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Living With LIberal (And Other) Stupidity While Waiting Desperately For The Mother Ship To Return

My God but there is a lot of stupidity around these days. In fact, there is so much of it that I am beginning to believe that the more grounded of us are actually the descendants of alien explorers who were stranded when their colleagues fled in a panic after encountering some of that stupidity in the people they encountered here.

Don’t be rolling your eyes thinking that it is only me who isn’t from around here. Work with me.

Whether it’s the woman in Ontario who made a submission to her city council that it consider cutting down all oak trees in the vicitnity of a local school because some children had a nut allergy or the NYC Dept. of Education banning words like dinosaur, the level of stupidity I see around me makes me feel like Einstein on speed. I don’t mind admitting that I’m not always the brightest bulb on the tree, especially as the years fall away but Christ on vacation, some of the stupidity, especially political stupidity, I see these days makes me feel positively like I belong in MENSA.

The Mayor of New York City, who has a remarkable ability to continually confirm his lack of being able to connect reality with whatever it is that is going on in his head, has blocked food donations to the homeless because – well – the city can’t measure that food’s salt content. Apparently the mayor thinks that when it comes to a choice between the possibility of salt-induced high blood pressure or starving, going hungry is the lesser of two evils.

New York City Mayor Bloomberg declares war on super sized soft drinks

I think a lesser evil would be to have the mayor embedded in a block of salt and let cows lick some sense into him rather than to let him continue to govern in his present mental state.

Not to be outdone, Canada has its own entries into the political stupidity marathon which makes me believe that it is an international competition for which I missed the promotional announcement.

In Ontario, the Mayor of London has refused to step down now that he has been charged with criminal fraud. A former Liberal cabinet minister, the good Mayor stands accused of using taxpayer money to toss a pretty impressive wedding for his son among other things. Nothing has been proven in court but the good mayor seems to believe that he can continue to govern effectively while spending much of his time defending himself from criminal charges.

But then, since AdScam, which saw the Liberal party steal more than $1 million from taxpayers and which ultimately sent a few Liberal party supporters to the Big House for a bit, Liberals have some experience with defending themselves against criminal charges.

Former Liberal Senator Raymond Lavigne convicted of fraud and breach of trust in 2011

Last year it was a Liberal senator who was convicted of fraud and sent to prison. Earlier this year, not only was another Liberal senator being investigated for misuse of his parliamentary budget but the Liberal team was exposed for having tried to hide the fact that one of their senators was actually suffering from dementia. In order to prevent the current Prime Minister from replacing her in the Senate, the Liberals chose to pick the poor woman up every day and drive her to the Senate where they planted her in her seat only to take her home again later.

To show you the state of the Liberal caucus in the Senate, despite suffering from dementia and having been declared legally incompetent to care for herself, she fit right in. Nobody around Parliament actually noticed any difference between her and most of the other Liberal Senators.

Ontario Premier and Imperial Leader Dalton McGuinty

The current Liberal Premier of Ontario has discovered an entirely new approach to governing. He simply prorogued the Legislature indefinitely and now governs without having to answer those pesky questions about corruption that kept raising their ugly heads in committee.

The province of Quebec recently elected a separatist government after many years of Liberal government. For my friends and readers from outside the country, the PQ is a ‘sovereignist’ party that would like to take the province out of Canada and make it an independent nation.

I don’t worry about it too much even though I live in Quebec because I think Quebec has become too used to dreaming about independence while demanding increasing amounts of money from the federal government to support their comfortable social programs.

The province is more like a teenage who continues to live with his or her parents while pretending to be fully autonomous and self-sufficient.

Quebec Hydro demonstrates the creative thinking that goes into public infrastructure planning in the province

Quebec runs a small annual deficit of about $2 billion per year which in and of itself isn’t much of a concern until you realize that they receive more than $17 billion every year from the federal government.

“Les Oops! If we leave Canada, we are in the hole how much? $20 billion a year? Sacré bleu and Tyler too! That is a problem.”

Well, yes it is a problem but isn’t so much stupidity as delusional and I believe with proper health care and the right meds it could probably be treated.

