which is on-life support. I believe PMSH is in her riding this morning… certainly in the Brampton area anyway.What I find funny is how the media so often bestows “star candidate” status on many Liberals that, simply put, don’t deserve it.I’ve heard the same with Martha Hall-Findlay a “star candidate”.Can someone please explain what exactly makes Hall-Findlay a star candidate? She’s boring, bland and spouts partisan talking points as if she‘s filling in for an actual high-profile Liberal, speaking in tones that would leave one to believe that she‘s reading from a script. She has no charisma and looks and dresses just like a librarian would.Whether it’s Dhalla, Hall-Findlay or even Iggy himself, it’s interesting to see the disconnect established between the media and average Canadians, with the media seeing in these candidates what the rest of Canadians obvious don’t.OT… just watching Russo and Kerridan on CBC now. Russo and the CBC anchor agreeing that Duceppe’s 2004 “coalition” claim has legs and justifiably so, according to Rob. Interesting to note how the CBC will run clips of Harper, Layton and Duceppe from 2004 to give background to the report in a clear attempt to lend the story credibility. But they never splash Iggy’s coalition signature on the screen nor even mention it even exists. Seems lending support and giving weight to PMSH’s claim of a coalition is not in the CBC-Liberal Party playbook.