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George Carlin & The Bear On Saving The Planet

“It’s not easy being green.” – Kermit the frog


Back in the mid 90’s, scientists were predicting an impending ice age. I didn’t take it too seriously because they weren’t overly specific about when it was going to happen and I have a really good winter coat. They predicted glaciers would reemerge and cover key parts of the continental land mass. Now, I don’t know a lot about glaciers but I do know they move really slowly and I am pretty sure that even I can outrun (ok, ok…I don’t actually run but I’m pretty confident that I can lumber along faster than a glacier), so I wasn’t overly concerned. I pretty much set my mind to accepting that it was going to get cooler which suited me fine because hot weather is very unpleasant for a guy built like a bear.

A decade later, many of  the same scientists decided that it wasn’t an ice age that was coming after all. It was global warming. The earth was heating up and soon, arable farm land would dry up, crops would wither and we would see famine, disease and war (although unfortunately we don’t seem to need global warming to find reasons to kill each other). Melting glaciers (remember the glaciers from the impending ice age?) would cause sea levels to rise overrunning coastal cities and temperatures would soar. Polar bears would die and the four horseman of the apocalypse would appear on downtown streets around the world.

I was more concerned about this because I don’t handle hot weather as well as I do cold weather. I wasn’t buying the apocalyptic, famine scenario but I hate really hot weather and don’t like wearing shorts (even though I look quite dashing in them). I wasn’t really looking forward to the discomfort of it all but I did content myself with the idea that even though I live in central Canada, there was a distinct possibility of eventually having waterfront property without having to move. If the scientists were right and rising temperatures caused so much northern snow and ice to melt that the oceans rose dramatically, I would soon be fishing the surf from my back deck.

Of course, the scientists got it wrong……again.

Something is happening, they’re convinced of that but are no longer exactly sure what it is so they decided to call it climate change. This  is the typical activist response to a problem. When you don’t have a clue what’s going on (if anything at all), rename it! It allows you to continue to fret and whine about the issue without actually doing anything to fix it and best of all, you can still keep applying for more government (read taxpayer) research grants and financial contributions to your organization.

This new development suited environmentalists just fine because it took away the need to be precise when predicting the impending disaster. Now environmentalists could promote the threat to the world without having to actually define the exact nature of that threat. It’s perfect; an opportunity to vent while feeling socially relevant without actually having to fully explain why. But  here’s the question, is this ethical?According to David Suzuki and Al Gore, it is but then they’ve made a lot of money promoting the ill effects of the undefined climate change and I’m always suspicious of those who find financial gain by promoting fear and the Save The Planet is nothing if not full of fear mongoring.

The fact is that the earth’s average temperature today is about 4 degrees less than it was in the middle ages. We’re a little warmer than we were in the last century but a hell of a lot cooler than we were a few hundred years ago. It seems that environmentalists have a shorter view of history or it escaped their notice that the world didn’t end and humanity didn’t disappear when it was warmer way back then.

Environmentalists believe the world is on the expressway to Hell and it has given them a sense of purpose that elevates them from the monotony of their daily lives. It doesn’t matter to them that that the number one cause of greenhouse gas emissions is water vapour. Pollution is the root cause of all our problems and corporations are responsible! We must act swiftly to save ourselves…from ourselves. It doesn’t matter to them that carbon is a natural product nor does it matter to them that global temperatures today are still much cooler than they were centuries before we had any real pollution. There is no such thing as naturally occuring climate fluctuation. No sir! The world is doomed if we don’t immediately sacrifice everything we have developed as a civilization to deal with this crisis right now. (Nothing fundamentalists and fanatics love more than promoting sacrifice….especially when it is someone else doing the sacrificing…keep those grants and donations coming in folks.)

Well, I for one will not be donning a hair shirt, shaving my head or flagellating myself with a whip to atone for the sin of enjoying modern conveniences. I will not turn down my thermostat and sit shivering in my living room in the middle of January nor will I lay naked on my bed sweating (don’t visualize please) in mid July when the humidex is in the 40’s. I have heat and air conditioning and I’m not afraid to use them. I definitely won’t be exchanging my current incandescent light bulbs for those ridiculous curly fluorescent bulbs made in China. I didn’t work this long and this hard to earn enough to live comfortably only to sit in my home, squinting in semi-darkness trying to see the words on a page in the book I’m reading. I want light! When I want it semi-dark, I’ll light a candle and neck with my wife.

As a result of all of this, I am developing an increasing dislike for the environmental movement. It is hypocritical, poorly informed, self-righteous, intellectually lazy and arrogant. With the exception of a few capitalist opportunists, it is more religion than most religions and most environmentalists, like most religious extremists, only accept the facts that support their faith while rejecting any that might tend to disprove it. Accuracy of the facts they embrace is not a determining factor. They need to believe and nothing will easily deter them from that belief. The fact that an increasing amount of the science behind climate change appears to be junk science doesn’t deter them from the mission at all.

