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It’s Time To Cull The Herd!

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein

You can’t fix stupid. Stupid is forever.” -Ron White

Every day, I encounter stupidity. If it isn’t something that’s being reported in the newspaper, it’s on television or the radio. Some days, I’ve encountered so much stupidity before it’s time to leave the house, I’m actually afraid to stick my head outside the door

Everywhere you look there are stupid people saying and doing stupid things. The world is drowning in the stuff.

Today, for example, Danielle Smith the leader of the Wild Rose Party of Alberta, apologized for a comment she had made on Twitter about tainted beef. For those who are not aware, Canada has been dealing with a tainted beef scare over beef that came from a plant in Alberta which had been tainted with eColi bacteria.

eColi can be fatal in some cases but is almost always guaranteed to make you ill. Ms Smith sent out a tweet wondering if it wasn’t possible to find a way to save that meat and feed it to the poor.

It takes a special kind of stupid to think, let alone publicly say, something this stupid. If the beef was recalled from grocery stores across Canada, it pretty much underscores that the government doesn’t believe it is safe for human consumption. What would ever make a politician believe that it might still be ok for the poor?

It reminds me of Louis XV1 and Marie Antoinette who thought that serving rotting food to the people of Paris was acceptable and we all know how well that turned out.

It would be nice if stupidity was contained to one region of one country or even just to one country. Then we could fence it off and avoid it. Unfortunately, stupidity is a pandemic virus.

In Italy, a court has found seven scientists guilty of manslaughter for not accurately predicting the 2009 earthquake. The fact that it is impossible to accurately predict an earthquake was irrelevant to the court. If this stupidity continues we’ll have to build a significant number of new prisons just to house meteorologists and television weather forecasters.

And then there is this.

Try and remember while you watch the video that this woman votes and is raising children. She called a Fargo radio station to register her frustration of where the state places deer crossings.

That video went viral and I know that some of you are thinking it was a practical joke or a set up by the radio station. Think again.

It’s everywhere folks. The stupidity quotient is rising at a time in our history when we need it least. Spend half an hour on Twitter and you’ll become convinced you’re on the wrong planet or that all the normal people on our planet are being overtaken by Pod People from another galaxy.

It has gone beyond making stupid mistakes. We all do that. It’s even gone beyond saying something without thinking. This is a new kind of stupidity, a stupidity that is resistant to antibiotics and even common sense. It is infecting all aspects of our society most especially government.

When courts sentence pedophiles to 30 months and prosecutors charge a grocer for tieing up a serial shoplifter until the police arrive, the stupidity virus has infected the judicial system.

When school boards start banning words like dancing, dinosaur and phrases like bodily functions, it’s time to slap sense into them, if that’s possible or at least put these people in quarantine.

And when a government blocks drilling for oil in its coastal waters but sends $2 billion to another country to do the same thing in their coastal waters just so that they can then buy that oil from the other country, it’s time to reconsider the merits of democracy.

The examples are endless and more are coming every day. We need a better way to protect ourselves.

Nature does have a way of protecting most other species from stupidity. Vast herds of wildebeests and gazelles roam the grasslands of the Serengeti and nature ensures the strength of those herds through a process of natural selction. The weak and the stupid are pushed to the outside of the herd where the lions can get them and in that way, the herd remains healthy.

Stupidity is spreading at an alarming rate these days and personally, I think it’s long past time to allow nature to cull the herd by pushing the stupid among us to the edge of the herd and let the lions do their job.

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  • Greel

    Just stumbled on this. I have no idea who you are, or what you’re about.
    But when I read this post, I wept. Thank you for saying what I scream
    daily. No. Hourly.

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  • Drakhor

    If only there’d be an easy way to do the culling. Unfortunately, people who try to do their share usually end up being sent to prison for 21+ years…

  • Ass pamphlet

    One of your best rants.

    • http://abearsrant.com thebear

      Thank you. Sometimes I get lucky.