a conservative heretic commenting on hypocrisy and stupidity in a world with too much of both
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    Jim Flaherty is a real “wanker”!!( to be a wanker imlipes egotistical and self-indulgent behaviour. This is the dominant meaning in Australia)I figure if it is good enough for Australia , it is good enough for me ; besides , the meaning is spot on–if the shoe fits , wear it ; if it walks like a duck , quacks like a duck ………This guy sounds like he has lost his marbles & they ain`t coming back.The Conservative plan has been to build to a majority–great idea Jim , piss-off Ontario where the bulk of the population resides.Actually jim , in case you forgot , where you reside.I am afraid to say , this may not go over real well with the folks in your riding or anywhere in the province for that matter.Dalton McGuinty may be the “small” man in your eyes , but at least he will defend those that he serves.You could indeed learn a thing or two if you were not too stubborn to actually look & listen before you talk.mike.