What can’t be treated are the stupid things the current PQ government says and does now that it is in power. They are very threatened by the English language and work overtime trying to eradicate it from public view and use.

This week, for example, they announced a plan to have the labels on kitchen appliances in French only which makes me believe that they must have people in a small room somewhere smoking really, really good weed who dream up some of their policies.

Now they’ve have got their knickers in a twist because Enbridge has applied for permission to transfer Alberta oil to Quebec’s refineries. This has upset the PQ who considers Alberta oil to be ‘English’ oil and they resent other parts of Canada sending it to them when they can quite easily continue to pay $25/barrel more for Arabic-‘speaking’ oil from Saudi Arabia.

They’ve also announced their new budget proposals which include higher taxes on booze and cigarettes but the protests have already started over that and from their own supporters who consider the budget “too conservative-like” in nature. In Quebec, they associate ‘conservative’ with ‘common sense’ and they don’t want any part of that. They are used to getting more free stuff from the Conservative government in Ottawa without actually having to pay for it. That is, after all, the Quebec way and in Quebec, traditions are very important.

I know you think I make this stuff up but I don’t.

A member of the federal Liberals has been forced to apologize and resign from his position as Natural Resources critic for suggesting that democratically elected Members of Parliament from Alberta should not sit in the House of Commons. Their views are too regional in his opinion and they should only be allowed to run for municipal or provincial government as long as their views don’t match his.

Despite the fact he looks quite precious in his new cowboy hat, Liberal Leadership candidate Justin Trudeau blames the western province of Alberta for Canada’s problems

Now comments from Justin Trudeau who is running for leadership of the Liberal Party have surfaced in which he claims that the problems Canada was facing at the time were the fault of — yes, you guessed it — Alberta. He went on to claim that Canada belongd to Quebec which is an entirely new spin on the idea of Quebec independence but it’s so convoluted, let’s not go there today.

Back south of the border, the first two financial transactions taken by the Obama Administration after the election were to send money to China and Hamas. If I understand this correctly, and I might not because I actually have thoughts and thoughts really screw up the ability to just go with the flow; the United States borrows money from China so that it can then give some of it back as foreign aid to – well – China. The U.S. is an ally of Israel that provides money to an organization it has not only declared to be a terrorist organization but that attacks its ally.

I’m sure that it all makes sense when they discuss it during the basket weaving sessions in cabinet and caucus meetings but I’m having a lot of difficulty working my way through that logic and I’m sure the good folks on the east coast still without power after Hurricane Sandy are scratching their heads over it too.

It seems to me that the world is a very complex place made all the more complicated by the amount of political stupidity we have to wade through to resolve anything.

We never get a straight answer to a direct question. If you say good morning to a Canadian Liberal politician, they respond with I would like to know what the Prime Minister intends to do about all of those who are currently experiencing afternoon instead of morning because of the government’s irresponsible mismanagement of the country’s different time zones. It is divisive and a threat to national unity.

If you wish a PQ politician good morning they respond with, “Your refusal to greet me in French is just one more example of the Anglo conspiracy to assimilate Quebecers into your society. Merde!”

I believe that if you gathered them all together and put them in one place, you wouldn’t have enough IQ to successfully build anything out of LEGO let alone actually run a government.

Europe and Australia also have their share of the intellectually challenged but we have so many to deal with here in North America that we will have to leave it to our friends across the big water to sort through it on their own. All we can do is sympathize and hope that my theory is right and that the rest of us were left behind by our alien comrades in their hurry to get away lest the stupidity virus was contagious.

I know that some of you are thinking my theory is flawed and that it is actually the stupid people who are from another planet but I have difficulty believing that a species that could overcome the complexities of traveling great distances in space could be as stupid as some of the people who have failed to overcome the fundamentals of balancing an annual budget.

At the end of the day, I believe that Ron White was correct. You can’t fix stupid. All you can do is hope and pray that our alien ancestors haven’t forgotten us and that the mother ship will return soon to pick us up before the stupidity virus that is loose on this planet causes us to completely lose our minds to the point that we qualify to become Liberal politicians.


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