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A President’s Words. A President’s Actions

“…true democracy – real freedom – is hard work.”
-President Barack Obama


On September 11, 2012, violence directed against American diplomatic missions in Egypt and Libya erupted without warning or at least, that was the official position of the Obama administration. It is now clear that there was not only reason to anticipate something happening on the anniversary of 9/11 but there were warnings as much as 48 hours in advance.

Four Americans, including the American ambassador to Libya were killed; an unnecessary loss of life due to nothing more than careless indifference to the safety of diplomatic staff in this troubled region.

On September 11, there was no statement from the White House regarding the attacks and indeed, later in the evening while appearing on the David Letterman Show, the President was mute about what was happening in North Africa and the Middle East. Mitt Romney spoke out against this silence and was criticized by the administration and the mainstream media for politicizing the issue.

Politicizing the issue?

I think there has been a great deal of politicizing of this issue but it hasn’t come from Mitt Romney or his campaign.

On September 12, President Obama gave a short, terse statement denouncing the attacks and showing firm resolve at bringing those who had committed the attacks to justice. He reiterated that these were spontaneous, random attacks that had nothing to do with terrorism and took no questions. President Obama is very good at the delivery of wonderfully crafted statements but has been proven time and again that he isn’t very good at living up to his words.

Subsequently, violence erupted across the Muslim region with protests and demonstrations against the United States. There were even demonstrations in Australia and other democracies. The cause, the world was assured, was a fourteen minute video that ridiculed the prophet Mohammed and which offended Muslims. Even if that were true and it now appears that it is not, so what? There are millions of Muslims around the world who did not riot, protest or threaten the lives of Americans. They accept, like most civilized people, that freedom of speech includes the right to offend.

President Obama has devoted much of his response to the attacks to apologizing for and condemning those who offended Muslims but it was only in his speech to the United Nations that he ever made reference to all of the offense directed at other religions by others, including his own supporter Bill Maher.

In a democracy, freedom of speech means exactly that; the freedom to speak your mind and voice your opinion even if it offends others. The President felt it necessary to apologize rather than defend that basic American right until it became clear that Americans were outraged.
The video was a convenient excuse for both those who consider the United States an enemy and who are constantly looking for a reason to attack it, as well as, for the administration itself.

By blaming the video, the administration did not have to take responsibility for either its lax security arrangements or having ignored the advance warnings it received from governments in the region. It didn’t have to acknowledge that it didn’t put any particular plan in place to increase security at is embassies in anticipation of potential threats at its missions in the Middle East and North Africa on the anniversary of 9/11.

Instead, the President and his administration blamed it all on a crudely produced video and characterized all of the violence as nothing more than a spontaneous event. Blaming others is something at which this administration has become quite accomplished.

Nothing is ever this administration’s fault. The economy is the fault of the previous government or the recession. The unconscionable increase in the budget deficit, indeed the lack of a budget in four years, is strictly the fault of Congress despite the fact that the President had a Democratic majority in the senate for two years. Neither the President, nor his supporters, gives any consideration as to whether or not the President had a responsibility to lead and build consensus rather than throw up his hands and simply point fingers at others.

The administration takes no responsibility for anything except what it perceives to be popular successes and then, they are only due to the courageous leadership of the President.

Since September 11th, that courageous leadership has run television ads in Pakistan apologizing for the independently produced video, denied intelligence information to the house committee for national security that it had in its possession and has yet to send in the FBI to undertake an investigation into what happened in Benghazi. Indeed, so much time has passed since the attack that the FBI no longer sees the value in going to Benghazi as the ‘crime’ scene has been so tainted it will tell them virtually nothing.

So much for the firmly spoken commitment to find those responsible and bring them to justice.

Now, it appears that despite public pronouncements to the contrary, the administration knew within 24 hours that what happened was a planned, terrorist attack and it wasn’t the only one. Attacks took place in other places including America’s largest military base in Afghanistan. It was a coordinated effort by Al Qaeda and its supporters including the Taliban which the administration denied publicly until yesterday.

None of this information has been forthcoming from the President or the State Department but rather from media who are on the ground in the region, doing the job the administration should have ordered done two weeks ago. It is the media who for once are doing their job that forced the administration to admit the truth. I doubt the whole truth has yet emerged but clearly it will and this pitiful attempt at covering up the truth lest it interfere with the President’s reelection will be exposed for what it is.

Recent polls show that support for Barrack Obama’s reelection is increasing which is a tragic and dangerous endorsement of style over substance. Considering his ineffective leadership in every area of the presidency but in particular in foreign policy and national security, it amazes me that he has any support at all.

I can only attribute the President’s success in the polls to the dismal campaign being run by the Republicans.

