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Some Of My Favourite Occupy Tweets

As I posted yesterday, I read thousands of tweets a week and yesterday’s post was a few of my favourites that made me laugh. Today, I’m posting some of the tweets from Occupy and its supporters. They don’t always make me laugh but they do cause me to shake my head sometimes.
Activism Tips Activism Tips
If someone in your group is hungry for some kind of leadership position, expel them immediately.
Here’s straight ahead thinking from a movement that refuses to learn from those who went before. Gandhi and Martin Luther King were both leaders and they were successful. Occupy decries leadership and consequently continues to flounder around. One wonders why so many in Occupy are afraid of leadership that might actually help coalesce the protest rabble into an effective movement.
MT @justinstoned: #Queering #OWS could REALLY use your help. There are a lot of LGBTQ #occupier’s still wo housing.
It seems odd to me that anyone would show up for a protest that is all about trying to live somewhere without the means to accommodate themselves. But then, Occupy has never been shy about begging for free things from the rest of the world.
20k army landing force brought in to deal with US occupy movement is training currently in Fort Douglas Salt Lake City Utah
Considering that there are more people attending a Sunday afternoon NFL game than in all of Occupy across North America, this seems somewhat exaggerated but then, when all else fails we increase our importance by trying to increase the size of those who oppose us.
Our #OccupyLA family will be evicted tonight after turning down a deal with the city to get a office building and farming land to move. #OWS
There’s nothing like the inability to recognize a good thing when it’s offered. The city of LA offered Occupy LA alternatives to the park they’re occupying but rather than accept that offer and avoid unnecessary confrontation with authorities, they declined. This is the thinking that wants to lead us to the New Jerusalem.
Want to help #OWS? Go to a local market buy a bag full of fruits and bring it to your local occupation, you’ll be welcomed with open arms.
There’s nothing like being precise about what you want for free. Even the homeless don’t specify the kind of help they need, they simply appreciate anything that’s offered.
We refuse dialogue with the regime not because we don’t want to talk; but because the regime wants to impose on us what to say|
When you don’t know what to say, it’s always better to blame it on the opposition.
Note || Violence and Destruction of property is not “diversity of tactics” in a PEACEFUL protest. It’s stupid and immature. #OWS
Unfortunately, not enough members of Occupy saw this memo. It’s probably because there aren’t enough leaders to make sure it got distributed and enforced.
You cannot try and enlighten a celebrity who has become delusionally narcissistic and infantilely materialistic.
Things aren’t looking to good for Michael Moore and Alec Baldwin if this becomes Occupy policy.
The @OWS_kitchen are still cooking and serving food to meetings, #nycsc and churches/shelters but have no donations coming in #OWS
One wonders why the donations are drying up when Occupy keeps trumpeting how successful it is being at winning support.
1% buy $1,000 shoes;Walmart customers struggle to pay for Thanksgiving dinner dailykos.com/story/2011/11/… dinner
So who did Occupy choose to disrupt? If you guessed the customers buying $1,000 shoes, you guessed wrong. They chose to disrupt and interfere with the Walmart customers who struggle to pay for Thanksgiving dinner.
#occupyphoenix #ophx Food canopy and all contents confiscated this morning. Cold and hungry protesters need food, water, coffee. Please RT.
This is just pitiful but if you are going to support Occupy Phoenix, please don’t forget the coffee. They’re out of coffee.
Below is a link to an OWS meeting which they published online for all to see. I will warn you in advance that it is long and sometimes boring but it is also a wonderment to behold. There is frustration brewing within the organization and even questioning about the efficacy of its style of democracy. You won’t have much difficulty understanding why that is after you read some, if not all, of the verbatim minutes.

Link To Minutes Of Occupy’s Meeting

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