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A Grand And Noble People

While we were busy this weekend, 32 children were slaughtered in Syria.

While we debated over whether or not we should get involved in Syria; while we fussed over the cost, the validity, the politics, the aftermath and the role that NATO played in Libya; while we patted ourselves on the back for committing another $350 million to Afghanistan…
…32 children, mostly under the age of 10 were killed by Syrian military artillery. They died never even seeing who cared so little that they took their lives with such violent indifference.
While Republicans and Democrats argued over who really has America’s interest at heart…
…32 small children died in an explosive hell of terror and pain.
While students continued their arrogant and selfish grandstanding in Montreal over a fifty cent a day increase in tuition, supported by unions, academics, artists and other members of a clueless and sanctimonious intelligentsia…
…32 children died, caught in the middle of a civil war where thousands have died in a desperate attempt to win the fundamentals of democracy for themselves, that conceited fools and the self-absorbed take for granted here.
While Occupy continued its adolescent and pathetic attempt to portray itself as being oppressed, relevant and even aware…
…32 children died as the result of a fight against true oppression that has killed thousands.
While teachers planned more work to rule in British Columbia and stamped their feet in Ontario over temporary wage freezes; while too many of us continued to demand more from others than we are prepared to pay ourselves and while we commented with outrage over refinements to the Employment Insurance Act, about Obama’s birth certificate or Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman….
…32 children, some no older than my grandson, died needlessly, painfully and anonymously.
While the Democrats and the Republicans accused each other of being at war with women; while President Obama tried to dignify, as legitimate class warfare, the disruption and violence in the streets he lacks the courage to confront; and while yet another small gang of Wall Street firms tried to figure out how to wriggle out from under the Facebook IPO fiasco they caused with their stupidity and greed….
…32 children died and neither their lives nor their deaths are of any consequence to us. We are too busy with important issues to concern ourselves with the deaths of children in some far away country. 
What a grand and noble people we have become!
Canada and the United States are two of, if not the two, freest countries in the world. We have privilege. We have opportunity and yes, we have problems but we also have the wealth, the expertise, the ability and the means to address those problems. Unfortunately we are too busy these days blaming each other to work together and take advantage of our freedom and our opportunity to address them.
We take for granted the privilege and freedom we have, a freedom people flock too by the thousands every year from all over the world. We spit on our privileged lifestyle and the opportunities we have even as others die just to achieve the basic freedom many of us now call oppression.
We have traded our values for softer toilet paper, iPhones and demands for more entitlements rather than respecting and appreciating those we have already. We have traded our self-respect for a level of petty greed that would make even Bernie Madoff wince.
We have sold ourselves very cheaply indeed.
Unions demand more. Wall Street skims a little more. Occupy pillages and destroys. Student protesters burn and vandalize and for what? For pennies, my friends; we have built societies that are destroying our nations for pennies. We are like feral animals fighting over food scraps and violent beggars squabbling in the street over loose change. It doesn’t get much cheaper than that.
Our two nations were born out of a hope for something better, an ideal of freedom based on respect, equality and the rule of law, personal responsibility and pride in ourselves and each other. Our ancestors set down principles and values that laid the foundation for a better life for their children and their children’s children but we have desecrated their memory. We are so consumed by ourselves that we rob our own children and their children of a better future so that we can have more pennies, today. We have made a mockery of those principles and long ago sold our values for whatever we could get.
32 children died this weekend and it is beyond tragedy. It is a horror.
What is even worse is that more than just those 32 children died this weekend. In fact, we are too busy to know just how many children were slaughtered around the world in the past 48 hours. But the greatest tragedy of all is that we have sold ourselves so cheaply, we no longer have the values to take notice of how many died, let alone care.
We have protests for more entitlements to attend and more hissy-fits to throw and to justify when we don’t get our own way. We have academic papers praising socialism and condemning capitalism to write. We have governments to criticize and the rights and property of others to trample so that we can a have a few more pennies we didn’t really earn.
We inherited two noble nations. We have proven we lack the values, the dignity or the integrity to deserve them. There are no Abraham Lincoln’s or Martin Luther Kings;  no Lester Pearson’s, Tommy Douglas’s or John f. Kennedy’s today. There is just us and what a sad legacy we are for those who went before us and worked so hard to try and provide us with a better society.
32 children died this weekend but the good news is that we still have our smart phones and iPads to organize our protests. We still have an Internet that is unregulated and which allows us to steal the intellectual and creative property of others. 
Most encouraging of all is that support for our struggle to end oppression by our own democratically elected governments is up in the polls. Perhaps when we extort some more free stuff with our threats of violence we will have time then to turn our attention to trying to prevent more children from being slaughtered. Unfortunately, until then, our struggle for freedom continues and they will just have to hang on as best they can.
What a grand and noble people we are.
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all rights reserved
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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/17959018706995693614 Steven