The President has failed to demonstrate the leadership that would find agreement with Congress on fiscal matters, has defended the only Attorney General in American history to be found in contempt of Congress over the Fast & Furious scandal which cost more Americans their lives and has implemented a mandatory health care plan that is so poorly conceived that it has divided the nation and requires taking $750 billion from Medicare to properly fund it.

The President’s redistribution of wealth now appears to include taking from the elderly to give to others.

Jimmy Carter did far less and accomplished far more than this president and yet remains mocked and vilified for his presidency by Democrats and Republicans alike. The fact that so many have refused to consider what their support of the past four years will provide them over the next four if they continue that support is a telling indication of just how little thought is being applied to this election campaign.

Many may discover too late that emotion is a poor substitute for analytical thought when it comes to deciding the future government that will decide your personal future and that of your family.

There is an old saying that the people get the government they deserve but once reality hits after the election and the debt, unemployment and confused foreign policy continue, it will be too late for anyone to change their mind. If the past four years are not enough to make people stop and consider the record of this administration, surely to God it’s performance and response to the attacks against Americans and American diplomatic missions in the past two weeks should at the very least give them pause for thought.

If not, God help them.

In his speech to the United Nations, President Obama said, “…true democracy – real freedom – is hard work.” Yes it is. We can agree on that. It is unfortunate that for this president they are too often only words; words that many cling too in the hope and failed belief that this time he will follow through on them.


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  • http://pumabydesign001.wordpress.com PUMABydesign001

    Unfortunately, it appears that Obama’s cultist still prefer a celebrity over good governance. On November 6th, they must be overruled and Obama voted out.

  • Anonymous

    Remember when…. “Who do you want answering the phone a 3:00 in the morning” ? This was the Hillary ad offered up to show the USA that their would be leadership, and strength in the White House.
    What a mess, denials, lies and outright fabrication,
    Obama now attends his daily Intellegence briefings.
    At least that’s what has been reported / sarc off.
    Yup the Embassy is on fire our Ambassador and some very brave men who held out against what was a well planned assault with heavy weapon, are dead.
    Lookat the time!
    I’m going to bed, y’all.
    We can apoligize in the morning.
    Then the “speed bumps” speech.
    Letterman, partay with Jay-Z and what’s her name.
    The FBI still hasen’t gotten into the remains of the embassy.
    I guess Obama does not want any contradictions before his election.
    If the American people don’t turf this poser it’s gonna get real ugly IMO.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16123459288721211812 Bear

      I had someone tweet me a very succinct summary after reading this post. She wrote:
      “We wanted a president. We elected a celebrity.” She was right and unfortunately, the majority of Americans seem to prefer celebrity over good governance.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14775952813637311480 Cynthia Meents

    Well said, as always. I think much of is what Obama’s success is what you said in a previous post; people don’t think anymore. They just believe what the media tells them. Obama is spouting “Bin Laden is dead” as a campaign slogan. He can’t admit that terrorism didn’t die with him, but some thinking Americans managed to call him out on it. The problem is all those others who aren’t paying any attention.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16123459288721211812 Bear

      The statistic that most surprises me is that in a recent poll 60% of Americans believe that the United States is on the wrong track. It makes you wonder why that isn’t reflected in the President’s reelection poll numbers.

  • http://oldthingsrnew.wordpress.com/ oldthingsrnew

    Thanks to twitter a lot of us knew what was happening in Benghazi long beore the rest of America. I was waiting for President Obama to make the speech, tell us there was a plan to ensure the safety of all of our citizens. That is what presidents do. It fell to Romney to offer the words of comfort and unity. If that was your son being attacked and murdered, what you want, comfort or Letterman?

    Good Rant.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16123459288721211812 Bear

      Thank you. I tend to agree with you. Leadership requires being visible to lead not invisible when things become challenging.

  • Jen

    When Obama was first elected some americans said that they do not need God anymore that Obama is their saviour now.

    God packed and left USA to their own devices and look where they are right now-in a mess. Nevetheless, Obama is and has become their saviour and their god.

    What’s more, too many americans are living on food stamps finding work is a loss cause for these people…..exactly where this american government wants to keep them.
    Remember the book Hugo Chavez gave Obama which I am sure is being (translated for Obama)? Well, nothing would surprise me that within that book Hugo teaches Obama ‘the artwork’ of dealing with the public as he Hugo does with his own.
    Obama has his hands full when situation could have been much easier. He has to keep not only his people the general public in ‘food stamps’ but the secrets within the walls of his administration away from them and from the press which some have become useless.

    The Americans better start praying for the Almighty to return to their country to help them through their difficult times. If they don’t and continue to worship Obama instead, the USA remains as is or worse.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16123459288721211812 Bear

      There is a lot of talk about religion in the United States these days but few actually live the real intent behind the words. They have become more how people rationalize their political opinions.