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This Is Not How You Confer Statehood – The UN Strikes Again

Have you ever asked yourself how the world became such a complex mess? If you have but don’t understand why, look no further than the United Nations. If ever there was an organization that has stumbled its way from issue to issue it is the UN.

It has failed on so many levels, it continues to amaze me not only that those who work at the United Nations see themselves as some sort of world government but that so many in western democracies still believe it has a real purpose.

I understand why totalitarian regimes like Syria and Iran like the United Nations; it allows them to rationalize and legitimize their oppressive regimes in a way that isn’t possible in any other venue. So completely overwhelmed by those who oppress has the United Nations become, it actually contemplated nominating Syria to its Human Rights Council even as that regime was brutally slaughtering its own citizens.

And that is the international organization that retired diplomats and the politically clueless think we should not only support but bow before. It’s unbelievable.

Canada has been a recent target of the United Nations for everything from aboriginal issues to its food distribution. Now it is under attack for not supporting the latest motion to recognize the Palestinian Authority as a state.

How stupid does international politics have to get before these people give their heads a shake and start operating based on principle and common sense rather than political correctness and political expediency?

The UN’s latest hypocrisy. A tribunal investigating Rwandan genocide after ordering its peace keepers to permit it.

The United Nations, you will remember, is the organization that sent peace keepers into Rwanda and then ordered them to stand idly by while more than 100,000 Rwandans were slaughtered. Apparently, the United Nations didn’t feel it was appropriate to involve itself in the internal disputes of that particular nation. Now, it is holding tribunals to bring to justice those responsible for slaughter. I suggest it look in the mirror.

The United Nations has become so devoid of consistent values, it ignores oppression while reserving its harshest criticisms for democracies like Canada and the United States that have consistently supported it and that champion human rights both through practice and by example.

But then, that makes some sense when you consider that the UN is now the play thing of  totalitarian regimes and the clueless.

Canada joined nine other countries including some I have never heard of before like Nauru and Palau. I had to Google them just to find out where they were. As small as they are, however, they get it. They understand that you don’t allow through the back door what you have devoted decades to prevent entering through the front.

Or put another way, you don’t reward bad behaviour. Just ask the parent of any teenager what that gets you.

President of the Palestinian National Authority Mahmoud Abbas, center, celebrates with members of his delegation and other supporters after the U.N. General Assembly’s historic vote to recognize Palestine as its 194th State at U.N – Photo by AP

The Palestinian Authority has always had a legitimate and easy way to achieve statehood. It merely had to sit down with Israel and negotiate a peace based on mutual respect for each state to exist. The PA has steadfastly refused to do that. Instead, it has continued to lob rockets into Israel, denies Israel’s right to exist and promoted ongoing generational hatred against Israel and Jews in general.

How anyone in their right mind can believe that granting the Palestinian Authority what they have wanted without first getting some guarantee of peaceful coexistence in return eludes me but then I acknowledge that I’m a fairly simply person. I tend to believe that common sense should prevail over stupidity and integrity should trump hypocrisy.

And that is what this symbolic vote at the United Nations is, nothing but hypocrisy presented as diplomacy. As my dad used to say, “You can dress a pig up but no matter how fancy the clothes it remains a pig.”

In my opinion there are too many pigs in finely tailored European suits at the United Nations; people who are so caught up in seeing themselves as a form of world government, they have lost sight of the real human cost that is paid by people and families just like yours and mine for these stupid decisions.

So, let them criticize Canada. I believe that this nation did the morally correct thing and I support the decision of Prime Minister Harper and the Conservative government to stand on principle rather than take the easy road; taken by so many others. To our shame, we have done enough of that in the past.

If history has taught us nothing, it has taught us that you cannot overcome tyranny by conceding to it. You cannot defeat oppression by permitting it.

Some nations voted in support of the Palestinian issue because it was a way to slap the United States and Israel. Some voted for it because it legitimizes their own intolerant attitudes against Israel but most of the western countries that voted for it did so because it was politically correct and that is simply the coward’s way out.

I believe the United Nations has lived long past its shelf life and this latest vote only serves to confirm that belief. When an organization prefers to support recognition of a state that has consistently attacked a country actually formed by the United Nations rather than defend a member state, it is long past time to pack up the furniture, close the offices and send everybody home.

The money we send to support this self-impressed but failed organization can be put to far better use.

The United Nations lost its claim to legitimacy long ago. Now, the self-impressed who work within it and the member states who long ago traded away principle for convenience and politics have once again made the world a little more complex and a little less safe.

You would have thought that they might have figured it out by now.



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