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Albertans Have Reclaimed Their Democracy

He was the White Knight that would save the Party; a Conservative Justin Trudeau, the anointed one and potentially the heir apparent to Stephen Harper. He parachuted into provincial politics from his high-paying banking position with all of the confidence that only a virtual guarantee of success can provide and it only took Jim Prentice eleven months to screw that up.

He was the Cool Hand Luke of Canadian politics; good looking, smooth and oh so very confident. Unfortunately, he not only started to read his own press clippings – he started to believe them. Continue reading

Of Dead Pigs and Taxes

It’s Tuesday and having nothing better to do while I wait for the results of the Alberta election, I decided to compare tax rates across Canada.

I can be a bit masochistic at times.

Today is the deadline for filing your taxes in Canada. The tax deadline is normally April 30, of course, but Canada Revenue Agency screwed up somehow and so the deadline was extended for five days.

Nobody questioned how the tax department could miss its own deadline even though they’ve been doing this tax collecting thing for decades – Canadians can be very forgiving at times. I suspect most of us would be a lot less forgiving if it was something we wanted that got delayed.

But nobody wants, or at least enjoys, paying taxes. Continue reading

Baby, You Can Drive My Car

When we were growing up, getting your driver’s license was the brass ring of teenage dreams. It gave you status. It gave you a whole new level of ‘cool’ and brought you a step closer to achieving that other wet dream of puberty; nudge nudge, wink wink.

If you could get you dad’s car on Friday night – even the ‘hot chicks’ at school smiled at you differently than they did when they ignored you through the week in the halls.

From the day most of us got our driver’s license and from then on, we were transformed even more so than when we first learned how to walk as toddlers. Like learning to walk, it set us free from the narrow confines that had been our world.

In a car; you had control.

Sure, there were rules about which direction you could drive on a street, how fast you could drive and where you could park. Lots of rules but they were for outside the car. Inside, it was just you and your tunes on the stereo (or the old AM radio back in the day). Sometimes it was you and your latest love interest, sometimes it was you and your closest friends. Sometimes it was just you alone.

It didn’t matter. In the car, you were free and the allure of ‘the car’ was compelling. Continue reading

Criticism Is As Welcome As Praise

I’ve been writing this blog for a few years now and have been fortunate enough to draw a regular readership that totals just slightly over a million page views a year. As blogs and web sites go, it’s not that impressive; a buddy of mine who runs a much larger conservative blog out of Florida draws in excess of 14 million for example. Still, it’s more readership than I ever thought this blog would achieve and I appreciate the support.

Many of my readers take the time to share the post with their friends and followers which I also appreciate and more than a few share their opinions in the comments section which I enjoy. Continue reading

Marriages of Political Convenience

Canada has a multi-party political system although the way they all tend to operate means that it isn’t much of a party for most of us.

At the federal level there are five main parties. I define ‘main’ parties to be those which actually have seats in Parliament. There are many other parties including the Libertarian, the Marijuana and the Communist parties but typically they are considered fringe parties, garnering a very small percentage of the vote.

The main federal parties are the Conservative Party of Canada, the Liberal Party of Canada. the New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP), the Green Party of Canada and the Bloc Quebecois

Both the Conservatives and the Liberals are centrist parties. The Conservatives are right of centre, the Liberals to the left. They share more in common, however, than they do with any of the other parties and most non-committed voters swing back forth between them at every election.
Continue reading

Did They Ban Egg Rolls Too?

Once again, Communism rears its ugly head to show just how repressive it is. It is pure evil as The People’s Republic of China has again demonstrated. China has outlawed strippers at funerals.

The heartless bastards!

It seems that many in rural China had started hiring exotic dancers to entertain at funerals or as one person put it, “to add to the fun” of the occasion. It was obviously a natural extension of traditional folk dancing.

I admit that when I first heard this I was both surprised and not just a little impressed that China actually had strippers. You just automatically assume that it would have been one of the first things on the Mao Top 40 hit list. But after my initial reaction subsided, I saw this for what it is – naked repression. Continue reading

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