    I’m starting to follow your blogs as time permits, at first I (assumed) your blogs were a creation of a master-minded “Blog Program” that just spewed out programming machine garbage.

    But after reading more, it does appear that you might be who you say, and for that “I respect you” and appreciate some of the points you bring up.

    Remember once you say something in “print.” it lingers in the air until either it is validated or proven as nonsense. Don’t let the fly’s ruin your day, they got to eat also, and it’s not their fault what or why they understand as they do the things they do, after all, “thinking” is not something everyone is up to before they speak, right?

    If we understood how to properly “think” all the time before we spoke, we would be better then we are today in “most of our affairs and dealing with one an othe” and perhaps we could better live with one another on this planet. Thanks.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16123459288721211812 Bear

      I appreciate that I have been elevated from being a bot to human status; it’s a fairly major relief and Maggie will be pleased about it too. :-)

      More to the point, I appreciate that you took the time to read my blog and to write a comment. I think it is important to speak up, not simply riot, about things we believe are important. I don’t object to people speaking up for the things in which they believe, even if I disagree with them. I just get frustrated by the lack of thinking that goes into most opinion these days. It’s even worse that this lack of thought isn’t confined to the great unwashed. It is very prevalent in government, the mainstream media and academia as well.

      I may not always be right, as difficult as that is to believe for both of us, but I at least think about things before formulating an opinion. Usually, that means gathering facts and weighing those facts against my values. It is an imperfect system, I admit but I believe it is infinitely preferable to a simple emotional reaction to the last social media message that was read.

      Thanks again, I hope you will have the time to come back often….even if we don’t always agree.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/09957427743428004653 Polyorchnid Octopunch

    So I searched your blog looking for a rant about the number of Palestinian children that have been killed by Israeli armed forces and settlers, and google says you don’t have any posts about those subjects at all.

    Hypocrisy much?

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16123459288721211812 Bear

      I love people like you with your sanctimonious rationalizations that you think justify your intolerance and prejudice. The killing of a child anywhere by anyone is a terrible thing and too many children are dying everywhere, including four a day from abuse in the United States.

      I write about children at risk often and about child abuse. I don’t write about it to try to justify and support an adolescent political position like you have with your one-sided view of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

      The point of this piece, which clearly was beyond your intellectual capability was that this past weekend, while people in our society scrabbled for pennies, squabbled over things that no one will care about in a year, 32 children were massacred. It shouldn’t matter if they were Syrian, Palestinian or our own. They were children and they could have been from any country.

      The point is that while we are busy arguing over ridiculous issues, demanding more entitlements, pontificating our ill-informed and self-righteous opinions in protest and riot after protest and riot, people are dying to achieve what we take for granted and children are being slaughtered as a result.

      Don’t presume to lecture me about hypocrisy simply because you’re too stupid to get the point of this post. I’ll make it easy for you. You are the kind of person this piece is specifically talking about.