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a conservative heretic commenting on hypocrisy and stupidity in a world with too much of both

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If We Tolerate This; Our Children Will Be Next

The death of one person is a tragedy; the death of millions is a statistic
Joseph Stalin


james-foley-video-beheading-islamic-state-2-390x285Like most people in the free world, I was horrified by the brutal murder of journalist James Foley. It revealed once again, the psychopathic blood lust of ISIS specifically and terrorists in general. We see it currently as a radical Islamic Jihadist issue but all terrorist groups and many political regimes have resorted to the same brutality.

Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tse Tung and others like them were responsible for the deaths of millions although those are just numbers to us now. The horror of the deaths of millions reduced to little more than numbers on historical tally sheets.

The IRA, Black September, the Baader-Meinhof Gang and Aum Shinrikyo have been responsible for the deaths of thousands all relegated to historical footnote. It is never the hundreds, the thousands or the millions that capture us; it is always the individual death. Continue reading

Conservative Crossroads

A Conservative Government is an organized hypocrisy. Benjamin Disraeli

People ask how I can be a conservative and still want higher taxes. It makes my head spin, and I guess it shows how old I am. But I thought that conservatives were supposed to like balanced budgets. I thought it was the conservative position to not leave heavy indebtedness to our grandchildren. Ben Stein

Being a conservative has become very confusing these days. It’s becoming more and more difficult to tell the Conservatives from the Liberals.

Today, for example, The Sun newspapers reported on Conservative Cabinet Minister, Kelly Leitch and her recent letter to 500 of Canada’s largest corporations. It appears that Ms Leitch, on behalf of the Harper government, wants to see more women on corporate boards and has asked private industry to report back with their plans to accomplish this. Sounds kind of like affirmative action, doesn’t it – the kind of politically correct nonsense that we have criticized Liberals engaging in for decades and which, truth be told, hasn’t really worked out all that well.

Conservatives are supposed to be non-interventionist and free market aren’t we – or did I miss a meeting where it was decided we should be more like the Liberals?

I must have because when the 2008 recession hit, the Conservative Harper government did precisely what the Liberals would have done. They threw taxpayer money at the problem – billions of it and they kept throwing it around long after the recession had ended.

Their base call this fiscal restraint but only because it was a Conservative government that spent the money.

I don’t know why you might have voted Conservative in the last election but I know why I did. Continue reading

Oh Crap!

“Some people are so positive, that when they slip in dog poop, they pirouette”
Josh Stern


I’m not one of those people. I hate crap!

I don’t mean that I’m uncomfortable around it, I mean I hate it. It makes me gag to the point where I can barely breathe and I’m in serious jeopardy of tossing my last meal all over the walls.

Crap has many names: meadow muffin, shit, guano, cow flop, turd but no matter what it’s called – I hate it. I don’t even like my own crap if the truth be told.

It was all I could do when my daughter was a baby to change a diaper.

My wife and I agreed to take turns changing diapers – a kind of disgusting form of Russian roulette. If you were lucky, when it was your turn the baby had just peed. If the stars were not aligned in your favour, the diaper was filled with some kind of toxic waste that the Nuclear Regulatory Agency wouldn’t touch.

There is nothing more disgusting on God’s earth than the green, quasi-liquid, smoking mess that comes out of a nine-month old baby.

The first time I was confronted with a dirty diaper, I gagged so much that I was in serious danger of projectile vomiting on my daughter laying on the basinet in front of me. My wife had to bail me – and our daughter out of danger by finishing the job. The next time it was my turn, we were in the living room and my wife smiled evilly and said, “It’s your turn and it’s vile!

But I was prepared this time. Continue reading

The Pack Is The Pack!

We’re the only species who follow unstable leaders. This is true – it has little to do with America – around the world, pack leaders are unstable. Animals don’t follow that. Cesar Millan – The Dog Whisperer


We have two dogs; a Springer Spaniel named Jasper and a German Shepherd named Tanya. Both are highly intelligent and well-behaved although Jasper can be a bit psychotic at times. It’s probably due to fluoride in the water, climate change, genetically modified food or fracking if some of the hysterical claims I read on social media are to be believed.

