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A Few Of My Favourite Tweets

I joined Twitter ten weeks ago and after stumbling around for a bit while I tried to learn how to work with it, I finally have some degree of comfort with Twit World. I’ve met a number of interesting and often nice people on all sides of the political debate. I’ve read literally thousands of tweets each week, some offensive, some confusing, many interesting and more than a few that made me smile and sometimes laugh. Here are some of my favourites.

“60 Minutes  wants to probe Nancy Pelosi –  I don’t criticize anyone for their sexual fantasies, I just think that 60 Minutes should keep theirs to themselves.

“MacBook Pro used to #DJ at Microsoft Store grand opening: http://mctr.st/srJN1Z” – They probably used the Windows powered notebook as a back up

“I have been one of the leaders of the kitchen; we have been hijacked by ppl who don’t have vision or sympathy for the movement or the occupiers. I had a meeting w/ the Kitchen and they told me they don’t care about the ppl of this of this movement.” Tomorrow she’ll propose to spokes that we create a new occupier kitchen.” – 
This is an amalgamation of a string of three tweets which shows that even in Paradise, there is sometimes trouble. OWS bumps into the real world with some ideological indifference within their own ranks. What a surprise.

“Tried to get firm w/ my little one; that went over well. She replied telling me to chill my biscuits!” Grrr! – Having two daughters, I had some sympathy for this one.  It’s one of those moments where you don’t know if you’re brain is going to explode or you’re going to break out laughing.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but the tea party “protesters” never defecated on a car like occupy wall street. Crapping outside is not winning.” – He has a point.

“My blood type is currently tequila positive” – This is from a young woman with a unique perspective on life and her tweets usually make me chuckle out loud

“Most of my posts are written while on the toilet. So if you see a several updates in a row I’ve been to Taco Bell recently”.— And some more from her

“I hate when people from work send me friend requests on Facebook. I don’t like talking to them when I’m being paid to, let alone for free’.—Ain’t it the truth?

“#OWS says over 6,000 viewers on LiveStream I see 96 on one and 519 on the other …where’s the other 4,900+ ?” – Math has never been one of OWS’ strongest suits.

“Seven Amish radicals have been arrested for forcibly shaving off the beards of other Amish. Is this follicle brutality?” – When even the Amish start to get violent, we know we’re headed for trouble.

“Dear Canada Post, next time I’m not home just leave the parcel on my front step rather than lose it taking it 3 blocks to the post office!” – This falls under the heading: Been there-Done that.

“An atheist in a coffin – All dressed up and nowhere to go.– This came from one of those bots that sends out constant quotes and jokes which I seldom read but this one did make me laugh

There are lots more, some more serious  but these were a few of my favourites that made me laugh, Thanks to the Tweeps who wrote them. It always lightens the day when something like one of these passes through my timeline,. I’m looking forward to more.

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16123459288721211812 Bear

    I don’t publish their names in the off chance they might be embarrassed to end up here. But next time, I’ll try contacting them and asking for permission to publish their Twitter names.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/01051836866570014161 Deber Klein

    I love these, Bear. Next time, let us know their twitter names so we can follow them, too!