We have real issues facing us but climate change isn’t one of them nor is going green going to address any of them. (There is a real arrogance in believing that humanity could actually control climate…the recent hurricanes should have shown us the futility of even considering that) I am tired of recycling, refuse to compost and think the entire idea of being charged by retailers for a bag to carry the stuff I purchased from them is patently offensive. (It didn’t take those guys long to see the benefit of going green. Now they can charge for what they used to give away. Strange how being green, like government initiatives, always ends up costing you and I more money.)

I’m tired of the whole thing. Screw being green. Screw recycling, composting, reusing, sharing, and sacrificing for the greater good. Screw not being given a free plastic bag to carry home the stuff I just bought at the store and screw being lectured by people too lazy to think beyond the last bumper sticker they read.Instead of trying to cleanse the world of modern conveniences in the name of saving the planet, let’s do something constructive. Let’s drive over to Tim Horton’s (Starbucks if you are more trendy than I am or Dunkin Donuts if you live in The States – I can be flexible) and  protest and harass the number of environmentalists sitting in the drive thru lane with their cars idling waiting for their coffee. How long do you think it will be  before they convince the coffee and donut shops to charge for paper cups in an attempt to get us all to carry reusable mugs around with us? You’re right…not long at all. We have to save those trees, after all.


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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/17959018706995693614 Steven

    Hello Bear:

    Thanks for clearing me up on who you are and your research thus far. Keep up the good work.

    So I said to myself, what can we do about any of this? What can I do about any of this? Well there is something I can do about this and something we can all do about some of this. I am starting a website July 4th 2012 called: America By The People.

    It will launch in Ruidoso, New Mexico here where I live first. Then it will expand across New Mexico and then to the rest of the United States I hope.

    Visit: http://www.yesiwanttobeamillionaire.com

    Go to: America By The People

    America By The People, is going to be a local Home Based Business in most city’s and towns across America. The idea is to provide a standardized website platform that all cities and towns will begin to use to advertise their local businesses on and to provide a greater picture of their area then what is currently being offered.

    I am looking for people who would be interested in working with me to establish an “America By The People” website in their own city or town where they live. So I need 50 people to start off with me, one in each state. They will be that States Representative for “America By The People Website.”

    I will train them about the program and get them started in their own town to start out from. Once they got the hang of it, they will then expand the program to every county in their State. Then we will expand it to every city and town and village across America to be linked to our website America By The People. Its a reality that is going to start in Ruidoso as I said.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/17959018706995693614 Steven

    Welcome to the world of “Lets flap Our Gums!” Every body’s doing it all around the world from politicians to armchair journalists these days just to say what they “supposedly” “Think.”

    The problem here is we all have an opinion on just about everything, who doesn’t? Here’s my position where I am on this subject: “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know.” I’m sure your reading that back to yourself a second or third time just to be sure you read it right, you did.

    What it means is this: Imagine a blank canvas with nothing on it, except a little black dot in the right lower corner. The dot represents everything that you do know! So with that being the case, and the rest of the canvas being “blank”, well gee wiz, it would seem there is a lot more we don’t know about then what we “think” we know about.

    Don’t take my word for anything here, i don;t want you to, I would like you though to just consider the idea for yourself and start “listening outside the box” of what you normally do every day to what you hear and by whom.

    Do a little “research” yourself instead of just taking for granted what people say to be “truth.”

    “Truth” is: For the most part, all of us are in the dark just being sold a bill of goods that for the most part is not worth anything in the big picture of what reality is all about that we don’t know about.

    Thanks for reading and have a nice day if you want to.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16123459288721211812 Bear

      I was with you until about half way through your comment. I agree with you about opinions and that there are far too many uninformed opinions in the world. We drown in them on social media every day and I have written about it.

      You may have missed my point in this post. My point was that the opinions on climate change are based on conflicted science, a significant amount of vested self-interest and an overwhelming amount of hysterical but uniformed opinion.

      The simple fact is that we have had climate change for eons and some of it much more significant than anything we are living with currently. Instead of doing the usual frantic, ‘we need to save the planet’ nonsense, we should be studying and learning how to adapt to the inevitable changes in climate that the earth will experience. That isn’t simply my opinion, it is an opinion shared by many scientists around the world.

      As for doing research, I have an extensive amount of data on this topic from scientists, scientific organizations and climate research centres from both sides of the argument. I don’t pluck opinions out of my ass, I take the time to research and to challenge my opinions before writing them.

      Whether that qualifies for thinking outside the box or not, I don’t know but it is informed and it is an opinion not formed lightly.

      Thank you for taking the time to read the post and for sharing your thoughts.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14775952813637311480 Cynthia Meents

    I remember the coming ice age from when I was in high school in the 70s. I might take the fact of climate change seriously, but I have always found it arrogant to believe that mankind is powerful enough to do anything about it.

    Good post, Bear.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16123459288721211812 Bear

      A couple of years ago, I saw a scientist being interviewed on the news. He was a climatologist and stated somewhat emphatically that the idea that climate change was man-made was specious. He said that wasting all this time and money on trying to do something about a naturally occurring part of the planet’s environment was a complete waste of time and that the money would be better spent helping people deal with climate change. I agree with him….and with you.