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Bev Oda or Roy Orbison? You Be The Judge

“Come on baby let the good times roll – roll all night long.” 
– Roy Orbison
Bev Oda, Canada’s Minister For International Aid has once again come under fire for livin’ high on the taxpayers’ dime…..well…..dollars actually. Diamond Bev is no piker when it comes to spending other people’s money.
Cabinet Minister, Diamond Bev Oda – makes you proud
to be Canadian doesn’t it?
Photograph by: Screengrab , Google Image
She was in London last year to attend a conference on Vaccines for Developing countries, Diamond Bev cancelled reservations made for her at the five-star Grange St. Paul’s Hotel. Instead she had staff book her into the swanky-danky Savoy, you know that hotel where royalty and folks like that enjoy paying $16.00 for a glass of orange juice.  Of course, not staying at the St. Paul where the conference was being held meant that Bev had to rent limousines at an additional cost of $1,000 a day or so, but who’s counting? Clearly not Diamond Bev.
She has, after it was brought to light, reimbursed taxpayers for the orange juice and the difference between what a room at the St. Paul costs versus a room at the Savoy palace. A grateful nation is picking up the tab for the unnecessary limousines.
This isn’t the first time Diamond Bev has been criticized for her lavish lifestyle at taxpayer expense. There was a bit of an uproar after she dropped a few thousand to attend the Juno Awards in Halifax and that’s when it hit me.
I believe Bev Oda is actually Roy Orbison. 
Which is Bev and which is Roy…or are they
the same person?
Now I understand all those limousines and swanky hotels. It’s the rock star lifestyle. Compare the two pictures. Clearly they are the same person. They both have died black hair, wear heavily tinted sunglasses and are never more comfortable than when they are being driven around in a limousine.

I know you’re thinking, “Wait a minute, Roy Orbison has been dead for many years”, but if you think about it, you never saw Diamond Bev and Roy Orbison together at the same time when he was still performing. Coincidence? How do we know that he didn’t actually give up his rock and roll celebrity to become a politician in Canada?

The  plot thickens!

I could never understand why Prime Minister Stephen Harper kept Diamond Bev around after all the mistakes she’s made and the money she’s squandered on her expense account. For all his faults, Stephen Harper is personally squeaky clean and usually that kind of stuff really upsets him. It only took the inference of impropriety for him to all but have former cabinet Minister Helena Geurges publicly flogged and then executed on Parliament Hill right after the changing of the guard ceremony.
PM Harper performing at NAC
photo: Canadian Press
But I get it now.

Our prime  minister has a soft spot for classic rock. He even showed up, unannounced at the National Arts Centre during one benefit to do an impromptu version of The Beatles, “With A Little Help From My Friends.”

And that is what keeps saving Diamond Bev. Stephen Harper, like me, thinks she’s Roy Orbison and for that, Stephen Harper can forgive anything. 
Rock on Bev…errr I mean Roy. We haven’t quite run out of taxpayer money yet, despite your best efforts.

Song and video by “ethanjacobs” on YouTube


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  • Anonymous

    That may be true in your ‘intimate’s’ department…but not so in others, and it isn’t ‘backroom’ people either and that Sunshine…is a fact.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16123459288721211812 Bear

      I wasn’t referring to a specific department but system-wide.

  • Anonymous

    “Let them eat cake” quote comes to mind as I see Bev/Roy. While MANY public servants (more than the PC’s are reporting) are awaiting their fate, there she is spending unnecessarily. Shame, shame and more shame.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16123459288721211812 Bear

      I agree with you but will correct your assumption about the number of civil servants being laid off is more than the PCs are reporting. I’m intimately connected to that situation and it is actually fewer than more.