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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Happy All Inclusive, Politically Correct Black And Orange Day

A world in which elves exist and magic works offers greater opportunities to digress and explore

-Terry Brooks

When I was a kid, life was full of magic. Santa Claus was a mysterious but benevolent being that was actually able to travel world-wide in less than one night. He brought us toys and really was able to climb down chimneys even when we didn’t have a chimney in our house. Pragmatism was never allowed to get in the way of magic.

But as magical as Christmas was with its bright lights, music and general spirit of good will, nothing said magic like Halloween. Christmas kept us awake in anticipation and relentless excitement for what the morning would bring. Halloween had a dark edge to it that was spooky.

Christmas was white magic, Halloween was black magic. It was Disney’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow with the Headless Horsemen. It was the night when ghosts and goblins and creatures of the night roamed freely in the dark of night.

Ah but it was such fun. Continue reading

Saints and Sinners On The Road To Damascus

“Saint Paul the persecutor was a cruel and sinful man
Jesus hit him with a blinding light and then his life began
I said yeah  — I said yeah”

– Rolling Stones

The world has many religions; some large, some small. The so-called Great Religions are considered the great religions because of the number of adherents they have. Between them just four, Christianity (2 billion), Islam (1.5 billion), Hindu (1 billion) and Buddhism (0.5 billion) comprise 71% of the world’s population.

In addition to these there are another 1.5 billion people who are members of other, smaller faiths,  including Judaism, Sikh, Taoism, Confucianism, Shinto, Wicca and a number of smaller, regionally-specific faiths. In total, just over 80% of the world’s population subscribes to some faith or another.

As significant as the membership of some religions may be, however, all of them pale in comparison to the fastest growing religion on the planet – Political Ideology.

Many theists accuse those of other faiths to be extremists and fanatics, and to be fair, there are still some of those in all religions to this day. They tend to be the people who pervert the teachings of their faith, creating God and his teachings in their own image rather than the other way around. They are the people who most easily compromise their principles through the distortion of the values and morality of their religion. Continue reading

The Most Important Voter Demographic

For politicians, election campaigns regardless of the country or the political entity are not about issues; they are about winning and that requires strategy. Strategy requires strategists and strategists divide the electorate up into target groups.

Much is made about those groups being defined demographically and subdivided by race, age, gender, hair colour and favourite Justin Beiber song but the key strategists, the inside, backroom boys and girls have this down to a science and only concern themselves with five demographic groups.

They are:

  • Those who support us on the issues
  • Those who don’t support us on the issues
  • Independents
  • Those who don’t vote
  • Those who are so blindly partisan that they are too lazy or too stupid to think and “we don’t have to worry about them ‘cause they will vote for or against us no matter what we do or say”. Continue reading

The Mainstream Media – A Betrayal Of Trust

In June 1972, five men broke into the Watergate offices of the Democratic National Committee. Initially treated as an ordinary crime story with only a little extra interest because it took place in the offices of the Committee to Re-elect President Nixon, the five men were soon arrested and shortly thereafter, all hell broke loose. Eventually, after repeated denials and attempts to cover-up the truth by the administration, the unrelenting investigation by the media eventually uncovered a scandal that led all the way to the Oval Office.

What broke this story was the hard work and persistence of the news media, in particular Bob Woodward and Karl Bernstein of the Washington Post. They were the first to recognize that this was not a small-time criminal act and through their stubborn refusal to let the story die and the support they received from Ben Bradley and the Washington Post, Woodward and Bernstein were successful in uncovering more facts which eventually led to the mainstream media overall getting involved.

Eventually, the story became so big; it led to impeachment proceedings against the President, his subsequent resignation and the arrest and conviction of 43 people, including many of his top advisors.

Contrast that to what is happening with the reporting about Benghazi. Continue reading

Execution By Obliteration

In yesterday’s article I mentioned that the new regime in North Korea had executed one of its top generals using a mortar. Apparently he had been drinking during the mourning period for Kim Jung Il so Kim’s son, the new Dear Leader, ordered him ‘obliterated’. That seems a little excessive to me but ever anxious to do his bidding, the military marched the poor guy to a spot on the ground they had marked where they made him stand and then lobbed a mortar shell at him.

Talk about overkill; but it did get me thinking about capital punishment. Continue reading


I have come to the conclusion that we have lost our minds. I’m not sure exactly when or how it happened but it is clear to me now that sanity is a luxury in which most of us no longer indulge. In fact, to put it more succinctly, we’re just bloody nuts.

We’re whacked out, over the edge. Our ship has sailed without the captain. We’re a couple of sandwiches short of a full picnic and our elevator not only doesn’t run to the top floor, in most cases, it doesn’t run at all.

The lunatic fringe has taken over the middle ground where common sense once prevailed and even the politically correct are starting to get nervous.

I know this because I can read and what I read every day in the mainstream media and online is enough to make me realize that they just don’t make all the straight jackets and rubber rooms we’re going to need in the very near future. Continue reading