Over the years, I’ve had a few dogs and they have taught me many things.

The first thing you learn, if you’re paying attention, is that while you may consider the dog(s) to be your pet(s), the dog(s) consider themselves and you to be part of a pack.

The second thing you learn is that dogs don’t discriminate. A pack is not comprised only of dogs that are the same breed or even a dog. To Jasper, for example, our pack used to be comprised of Maggie and me, a cat I referred to as Fat Ass and him. It never occurred to Jasper that he was the only Springer Spaniel – or even dog for that matter. It just wasn’t important to him. Dogs don’t care if some pack members are short or tall, dogs, cats, human beings, passive or assertive, smart or stupid.

The pack is the pack. Continue reading

Another One Bites The Dust – Michael Sona Found Guilty

Every aspect of Western culture needs a new code of ethics – a rational ethics – as a precondition of rebirth.
Ayn Rand

The more highly public life is organized the lower does its morality sink. E. M. Forster


Michael Sona, a former federal Conservative election staffer, has been found guilty of election fraud in the 2011 election. He was convicted of misleading voters by deliberately sending them to the wrong polling stations to prevent them from voting. In handing down his decision, the judge stated that he was convinced that Mr. Sona had not acted alone.

And so another Conservative operative bites the dust. Are any of us really surprised by this?

The Harper Conservatives rode into town like Wyatt Earp promising to clean up Dodge City. They promised accountability and transparency. On election night, Stephen Harper promised to be a prime minister for all Canadians. It has become apparent that he failed to deliver on running a clean, open government and that he considers only those who agree with him, or who do not interfere with his plans, to be Canadians. He’s even gone so far as to try and prevent Canadian citizens who have lived abroad for more than five years from voting as if he has the right to take away a fundamental constitutional right of citizenship.

It is unbelievable and virtually impossible to believe that this government considers itself to be a conservative government.

Since coming to power, the Conservatives have been mired in one scandal after another and almost inevitability they have centred on secrecy, patronage, misuse of government funds and election fraud.

The Liberal Riding Association of Guelph was also convicted and fined in the robocall scandal but at least they didn’t practice the self-righteous come to Jesus and find salvation hypocrisy that is being visited on us by this government. The Liberals have many things for which to be criticized but the continuously growing list of unethical Conservative behaviour is impressive, even by Liberal standards.

It started with the In and Out scandal, wherein the Conservatives played fast and loose with loopholes in the election funding laws to funnel federal campaign dollars into local campaigns. Their defense was that all parties do it although only the Conservatives have ever been charged with the offense. But let’s assume that they were right and all parties do do it. What kind of a defense is that? Imagine a bank robber using the fact that others have robbed banks as his defense. Is that what the Harper Conservatives promised? Did they only promise to clean up the corruption if it wasn’t inconvenient to Conservatives?

Morality and ethics will not be found in tap dancing around the rules to find loopholes that allows you to violate the spirit of the regulation; but that is precisely how the Harper Conservatives operate. They talk a high degree of morality when pointing the finger at others but hide behind legalistic mumbo jumbo when they get caught.

That ain’t ethics – that’s cynical expediency and this government has long since abandoned principle, morality and ethics in favour of self-interest. Continue reading

Voter Fraud — Blaming the Victim

“Democracy is a form of government that substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few.”

George Bernard Shaw

A while back the Harper Government passed what it euphemistically called The Fair Elections Act. (Who said politicians don’t have a sense of humor.) In its original form, the new legislation received unparalleled criticism across the country and eventually, the government was pretty much forced to make some amendments although not enough for my liking.

Ostensibly the Fair Elections Act was meant to deal with voter fraud with various measures including the elimination of the voter ID card and by reducing the independence and authority of the Chief Elections Officer.

The problem is that there has been virtually no voter fraud. Continue reading