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The Hypocrisy Continues. Will The Sheep Keep Following?

Oh my, my….The Speaker of Canada’s House of Commons has announced that his investigation into the VikiLeaks attack web site has been traced back to a Liberal Party staffer. I can already hear the rationalizations forming on the left.
To be fair, Bob Rae, interim leader has accepted the resignation (fired) the staffer involved and has formerly apologized to the House and to the minister the site was set up to attack. For their part, the Conservative government and the minister accepted the apology. How civilized.
Liberal MP Justin Trudeau

The usual sanctimonious and self-righteous hypocrisy that only politicians do so well quickly followed, led by members of Parliament like Justin Trudeau. Mr. Trudeau tweeted that he was ‘appalled that a Liberal could be behind such a dirty trick. You’ll note that he did not tweet that he was appalled that anyone would do this, just appalled to learn it was a Liberal. This would be the same Justin Trudeau who routinely tweeted about VikiLeaks, making sure that people knew the address of the web site. Mr. Trudeau then went on to tweet that personal attacks were unacceptable in politics. This would be the same Justin Trudeau who called a minister, “a piece of shit”, in the House of Commons.

I am struck by a broader hypocrisy though.
The Conservatives are facing their own issue with the RoboCon scandal where someone or many used Rack Nine calling service to send out false automated calls to try and disrupt voter turnout in one or more ridings during the last election.
The Liberals expect the world to believe that VikiLeaks was the work of a single, misguided staffer while at the same time making allegations that RoboCon couldn’t possibly be the work of only one or two people. They allege it must be the work of the Conservative Party. Really?
It is clear that more than a few Liberals, including some MPs used and/or directed people to VikiLeaks but they still insist that it was only the work of one person. For some reason, they are unable to grasp the same possibility in the RoboCon issue.
Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae
Bob Rae has gone so far as to now announce that as many as 27 Liberal candidates lost in the last election because of voter disruption by automated phone calls. Really? How is it that Bob only figured this out and has only announced it now? Wouldn’t you think that if there had been electoral fraud the Liberals would have been on this right after the election? Apparently not. I’m sure it has less to do with political opportunism and more to do with a thorough and ongoing Liberal investigation that only coincidentally was completed just now as the RoboCon scandal hit the media.
What does all this mean?
For me, it means that our current anger and finger-pointing at Harper is both misguided and foolish. Harper is merely symptomatic of what is really wrong with our political system. It has been hijacked by cynical opportunists and hypocrites. Harper is no worse than the rest and the rest are no better than Harper.
The ongoing anger focused on Harper merely plays into the hands of the other snakes in the grass just waiting to bite you as they and their parties have done so often in the past.
The hypocrisy will never end, the corruption will continue until people stop blaming one party or another and start blaming what politicians and their back room boys and girls have and are continuing to do to our….that’s ‘our’…..political system and government.
The question now is how many of us will continue to act like sheep and blindly follow the partisan hypocrisy that is served up as the best our democracy has to offer?
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  • Anonymous

    You should be in the news papers. Reporters don’t write as you do. If more people would read your rants maybe they would pay attention. You say whats on all minds.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16123459288721211812 Bear

      I suspect I will never be invited to write for the mainstream media. My posts are too long, have many grammatical errors and are not controversial or slanted enough to any one media outlet’s particular bias.

      That’s fine with me. I write from my small corner of the world and let the words speak for themselves to any who wish to read them.

      I appreciate the compliment though and your continuing support.